Purging Strategies with JD Edwards Software
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Purging Strategies with JD Edwards Software. Northern California OAUG Training Day 2007 January 17, 2007. Agenda. Purging the old fashioned way Overview Prep Process Purging today Using ArcTools by DCSoftware Overview Prep Process Case Study. The Old Fashioned Way.

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Presentation Transcript

Purging Strategies with JD Edwards Software

Northern California OAUG Training Day 2007

January 17, 2007


  • Purging the old fashioned way

    • Overview

    • Prep

    • Process

  • Purging today Using ArcTools by DCSoftware

    • Overview

    • Prep

    • Process

  • Case Study

The old fashioned way
The Old Fashioned Way

  • The Old Fashioned Way

  • Overview of Purge Process

    • Purge Preparation

    • Perform Integrity Tests

    • Process Purges

    • Archive Data

    • Reorganize Files

    • Re-do Integrity Tests

Purge preparation
Purge Preparation

  • Verify DASD Availability

  • Required Setup Steps

    • Review Program Helps

    • DreamWriter Versions

    • Processing Options

  • Data Summarization

  • File Backups

Perform integrity tests
Perform Integrity Tests

  • General Ledger Integrity Tests

  • Batch Integrity Tests

  • Accounts Payable Integrity Tests

  • Accounts Receivable Integrity Tests

Process purges
Process Purges

  • Process with No Users on the System

  • Time Considerations

    • # of Records Being Purged

    • Start Time of Process

    • File Backup Timing

Archiving data
Archiving Data

  • Preparing Data for Archiving

    • File Names

    • Library Locations

  • Archiving Options

    • Tape

    • Separate Environment

    • Imaging

  • Data Retrieval

  • Future Release Considerations

Reorganize and re test
Reorganize and Re-Test

  • JDE Reorganization Program

    • Decide Which Files

    • Timing

  • Re-Do Integrity Tests

From old to new
From Old to New…

JDE - Existing Purge Functionality

  • Some purge programs (ex: AP, AR, GL)Existing purge programs have issues…

  • P00PurgeHandy, but limited functionality…

  • Purge schemasHigh level design a ‘step in the right direction’. Schema presents purge approach at the ‘document level’…

    Schemas provide the ‘road map’ – the high level design and the approach to the purge of various functional areas.

    In many cases, higher level considerations, such as batch integrity, can further complicate the requirements.

From old to new1
From Old to New…

Problems with Standard JDE Purge Programs:

  • Narrowly focused, resulting in too much data purged and integrity problems in the live environment (ex: GL purge)

  • Programs do not purge related files, also leading to integrity problems in the production database (ex: AP purge)

  • Archived data does not come close to becoming an environment, so archived data is difficult to use.

  • Extended file locks, inability to stop/restart

  • Inability to purge other files

    Problems with P00Purge or SQL:

  • Too simple… not capable of building enough intelligence into the logic

  • Performance, stop / restart

Data integrity
“Data Integrity”


- headers and details – the easy part

JDE Specific – the hard part:

- Batch – GL/AP/AR batches – purge partial batches… purge unbalanced

- Cross functional area – AP/GL integrity, orders/cardex,PO/AP…

- Integrity reports

JDE programs are often expecting certain datato exist in other modules.

Beyond purge schemas
Beyond Purge Schemas

  • Purge Schemas – a start, but…

    • Standard purge approach, very basic

    • Mirrors those (few) purge programs that exist

    • Files, joins, selection criteria

  • But… beyond the schemas:

    • Related files considerations

    • “JDE Integrity”

    • “Gotchas”

    • Batch considerations

    • Which date field(s)?

    • Bad data?

    • Example – Accounts Payable

Intro to arctools 400 and jde module
Intro to ARCTOOLS/400™and JDE Module™

  • Purge and archive files without programming – any AS/400 database

  • Create purge routines as easily as writing a query

  • RPG code generator processes data safely and in the native database – no UBE’s

  • ‘Stop-by’ functionality allows purges to be run in increments

  • Throttle feature controls resource utilization.

  • Analyze complex JDE data relationships using simple queries (AS400 query and/or SQL), run purges using menu driven user interface

  • Top-down, bottom up, process of inclusion, process of elimination, iterative approaches

  • Keep related data together in both live and archive (a.k.a. JDE data integrity)

  • Numerous functional area purges pre-defined

  • Over 170 JDE customers on six continents

  • Recommended by Denver as part of A9 upgrade strategy

Demo screens
Demo screens

  • Insert screen shots or live demo here…

Reorg after purging
Reorg after Purging


Intro to arctools enterprise manager
Intro to ARCTOOLS Enterprise Manager™

  • Based on ARCTOOLS/400 and JDE Module – same methodology, same approaches to analyses

  • Java front end

  • PL/SQL code generator (Oracle) or TL/SQL code generator (SQL Server)

  • Not a UBE. Runs in the native database  fast

  • Completely parameter driven – front end feeds inclusion, exclusion, iterative approaches

  • Useful for any other application on Oracle or SQL Server, simply through configuration

Overview of the solution
Overview of the solution

AEM modules for JDE E1




AEM Engine









Outlines data to

be archived or purged

Demo screens1
Demo screens

  • Insert screen shots or live demo here…

Purging strategies
Purging Strategies

  • Co-ordination With Files Within Each System (i.e. G/L) With Other Systems

  • Timing of Process

    • Backups

    • Users on the System

  • Deletion of Records (copy to alternate media)

  • Reorganization of Files

  • Future Release Considerations

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