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north shore triathlon club at the salem ymca n.
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North Shore Triathlon Club at the Salem YMCA PowerPoint Presentation
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North Shore Triathlon Club at the Salem YMCA

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North Shore Triathlon Club at the Salem YMCA
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North Shore Triathlon Club at the Salem YMCA

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  1. North Shore Triathlon Club at theSalem YMCA

  2. Goals of the Club This club is designed to attract athletes of the north shore to join a friendly, coed club that was created to give people group support and camaraderie in one of the worlds most grueling events. We will provide weekly training sessions, facilities, uniforms, training schedules and monthly socials so we can attempt to keep the triathletes at the Salem YMCA. The triathlon training group was the start of something great. We would like to keep the enthusiasm going. The training group will begin in April to prepare beginners for the Witch City Triathlon. The club will compliment the training group. By hosting the NS Tri club, the Salem YMCA will increase its membership, revenue, and program numbers. This will also lead to an interest in other family or adult programming at the Y.

  3. We have come a long way... • Last April we took 50 novices and created triathletes. We trained, coached and motivated these people. They completed their first race with great results and have created a strong bond to the Salem YMCA. • This was not enough for most of the triathletes that we created. They wanted to start a club and keep everything going. But they were not sure how they were going to do this. • There are no other Health & Wellness facilities around that offer a program even similar to this one.

  4. Continue to grow on the base. • The triathlon training group and the triathlon made a very positive impact on the Salem YMCA and the community. • The feedback that was received was incredible. They all wanted to know if it was going to happen again next year. I said it will be even bigger and better. • Between the NS tri club, the triathlon training group and the Witch City Triathlon, the Salem YMCA will bring in great revenue and receive incredible exposure through the media. • I have already had companies calling me and asking how they become a sponsor for the triathlon next year.

  5. Keep people interested... • This will be the first triathlon club on the north shore. There are 8 clubs based out of Boston, MA. And a couple based in western mass. The biggest that I know of consists of over 200 athletes. All these clubs are supported by sponsors, ie: Belmont Wheel Works. The only need for a host is to swim. They are their own entity. • Over 90% of the north shore members that joined the Boston clubs never renew their memberships because of the inconvenience of location. They want to be closer to home. • There is a need for a club on the north shore, so there will be great interest.

  6. We are the triathlete’s of the North Shore! • We will target many events & races through New England traveling together as a team. • Race series, Relay races, team events and more. • Group rates, free advertising & exposure for the YMCA, no cost to the YMCA.

  7. Sponsors • Because we are already connected to the running and triathlon community, we have resources. • We will contact sponsors asking them to supply their products for our group. • All items will display the YMCA logo. • No expense to the YMCA, except the cost of the initial t-shirt which will be covered by the annual dues ($90 members $195 community) • The annual dues will cover facility & pool use, and a t-shirt.

  8. Funding / relationship to the YMCA • The North Shore Triathlon Club is a stand alone organization that has strong roots at the Salem YMCA. • A separate treasury board will be assembled. They will vote on the purchase of all items associated with the club. • The group will act independent. The members of the triathlon training club should be able to make their own decisions on all matters. • The club will be able to raise funds and allocate them as necessary. • A special checking account will be established similar to that of the swim team. An elected treasurer will handle the finances of the group.

  9. We would like to provide direction for what we have already started. • These people are looking for a place to train and a group to train with, I would like to do it here at the Salem YMCA. • We are capable of building a lasting club that will continue to grow. This will help keep these triathletes in our reach and under our umbrella for future events, programs and membership. • I am honored to be one of the co-founders of the NS Triathlon Club at the Salem YMCA. It is needed and would be great if we can take it on. This is a great opportunity for the growth of the Salem YMCA.