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Western Bible Conference. Renew our Hearts The Passions of Perfect Love. Is there a “centering” principle?. How do we serve/lead moment by moment knowing that our doing arises out of His Being? Are their resources available which can feed into the ‘dailyness’ or the ‘mundanity’ of life?

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Western bible conference

Western Bible Conference

Renew our Hearts

The Passions of

Perfect Love

Is there a centering principle
Is there a “centering” principle?

  • How do we serve/lead moment by moment knowing that our doing arises out of His Being?

  • Are their resources available which can feed into the ‘dailyness’ or the ‘mundanity’ of life?

  • Is it possible to be a passionate practitioner?

The definition of love
The ‘definition’ of love

  • Polling the ‘philosophers’ of our day

  • What is Love?

    • Emotional?

    • Chemical?

    • Continual or Episodic?

    • Completing or Depleting?

    • Best or Worst?

    • Difference between love or loving?

Sin as the perversion of love
Sin as the Perversion of Love

  • The expression of sin in Israel – Hos. 4:14-15“I will not punish your daughters when they play the whore, nor your brides when they commit adultery; for the men themselves go aside with prostitutes and sacrifice with cult prostitutes, and a people without understanding shall come to ruin. Though you play the whore, O Israel, let not Judah become guilty.”

    “All mad passions are true love gone astray”

    S. L. Brengle

Is a re appraisal of love necessary
Is a re-appraisal of love necessary?

  • The ‘language’ of Church existence

    • Overweening preoccupation with Lordship

    • Duty as the sole reason for following Jesus

    • Recurrent lack of spiritual discipline

    • The “bottom line” mentality – obeyed, so now….

    • The loss of pure unadulterated passion

    • Conversation at family meals, board meetings and even, some Bible Conferences

      The present view on salvation is not adequate.

      We need a renewal of a different paradigm

Love in the old testament
Love in the Old Testament

  • No Abstract or Speculative Discourse

  • No clear definition of the content

  • Most often in the context of family

    • Marriage

    • Familial Intimacy

  • Overall Summation

    • Personal Attachment

    • Strong intense commitment over time

    • A view of others with an attitude beyond legality, even enemies

Love assumption or reality
Love: Assumption or Reality?

  • The ‘definition’ of the imago dei

    • Three Commands and a “realization”Rule, Work, Choose – Need of another – not God!

  • Abraham’s Friendship of God as a paradigm

    • “Walk before me and be perfect.”

  • The Meaning of the Covenant –

    Foundation is Familial Love

The formation of a kingdom of priests a paraphrase of ex 19
The Formation of a Kingdom of Priests – a paraphrase of Ex. 19

  • Brought out to be brought to Yahweh

  • To understand their relationship as one of priceless intimacy (seghul)

  • Called to be absolutely His and thus offering themselves as World-bearing intercessory witnesses (Kingdom of priests)

  • Their personal identity is defined by communal holiness (Holy Nation, “assembly of Yahweh”)

  • Response? Reject it all!

Love in deuteronomy
Love in Deuteronomy Ex. 19

  • First clear reference to love – Gen 22

  • Deut. is the only book which has any “discussion” of love (Song of Songs is unique!)

  • Only place where we find a logical connection between Loving God and God’s Love for us

  • The Covenant is founded on love – and Yahweh is ‘emotional’ about it.

God s love for us
God’s Love for Us Ex. 19

  • Seldom mentioned either of a group or of individuals

    • Dt 33:12 "The beloved of the LORD dwells in safety

    • Ps 127:2 “he gives to his beloved sleep”

  • Holy Love is the basis of His relation to Israel

    • Dt. 7:7-8; 7:13; 10:14; 23:5; Mal 1:2

  • There is a tenderness, a radical openness, a vulnerability, at the Heart of the Holy Love of God

    • Dt. 7:6-7; Dt 32:16; Jer 12:7-9; Hos 11:7-9

The center of israel s faith
The “Center” of Israel’s Faith Ex. 19

  • Deuteronomy: a series of sermons (5-26) with an historical introduction (chs. 1-4)

  • Yahweh’s repeated request – “Hear!”

  • He wants to share Himself, His Life

  • ‘Hear” is the first of six commands

  • The ‘centering’ principle often becomes meaningless

How does israel know yahweh loves them
How Does Israel Know Yahweh Loves Them? Ex. 19

Moses rehearses the Faithful Love of Yahweh:

  • His Actions are selfless – Exodus of “Hebrews”

  • His Emotions are Passionate – ‘jealous’ used as adj. only of Yahweh is Scripture

    • Relentless, exclusive, doesn’t give up what He claims

    • Undistracted by the possibility of more attractive lovers

  • He is Faithful in His Character - Law

  • He is Worthy of Reverence – “fear”

  • His Heart is turned outside Himself

What must israel know
What Must Israel Know? Ex. 19

  • The Fundamental Reality 6:4 Central

    • Yahweh our God – Yahweh One

    • Unique phrasing in all of Scripture

    • More than an affirmation of Monotheism

  • The Fundamental Response 6:5 Central

    • Only in Deut.! 12 times

The anthropology of love
The ‘anthropology’ of love Ex. 19

  • Heart – Defines who I am

    • Brengle: “central, or great driving force of the spiritual man” (PofH, 8)

  • Soul (nephesh) – A basic dependence – I am His

  • Mind (Mk 12:30; Mt 22:37; Lk 10:27) –

    A fundamental disposition

  • Strength – ‘everythingness’

Pictorial history of the love of the holy one for israel
“Pictorial” History of Ex. 19the Love of the Holy One for Israel

  • Friendship (Gen 3:8, 6:9, 17:1 2Chr20:7, Is 41:8)

  • Family (Ex 4:22-23, Jn 3:3, Gal 4:6)

  • Courtroom (Ex 19-20, Rom 1-5)

  • Marriage (Hos 1:2, Ezek 16, Jn 2, Lk 14:15-24, Rev 21:24)

  • Indwelling (Zech 4:6, Jn 17, Col 1:27)

  • Identity (Gen 12:4,18:17-18, Mt 10:17-40)

Living in the holy love of god
Living in the Holy Love of God Ex. 19

Prepositions of God’s deepening self revelation

  • Above us – Creation

  • Before us – Abraham

  • For us – Moses and Exodus

  • Over us – Kings and Exile

  • In us – Prophets

  • As us – Incarnation

  • In and through us – Spirit-Filled Life – Holy Love

    Rigthly Ordered Passions

What would this look like
What would this look like? Ex. 19

  • A Disposition of Personal Openness

  • Consistent Vulnerability

  • A Unique, Original and Genuine Loyalty

  • Freedom to Give and Receive and Share

  • Offering Safety and Acceptance

  • Engaged in Actions which “Please”

  • A Covenantal Participation in Purpose

  • Passionate and Instinctive Enjoyment

The crucial factor is love
The crucial factor is Love Ex. 19

  • Maybe the most important and informative is the recurrence of ‘all’

  • Never a contract He desires

    only and always a Covenant

    Not Legal Relational

    Not Impersonal Personal

    Not Functional Intimate

    Not Power-based Inviting

    Not Servile Familial

An illustration of love
An Illustration of Love Ex. 19

Therese of Lisieux