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NSW Family Day Care Association Inc PowerPoint Presentation
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NSW Family Day Care Association Inc

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NSW Family Day Care Association Inc - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NSW Family Day Care Association Inc. Since 1976. Strategic Plan 2010 – 2013. ACRONYMS. VISION:. A leader in the provision of innovative professional services to family day care, in home care and the wider childcare sector. MISSION:.

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Presentation Transcript

NSW Family Day Care Association Inc

Since 1976

Strategic Plan 2010 – 2013



A leader in the provision of innovative professional services to family day care, in home care and the wider childcare sector


New South Wales Family Day Care is an Association that provides professional support to members and the childcare sector in the provision of quality childcare through advocacy, recognized professional training, information dissemination, mentoring and a supported servicing network.


Our Values:

  • In conducting our business the Association will;
    • Act with integrity and in an ethical manner
    • Uphold transparency in governance and decision making
    • Respect the confidentiality of its members
    • Maintain honest and trustworthy relationships
  • In upholding values within the childcare sector, the Association will;
    • Continue to prioritise, improve and provide quality children’s services
    • Honour cultural diversity
    • Maintain its national and global outlook
  • In providing services to members the association will;
    • Consult on members needs and reflect these in system improvements
    • Fairly advocate on the interests of its members
    • Promote the profile of FDC
  • In relation to participation of its membership the association will;
    • Encourage inter scheme support and mentoring
    • Respect the contribution of membership
    • Provide opportunities for membership feedback
  • In relation to staff the association will;
    • Treat staff equitably and fairly in line with EEO and OH&S legislation
    • Provide appropriate direction and recognition for efforts
    • Provide opportunities for consultation on all relevant issues




State Committee





Member Services










professional membership services
Professional Membership Services


  • New Premises
  • Appointment of CEO
  • Successful PSSP tender
  • Conference
  • Insurance choice for members
  • Website


  • Regional cohesion
  • Regional Rep training
  • Unclear messages about member benefits
  • Lack of sponsor participation
nswfdca in home care
NSWFDCA In-home Care


  • Promotion
  • Reputation
  • Transparency
  • Communication
  • Fully utilised


  • Can’t grow
  • Stability of staff due to future relocation
  • Limited staffing /human resources
  • Ensuring compliance to National Standards & Funding Agreement within a brokerage model
peak rto


  • Budget out of deficit
  • Identified packages reviewed
  • Cert 111 skill set being taken up
  • Policies and procedures reviewed
  • Consolidation focus


  • High turn over of managers
  • Reputation
  • Unreliable enrolment/payment system to forecast income
  • Curriculum: reliant on one EC qualified staff member.
  • Too many courses on scope
  • Commercial viability and retention of trainers/HR compliance
  • Audit compliance
  • Membership consultation
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Confusion re PEAK & PSSP roles
  • Business activities internal relationships and understanding.


  • Relationship with Consortium of Key Organisations.
  • Consultation & identification of sector training needs
  • Collection & reporting of data
  • High level of customer participation
  • High attendance levels and demand for courses
  • Attracting customers from other service types
  • Staff commitment & outputs
  • Clearly articulated process in place


  • Advertising & marketing
  • Customer confusion with PSSP & PEAK roles
  • Knowledge of & relationships with PEAK & IHC.
  • Recruitment of trainers
  • Utilization and training of mentors
major goals
Major Goals
  • To support and meet the needs of our members and customers
  • To ensure our business activities operate effectively
  • To develop, extend and strengthen partnerships.
balanced score card considerations for achieving each major goal
Balanced Score Card considerationsfor achieving each Major Goal.
  • Customers and members
  • Internal Business Processes
  • Financial
  • Learning & Growth
  • Risk Management/Governance/Compliance
key result areas objectives
Key Result Areas (Objectives)
  • To grow and strengthen the membership structure and support services.
  • To deliver an effective communication & marketing strategy.
  • To grow & diversify our business activities and financial viability.
  • To enhance the professional development of relevant stakeholders.
2. To deliver an effective communication & marketing strategy in relation to NSWFDCA services and products.
4 to enhance the professional development of relevant stakeholders ceo staff bom trainers members
4. To enhance the professional development of relevant stakeholders.CEO/Staff, BOM, Trainers & members.
4 to enhance the professional development of relevant stakeholders members sponsors continued
4. To enhance the professional development of relevant stakeholders.Members/Sponsors continued
  • That each budget contains a strategic plan implementation /expenditure component.
  • That the balance score card considerations be used when developing each of the business activity plans.
  • That the KPI/Targets be used as Performance Indicators for Appraisals.
  • That the traffic light colour system be used with comments in the results box
  • That the strategic plan be reviewed annually
  • Stronger emphasis be placed on strengthening & developing partnerships in business plans to support Major Goal 3.
  • That each business activity review and then use their individual strength and weaknesses chart to develop their own business plans. Their plans should support the Major Goals and Key Result Areas and any specifically identified strategies written identified in this plan.
  • We need to have a strategy to support Key Result Area 3 and our recent partnership with FDCA.