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Welcome to the 2014/2015 East Side Elementary School Year Room Representative Training Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the 2014/2015 East Side Elementary School Year Room Representative Training Agenda

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Welcome to the 2014/2015 East Side Elementary School Year Room Representative Training Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the 2014/2015 East Side Elementary School Year Room Representative Training Agenda Welcome & Introductions Memory Book Role PTA Volunteer Guidelines Room Rep Responsibilities Calendar Highlights Online Resources & Forms Administrative Wrap-Up Questions?.

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Presentation Transcript
Welcome to the 2014/2015

East Side Elementary School Year

Room Representative Training Agenda

Welcome & Introductions

Memory Book Role

PTA Volunteer Guidelines

Room Rep Responsibilities

Calendar Highlights

Online Resources & Forms

Administrative Wrap-Up


Memory Book Room Rep Role

Each class has a fun page in the yearbook showing candid group shots.

Turning in photos for the fun page is your responsibility as Room Rep. Ask parents or the teacher to take photos, but you are still responsible for checking them and turning them in.

Group photos that include children in other classrooms should be identified as such so they are not used on your class page, but are considered for the general pages.

Turn in about 14-16 clear, bright photos per class. Label the file/photo with the teacher’s name and grade. For instance: 1 class photo, 9 clear group shots and 4-6 additional photos.

No phone or iPad pictures. Only hi-res photos taken from a digital camera will work.

Photos must be turned in by the last day of school in December.

PTA Room Reps Recruit Volunteers

Your role is to organize and facilitate volunteer opportunities for all parents at the classroom and school-wide level.

Be mindful that working parents usually have the least flexibility when they are able to volunteer. Every effort should be made to give interested parents the opportunity to participate.

Please try to give all interested parents at least one opportunity to chaperone a field trip.

Please be sensitive to the requests of each parent. Parents who may not be available during the school day may be a great resource for sending in needed items or for volunteering during weekend/ evening activities.

Please do not let a “language barrier” keep you from calling the parents of your class. Many of the limited-English speaking parents are very willing to help in any way possible.

Let’s get every parent involved because every child loves to see Mom and Dad helping out at school!

How To Get Volunteers For My Class

Create a Class Directory & Communication Tool

Obtain email addresses and a class list by using the Class Directory Form located on the PTA web site under Resources tab>PTA Forms>Room Representative and placing in backpack mail or ask your teacher for this information – many teachers collected this during Open House.

Ask your teacher how he/she would like for the Class Directory information to be compiled and distributed.

If applicable, create an online resource for you to post volunteer opportunities that your class can view. For example, Shutterfly – or Volunteer Spot – Many room reps find an online resource is a valuable tool for primary communication.

Always meet with your teacher to determine class volunteer needs and do

this as soon as possible. Keep this communication line open all year.

PTA Room Rep Volunteer Guidelines

Once you have volunteers, they need to follow certain guidelines to ensure the safety

of our children and to prevent disruption of valuable classroom time:

Arrive on time. All volunteers must sign-in when entering the school. Allow time for this and a few minutes to get to the classroom –it’s a big place! First, ring the bell for the front office and let them know why you are coming to the school. Then, enter and sign-in at the computer located at the reception table. You will receive a visitor nametag that must be worn while in the building. Please remember to sign-out when you leave.

Do no interrupt a teacher during class hours without prior office approval. Treat the classroom like their home. If you cannot reach your teacher prior to 7:50 AM or after 2:20 PM, please leave a note in the teacher’s mailbox.

Please leave younger children at home with a babysitter during class volunteer time. Younger children in the classroom may distract your attention from the class activity at hand.

No strollers are allowed in the school at any time. This a fire code regulation.

When working in the classroom remember: Issue directive (only do’s and don’ts) b/c discipline is the responsibility of the teacher. Leave promptly once your classroom duties are complete so the teacher may continue with the lesson plan.


Be A Volunteer With Character

  • Demonstrate loyalty, trustworthiness and fairness in all school-related matters.
    • Loyal volunteers abide by the rules of the school and work cooperatively with the staff. School employees are responsible for adhering to school policies. Any criticism of the school, staff or procedures should be brought up with the PTA Co-Presidents, not friends or persons outside the school. The same goes true when working with other PTA volunteers.
    • Trustworthy volunteers keep all classroom work and information confidential. Your knowledge gained through classroom participation is privileged and must only be shared with responsible faculty members.
    • Fair volunteers advocate equally for all children. Treat all children with the same respect and care. Each teacher deserves our respect and support regardless of teaching style and methods. Other PTA volunteers should be treated with respect as well.

PTA Room Rep Volunteer Guidelines

    • Mandatory Reporting Act
    • As of July 1, 2012, Georgia law requires school volunteers to report any suspected child abuse or neglect to the Department of Family and Children Services.
    • A report is to be made immediately and in no case, later than 24 hrs. from the time of suspicion.
      • If the child is in imminent danger call 911.
      • DFCS contact number: 770-319-3700 or after hours/ wknds/ holidays 770-319-4453.
    • After report is made, notify the principal or staff member in charge of the program that a report was made.
    • Remember … suspicion of abuse is all that is necessary to file a report. The law protects you if you make a report in good faith. Not making a report is a criminal offense. Your information can be given anonymously and will be kept confidential.
Responsibility: Class Funds Collection

Collecting classroom funds and overseeing expenses is the responsibility of the Room Rep.

Every family grade K-5 is asked for a min. donation of $10 to help with classroom incidentals and special projects (5th grade has an extra expense with end of year finale). Use the Class Funds Collection sheet located under Resources>PTA Forms>Room Representative to track donations.

If a parent does not donate money during open house, a letter or email can be sent as a reminder. Please go to the Resources tab>PTA Forms>Room Representative for a Class Funds form letter. Under no circumstances is the Room Rep allowed to request additional money during the year.

Once collected, 20% of the total funds go to the teacher for use in the classroom. This is the PTA’s policy to set aside this amount in lieu of a birthday gift for the teacher. It is acceptable for another parent that is not the Room Rep to volunteer to request funds for anything else (additional gifts, classroom purchases, incidentals not budgeted).

The remaining 80% of funds will be used for the Holiday Party, Field Day, Class Activities and Teacher Appreciation Week.

Responsibility: Class Funds Tracking

Every Room Rep should have a reasonable determination of how all funds will be spent by March. This is so current funds collected go to this years’ school activities as opposed to leaving funds for the next years’ class. It will be important to review your expense plan with your teacher to ensure agreement on funds disbursement. Contact your Room Rep Coordinator/ PTA Co-Presidents if you are having difficulty coming to a consensus regarding your class funds plan and expenditure prior to March.

The Class Funds Status form located under the Resources >PTA Forms>Room Representative should be maintained to track classroom expenses. Submission of a balance sheet is required twice during the school year. Once in January and once in May. Copies are to go to the PTA Co-Presidents; Room Rep Coordinator; Teacher; and one to the classroom parents. It is essential that you keep accurate records and retain all receipts.

Responsibility: Teacher Appreciation Week

Management of Teacher Appreciation Week is a Room Rep responsibility. Expectations and ideas will be discussed as we draw closer to this event which occurs late winter/early spring.

Calendar Highlights

Several of these key events provide classroom volunteer opportunities and/or

participation at a school-wide level:

  • Fall (August - November)
  • American Schools 101 (Aug. 20)
  • Foundation Family Fun Night (Aug. 22)
  • Foundation Capital Campaign Kick-off (Aug. 25)
  • School Picture Day (Aug. 27)
  • Media Center Training (Aug. 28)
  • Front Office Training (Aug. 29)
  • PTA Family Day at the Braves (Aug. 30)
  • Willy's Spirit Night (Sept. 2)
  • Picture Make Up Day (Sept. 3)
  • Adventures in Art Training (Sept. 4)
  • Fit Program Training (Sept. 5)
  • Uncle Maddio’s Spirit Night (Sept. 10)
  • East Cobber Parade (Sept. 13)
  • IXL Math Marathon Begins (Sept. 22-Nov. 14)
  • Custodian Appreciation Day (Sept. 24)
  • Bus Driver Appreciation Day (Oct. 3)
  • Willy's Spirit Night (Oct. 7)
  • National Walk to School Day (Oct. 8)
  • Fall Festival/Teacher Auction (Oct. 10)
  • Uncle Maddio's Spirit Night (Oct. 15)
  • Lego Building Comp/STEM Night (Oct. 17)
  • Conference Week Early Release (Oct. 20-24)
  • Muffins with Mavity (Oct. 24)
    • Fall (continued)
    • Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 27-31)
    • TOTY Pep Rally (Oct. 28)
    • Halloween Candy Collection (Nov. 3)
    • Election Day School Holiday (Nov. 4)
    • Thanksgiving Basket Collection Begins (Nov. 5)
    • Science Fair (Nov. 7)
    • Dominos Pizza Spirit Day (Nov. 7)
    • Encore Veterans Program (Nov. 10)
    • Veterans Day Breakfast (Nov. 11)
    • Study Skills Seminar (Nov. 12)
    • Book Fair (Nov. 17-21)
    • Thanksgiving Holiday (Nov. 24-28)
  • Second Friday Monthly Smoothie Sales (Sept. –March)
Calendar Highlights (cont.)

Several of these key events provide classroom volunteer opportunities and/or

participation at a school-wide level:

Winter (December – February)

  • Willy's Spirit Night (Dec. 2)
  • 5th Grade Musical (Dec. 4)
  • Jingle Jog (Dec. 6)
  • Chili’s Spirit Night (Dec. 10)
  • Holiday Staff Appreciation Baskets (Dec. 15)
  • Holiday Parties (Dec. 16-18)
  • Holiday Break (Dec. 22- Jan. 5)
  • Willy’s Spirit Night (Jan. 6)
  • Report Cards (Jan. 9)
  • Chili’s Spirit Night (Jan. 14)
  • Café Appreciation Day (Jan. 15)
  • MLK Day School Closed (Jan. 19)
  • Willy’s Spirit Night (Feb. 3)
  • Domino’s Spirit Day (Feb. 6)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (Feb. 9-13)
  • Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night (Feb. 16)
  • International Festival (Feb. 21)
  • Jump Rope For Heart (Feb. 23)
  • School Pictures (Group & Individual) (Feb. 25)
  • Spring (March – May)
  • 3rd Grade Music Program (March 2)
  • Willy’s Spirit Night (March 3)
  • Domino’s Pizza Spirit Day (March 6)
  • Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night (March 16)
  • Report Cards (March 18)
  • Bike Rodeo (March 22)
  • Kindergarten Registration (March 25)
  • 1st Grade Music Program (March 30)
  • Domino’s Spirit Day (April 3)
  • Spring Break (April 6-10)
  • End of Grade Assessments 3-5th Grades (April 15-24)
  • Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night (April 20)
  • 80’s School Dance (April 25)
  • Nurse Appreciation Day (May 6)
  • Muffins with Mavity (May 8)
  • BOGO Book Fair (May 11-15)
  • Field Days (May 12-15)
  • 5th Grade Awards & Finale (May 15)
  • Awards Day (May 18)
  • Last Day of School /5th Grade Walk of Honor (May 21)
  • 5th Grade Walk of Honor (May 21)
  • Report Cards Mailed (May 29)
Administrative Wrap-Up

E-mail Communication

E-mail is the primary form of communication for me to get information out to you.

Make sure you have signed the sheet indicating you are here today and include your e-mail address if you haven’t received an e-mail from me.

I will send out weekly e-mails on Monday morning with information that you need from the PTA level indicating ways your classroom can get involved and volunteer; and school-wide events that you need to communicate to your classroom.

If you don’t hear from me, please let me know because that means I have the wrong e-mail address.

Are you a PTA Member?

PTA Membership is required for Room Reps. If you are not yet a member and

need to join or verify your status, please contact:


Online Resources and Forms

Visit >Resources >PTA Forms>Room Representatives

  • Room Rep Team Task List
  • Room Rep Speaking Points
  • Class Funds Collection Form
  • Class Funds Status Form
  • Class Funds Letter
  • Class Directory Information Sheet
  • Teacher Favorites and More Fun Information

Thank You!

Thank you for volunteering as a Room

Representative. It is an important role in

our school and our children benefit

greatly from your time and efforts!

Room Rep Coordinator


404-786-2424 (cell)