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THE GOSPEL OF JOHN III. The Opposition to the Son of God (5:1–12:50) PowerPoint Presentation
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THE GOSPEL OF JOHN III. The Opposition to the Son of God (5:1–12:50)

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THE GOSPEL OF JOHN III. The Opposition to the Son of God (5:1–12:50)

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THE GOSPEL OF JOHN III. The Opposition to the Son of God (5:1–12:50)

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  1. THE GOSPEL OF JOHN III. The Opposition to the Son of God (5:1–12:50) A. At The Feast In Jerusalem (Jn 5:1-47) B. During The Passover (Jn 6:1-71) C. During The Feast Of Tabernacles (Jn7:1 – 10:21) D. During The Feast Of Dedication (Jn10:22-42) E. Because Of The Death And Resurrection Of Lazarus (Jn 11:1-57)

  2. F. Because Of The Triumphal Entry (Jn12:1-50) 1. The Thanksgiving Dinner (12:1-11) a. Mary Worships (vv. 1-3) b. Judas Complains (vv. 4-6) c. Jesus Rebukes (vv. 7-8) Read Jn 12:7-8. When v. 7 rendered in this manner, the usual explanation (if one is given) is this: Mary had not used all the ointment.

  3. The one great objection against this interpretation is that the Gospel of Mark states definitely (14:3) that Mary had broken the vial! There is another rendering: “Let her be, (it was) in order that she might keep it for the day of my burial.” ~ an instance of abbreviated style There is no clear evidence that Mary or anyone else understood before the cross that Jesus had to die.

  4. ~ She meant this to be an act of costly, humble devotion, but she signaled more than she knew. This is unquestionably a rebuke to Judas. ~ It shows how jealously the Lord guards any attempt to hinder, check, or discourage the zeal of His own people. Read Jn 12:8.

  5. ~ That the poor are always present is not an excuse for stinginess in almsgiving. ~ Were a mere mortal to claim such priority, he would be either very ill or unspeakably arrogant. ~ Jesus speaks this way as a matter of course because He knows He is to receive the same honor that is due the Father (Jn 5:23). ~ Jn 19:39

  6. This act and Jesus’ response to it do not give us permission to ignore the poor. ~ By implication, however, He is saying to the church of all the ages that the care of the poor is its responsibility and privilege. Rather, Jesus explained that His followers would have many opportunities to help the poor, but only a short time to love and honor the Messiah.

  7. Jesus’ words should have taught Judas a valuable lesson about the worth of money. ~ Unfortunately, Judas did not learn it. Mary’s gift was criticized by others, but appreciated by the Lord. ~ When you give your best to God, you can be sure He appreciates your gift. ~ Do not allow misunderstanding or criticism to deter you.

  8. Jesus is precious – to have Him with us is the best we could ask for in life. ~ Let us seize the opportunities to demonstrate our love to Him. On the human side, too often we delay expressing our love to people until after they have died. ~ Today is a great day to express our love to people we love. ~ Now is always the perfect time to express our love for Christ.

  9. d. The Priests Panic (vv. 9-11) Read Jn 12:9-11. The report that He was back in Bethany provided an opportunity for a “large crowd of the Jews” to come out and see Him. The nearer the time of Christ’s death approached, the more necessary it was that His name should be made known everywhere, as a preparation for a fuller faith after His death.

  10. Read Jn 12:10-11. The chief priests were absolutely ruthless. ~ In order to gain their objective they were willing to kill not only Jesus but also Lazarus! ~ His very life provided a ground for faith in Jesus, so he too had to be destroyed.

  11. The chief priests’ blindness and hardness of heart caused them to sink ever deeper into sin. ~ One sin led them to another. We all like to believe we are above petty jealousy and small retaliations. ~ Unfortunately our behavior often proves the opposite. ~ If our motivation is to do our best at serving God wherever we are, we won’t need to compare ourselves to others.