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Romanian Christmas PowerPoint Presentation
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Romanian Christmas

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Romanian Christmas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Romanian Christmas
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  1. Romanian Christmas Christmas time is celebreted by all Christmas people around the world. It is a celebration of love and purification because it is related to the birth of Jesus Christ ! In Romania it is a time of joy, traditions and customs that bring together members of the family. Created by: Margineanu Cosmin Iovanescu Daniela

  2. Christmas traditions Young and old members spend time together, sing Christmas carols and share specific food. Groups of young people sing carols to spread word that baby Jesus was born. This carols are considered to be some of the most valuable works of poetry in Eastern Europe. It is also the time to receive and offer presents, cards and flowers. A fir – tree is adorned and presents are put under it much to the delight of children who usually get lots of presents and sweets.

  3. Christmas time Young and old members spend time together, sing Christmas carols around the Christmas tree, share specific food. Ceremonies dedicated to this celebration manifest especially within the strong community of the village. Groups of young people do the caroling to spread word that baby Jesus was born and they do it 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas.

  4. Christmas Food Christmas Food is traditional and uses mainly pork: sausages, ham, smoked meat. The main dish is “sarmale“ that is meat balls in sour cabbage leaves, another dish is roost pork and sausages. People enjoy a specific type of cake made with broth, eggs and sugar. Nuts, Turkish delight or raisins can be added. It is called “cozonac” and it is delicious.

  5. Romanian Cabbage Rolls Ingredients:1 large cabbage, 1 3/4 lb. (750g) ground meat (pork and beef mixture is best), 4 large onions, 2 Tbls. rice, 1 bread slice, 3 Tbls. lard 5-6 tomatoes or 1 Tbls. tomato sauce, salt, pepper, chopped dill 1 qt. (1 litter) sauerkraut juice, sour cream This recipe is a very traditional Romanian recipe. Mothers and grandmothers used to cook it at almost every holyday and sometimes on a casual day.

  6. Cozonac Ingredients:8 cups flour - sifted, 7 egg yolks, 4 egg whites, 1 1/6 cups sugar 1 cup butter, 2 tbsp. oil, 2 cups milk, 50 gr. yeast (2 pkgs) 1 tsp. salt, 1 tbsp. rum, These sweet breads are specific to Romania and symbolize the face and body of Christ. Also they prepare lamb roast and many other dishes made only once a year

  7. Drinks The country today is divided into 8 wine regions and 37 areas of production. The Romanian Moldova  (east of the Carpathians) is by far the biggest wine region with over a third of all Romania's vineyards DROBETA-TURNU SEVERIN - CORCOVA Known for its excellent red wines descended from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Feteasca Neagra. The wine Cabernet Sauvignon is rich in coloring substances, distinguished by its full body and after a long period of maturing it becomes mild and noble. Blended with other varieties it is used for the production of champagne type, desert and sweet wines.

  8. Carols It also gives credit to life by bringing peace and love among people. From old times carols represented moral virtues, strengthening the feelings of brotherhood and mutual understanding. The people that sing carols are sure that they are the initiators of a better world having our Lord’s blessing. Carolling is an old tradition. The first people who did this were the shepherds who came to the place where Baby Jesus was born, rejoicing because of this heavenly sign. Carolling is a worthful spiritual asset that we inherit from our ancestors. It is a holly custom because it conveys a heavenly message, a word from God, our lord.

  9. ♫♪♪♫ Caroling Caroling takes place on Christmas evening and night. People join in to carry bags full of presents, because they get present from the people who listen to them. When they enter the yard they begin to sing and dance for the host and the hostess who invite them to enter their house after they end the caroling. Here they get food and sing carols again before eating or after that depending on regional traditions. The numbers of songs is related to the food and presents they got, who better the food, the more the carols

  10. New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve is another period of festivities. Dances with masks, magic and caroling are parts of a ritual that symbolizes rebirth. The caroling repertoire is vast: songs like “Plugusorul“ (little plough), Buhai ( traditional drum), Capra (goat dance), Ursu (bear dance)

  11. Children themselves perform specific carols like “ Sorcova” when they touch older family members with a stick adorned with artificial flowers and wish them good health and prosperity in the coming year. Running parallel to the public communalfestivities, specific rites go on in private houses. Young women get together to guess about their future husband and old people make prognosis on the weather according to their onion calendar. They slice an onion in 12 parts one fore each month, and salts them and if there is much water dripping out of the onion, there will be enough rain for the crops to grow.

  12. “ What a great news ” Carols speak about Baby Jesus and the fact that he wasborn to bring joy to the world. This good news should be told to all people because He is the one who will save us from evil and sins.

  13. What a great news, In Bethlehem is spread out, That today there was born, The one with no past. As the holy men said Today there was born The one with no past, As the holy men said. Mary finished her journey In a small dwelling In that city. She gave birth to Christ, The son with no beginning That his Father sent him into the world, To be born and to grow and to save us We wish you a merry christmas and we hope that one day we will meet again in Romania !