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700,000 – 2 million women… ANNUALLY PowerPoint Presentation
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700,000 – 2 million women… ANNUALLY

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700,000 – 2 million women… ANNUALLY

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700,000 – 2 million women… ANNUALLY

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  1. I was given tight clothes to wear and was told what I must do. There would be armed men selling tickets to customers in the trailer. Tickets were condoms. Each ticket would be sold for $22 to $25 each. The client would then point at the girl he wanted and the girl would take him to one of the bedrooms…

  2. At the end of the night, I turned in the condom wrappers. Each wrapper represented a supposed deduction to my smuggling fee. We tried to keep our own records, but the Bosses would destroy them. We were never sure what we owed.

  3. I was afraid to say no because she had taken my passport, and I didn't know any German. She and her husband, who was a drug dealer, threatened to beat me if I tried to leave, and said if I went to the police, I would be deported. They said no one would care what happened to me, and no one would help.

  4. Some would say that he took pity on me, but in reality this helped him to avoid being arrested and charged with pimping. He was never charged, and the German police never attempted to do anything about the network of people who had trafficked me

  5. 700,000 – 2 million women… ANNUALLY

  6. Between $250 - $25,000 per shipment… …it’s a BILLION DOLLAR business

  7. Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America… …in other words, EVERY continent EXCEPT for Antarctica

  8. TRAFFICKING of WOMEN… If you thought SLAVERY was a thing of the past, you’ve made a BIG, better yet, HUGE, MISTAKE

  9. Rated T.raising awareness to end trafficking Nicole Calvano Christine Mesropyan Ariane Osit Mary Kate Szenasy

  10. Who Are We, You Ask? • A grassroots organization comprised of motivated, activist oriented students at TCNJ, striving to make a difference • To raise awareness about the trafficking of women worldwide, and to support a network of organizations dedicated to rehabilitating women who have been victimized • And What is Our MISSION?

  11. More about TRAFFICKING Recruitment • By means of coercion and deception Then What? • Forced into sex work, travel documents stolen, threatened with debt bondage…no where to turn System Failures • Lack of government intervention, criminalization of prostitution, no concise definition, lack of awareness

  12. Organizational Structure Executive Chairperson • Public Spokesperson, Coordinator, Overseer of Committees Committees • Publicity • Community Relations • Event Planning

  13. Publicity • Chairperson • Webmaster Focus • Brainstorm and create materials to be used in consciousness-raising campaign and to advertise event • Distribute publicity • Create and maintain website for organization: publicity, petition posting, donations

  14. Community Relations • Chairperson, Internal Relations • Chairperson, External Relations Focus, Internal Relations • Attain necessary approvals to implement consciousness-raising campaign on campus • Network with other campus organizations Focus, External Relations • Network with non-profits in the community • Community outreach

  15. Event Planning • Chairperson Focus • Carry out all planning and preparation relating to event • Sell tickets • Oversee budget • Responsible for fundraising

  16. Objectives Campus Awareness Campaign • Conduct consciousness-raising initiative • Goal: Have insightful information on trafficking in every building and residence hall Petition to the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons • Get signatures campus-wide petitioning U.S. Government to improve its efforts • Goal: 1400 signatures 200 per woman Fundraising Event • Sponsor event to raise money for NGOs working to rehabilitate victims; Possible NGOs to donate to: Project Hope International, Polaris Project, Shared Hope International • Goal: Raise $??

  17. Methods: Awareness Campaign • Posters in bathroom stalls, residence halls, and academic buildings • Banner hung in Student Center • Chalking campus sidewalks • Table tents • Editorial in the Signal • Info table in/just outside Student Center-set up tv with relevant video material; use table to also collect donations Logistics: Get approvals, create signs, hang signs, chalk, write editorial

  18. Methods:Petition to the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons • Email petition campus-wide following awareness campaign • Solicit faculty to distribute petition in class • Have committee members get signatures • Final push to gather signatures at fundraising event • “Trafficking in Persons” Annual Report Logistics: Contact College Relations about sending campus-wide email

  19. Methods: Fundraising Event • Event Ideas • Benefit concert • Comedy show • Open mic night • Art show • Making crafts • Something shocking (like fraternity’s fundraiser to hit car with sledge hammer) • Get pledges for doing something dramatic (similar to 30-Hour Famine, Habitat for Humanity Sleepout Against Homelessness)

  20. Methods: Fundraising Event Continued • Coordinate with Women’s Center to include trafficking in “Take Back the Night” • Network with campus organizations, including: Women’s Center, WILL, PSA, Ink, Amnesty International, etc. • Email student organizations asking for support • Seek attendance/co-sponsorship with local NGOs/Women’s organizations Logistics: Choose event, obtain venue, sell tickets, publicity (including table tents), contact local media

  21. Evaluation of Organization’s Progress • Tally hits on website • Monitor petition signatures received on website • Monitor fundraising status on website

  22. Budget • Total funds: $75-$415 (based on supply need/availability) • Copies: Approximately 500 @ $0.05-$0.10 each: $25-$50 • Paint: $10 • Brushes: $10 • Colored paper: $0-$50 • Chalk: 6 buckets @ $3 each: $18 • Sheet (for banner): $5 • Tape $0-$10 • Pens/Pencils: $0-$5 • Stapler: $2 • Staples $2 • Event: $0-$250

  23. Timeline • Week 1-Week 2 (March 1-21) • Join committees • Gain understanding of issues and goals • Generate ideas • Create publicity material • Brainstorm event ideas • Begin planning event

  24. Timeline Continued • Week 3-Week 4 (March 22-April 4) • Attain all necessary approvals • Submit article to Signal • Book Student Center Table • Event location must be booked, if not already • Week 5 (April 5-14) • Launch Campus Awareness Campaign • Hang all posters and banner • Tabling in Student Center • Chalking

  25. Timeline Continued • Week 6 (April 12-18) • Event • Email petition to the campus • Week 7-End of Semester (April 19-) • Evaluate success of project • Mail donations to selected NGO(s) • Mail petition to the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons