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Vocab words

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Vocab words
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Vocab words

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  1. Vocab words • Write these definitions for next quiz on Friday (matching). Copy from bottom pages in tan boxes of orange literature book: beginning on page 592. • Careen- • Doggedness- • Exotic- • Heresy- • Imminent- • Infallibility- • Invalid- • Iridescent- • Precariously- • Reiterate- When you’re done, you can quietly read the newspaper or your book. If you’re quiet, you won’t be assigned additional work. And, clean up your mess!

  2. Vocabulary definitions, “Scarlet Ibis” page 592- copy word for word • Write these definitions and pronunciation for next quiz on Friday (matching). Copy from bottom pages in tan boxes of orange literature book: beginning on page 592. Give me a situation or example for each for those in bold. • Careen-(kuh-reen) v-to rush carelessly, sway or swerve while moving at a high speed. • Doggedness-(dog-id-ness)-noun-stubbornness, persistent determination • Exotic-(ex-ot-ic)-adjective-excitingly strange) • Heresy-(her-i-sea) noun-an action or opinion contrary to what is generally thought • an action or belief that opposes the official principles of a religion and is considered wrong; an action or belief that is very different from things people usually do or believe and is considered wrong • Imminent-(im-e-nent)adjective – about to occur or about to happen, not in the distant future. • Infallibility-(in-fal-e-bil-ity)noun- an inability to make errors, certain not to fail. Infallible revelation of his will. • Invalid-(in-ve-lid)-adjective-too ill to live a normal life, a disability or sickness , someone who is sick or injured and is unable to take care of themselves • Iridescent-(ir-a-des-scent)- adjective – shining with shifting rainbow colors • Precariously-(pre-kar-e-ous-le) adverb- insecurely, in a dangerous way • Reiterate-(re-it-er-rate)- verb-to repeat When you’re done, read your book or newspaper and wait for further instructions while I check your journals. These words are also in the book.

  3. Scarlet Ibis, page 592 or copy/paste this link http://www.calapitter.net/dead/39/scarlet_ibis.html • Fill out the chart below for Thieves that apply to long fiction: • T=Write title and what it might describe in story. • H=Write any headings • I=Introduction =Describe background on page 592. • V=Describe visuals throughout story • Page 594- visual gives us the setting:what is it? • Describe visual on page 596 • Describe visual page 597 • Describe visual page 600 • -Describe visual 602-603 • Define vocabulary words: we already did yesterday • You tube link in action • http://www.miettecast.com/2006/10/06/the-scarlet-ibis-unabridged/

  4. A-Explain what you learn about the main character and his younger brother • B- Doodle believes that his brother’s infallibility- that is his

  5. Page 598- About the brother • A-Ask students why the narrator said he taught his brother to walk? 1 pt • B-The narrator is motivated to persist with Doodle’s development progrma by his • Identifying with a character allows a reader to: • D-The narrator is recalling the events of his own childhood and Doodle’s. What effect does this have on the story?

  6. A-What in the story indicates the point of view of the narrator • B- And a reader trying to identify with a character might ask which question?

  7. Predict why the appearance of a bird might be important, page 600 • 1 point

  8. Foreshadowing, page 602 • 1 pt – what bad luck might possibly result from the dead bird.

  9. After reading pages 602-604 • Did the brothers achieve their goals? How did Doodle feel about failing to do as his brother asked? • 2 pts • In what way does Doodle disappoint his brother?

  10. Page 604 • The crisis of a story is the turning point—the place where the conflict is resolved. Ask why a violent storm might be a good signal for a story’s crisis? How does the weather contribute to the feeling of the story • 1 pt

  11. Compare and Contrast in Venn Diagram: Doodle and Scarlet Ibis things in common and 1 thing different= 5 total at least pts think: in what ways is the bird like Doodle? 6-7 pts

  12. Describe how the story is written in a flashback. • Explain – 5 pts. Please write in paragraph form. • Restate question in form of topic sentence. Give answer. Give 2-3 details for support • Include at least one transition and proof as indicated by, the text states, the story says, etc.

  13. What’s main idea of story

  14. Still confused? • See these youtube link: • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chpnD3SwwAo

  15. Post-quiz • See Mrs. Kollman for quiz: Number paper 1-20 but leave these numbers blank: 6, 7, 9=17 pts • Do page 606, Exercise 1-10. = 10 pts