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SIP vs H323 Over Wireless networks

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SIP vs H323 Over Wireless networks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SIP vs H323 Over Wireless networks. Presented by Srikar Reddy Yeruva Instructor Chin Chin Chang. Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP protocols : H.323 SIP (session initiation protocol) MEGACO (circuit switched to packet switched) MGCP (media gateway control protocol)

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Presentation Transcript
sip vs h323 over wireless networks

SIP vs H323 Over Wireless networks

Presented by

Srikar Reddy Yeruva


Chin Chin Chang

voice over internet protocol
Voice Over Internet Protocol

VOIP protocols:


SIP (session initiation protocol)

MEGACO (circuit switched to packet switched)

MGCP(media gateway control protocol)

TWO Famous Protocols:



h 323
H 323
  • Defined by ITU-T (international telecommunication union)

H323 uses:

  • Terminal gateway
  • Gate keeper
there are different features
There are different features:

Local features: II type features:III type features

Repeat a call with gate keeper Signaling

Call list call admission call transfer

local address book Authorization call completion

Speed dialing call detail recording call forwarding

Mute …..etc number suppression call hold

h323 vs sip
  • H.323 is the more mature of the two, but problems may arise due to lack of flexibility. 
  • SIP is currently being defined in a robust way and has greater scalability which could ease internet application integration.
h 3231
  • The type III functionality is split by h323 by many protocols
  • This makes it more complex while taking over from one protocol to another.
  • Every function has its own protocol.
  • But has many functions than SIP like:

Message waiting indication

Name identification

Call offer

Call intrution

definition of sip
Definition of SIP
  • SIP was defined in 1999 by IETF’s MMUSIC to provide a mechanism to allow voice data and video integration
  • SIP provides the foundation for building converged networks that support seamless integration with traditional voice networks, email, the World Wide Web, and next-generation technologies such as instant messaging and 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) mobile networks.
sip components
SIP- Components
  • SIP user agent
  • SIP proxy server
  • SIP redirect Server
  • SIP registrar server
  • H323:Defines security mechanisms and negotiation facilities via H.235, can also use SSL for transport-layer security.
  • SIP: Http like encryption
  • Cryptographically secure authentication and encryption is supported hop-by-hop via SSL/TSL, but SIP could use any transport-layer or HTTP-like security mechanism, such as SSH or S-HTTP.
  • H323: Direct call model, endpoint reports to the gatekeeper
  • SIP: Proxy gets the billing information

the proxy has to stay in the calling signal path to detect when the call ends

call signaling could be delayed

  • H323:

Flexible addressing mechanisms, including URLs and E.164 numbers.

  • SIP:

SIP only understands URL-style addresses

  • H.323 fully supports video and data conferencing. Procedures are in place to provide control for the conference as well as lip synchronization of audio and video streams
  • SIP:

SIP has limited support for video and no support for data conferencing protocols like T.120. SIP has no protocol to control the conference and there is no mechanism within SIP for lip synchronization

  • Microtronix systems ltd

  • Tmcnet


  • Cisco corporations