lee county electric cooperative 2007 hurricane preparedness activities l.
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Lee County Electric Cooperative 2007 Hurricane Preparedness Activities PowerPoint Presentation
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Lee County Electric Cooperative 2007 Hurricane Preparedness Activities

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Lee County Electric Cooperative 2007 Hurricane Preparedness Activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lee County Electric Cooperative 2007 Hurricane Preparedness Activities. LCEC Service Territory . Restoration Plan. Plan Update Began February 2007 Complete May 2007 Employee Training May 7 th through June 8 th. Transmission Preparation. Substation Preparation. Distribution Preparation.

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restoration plan
Restoration Plan
  • Plan Update
    • Began February 2007
    • Complete May 2007
  • Employee Training
    • May 7th through June 8th
governmental coordination
Governmental Coordination
  • Employee Liaison's staff the following Emergency Operations Centers in LCEC’s Service Area for Coordination of Activities:
    • Lee County
    • Collier County
    • City of Cape Coral
    • City of Marco Island
    • City of Sanibel Island

Standards of Construction

  • LCEC's construction standards, policies, guidelines, practices, and procedures comply with the National Electrical Safety Code (ANSI C-2) [NESC]. Electrical facilities constructed through December 31, 2006 comply with the edition of the code in effect at the time of the facility’s initial construction.

Standards of Construction

  • LCEC has construction standards, for required facilities, that meet the extreme wind loading standards specified by Figure 250-2(d) of the 2002 edition of the NESC.
  • LCEC is an active participant in the Utility Sponsor Steering Committee on collaborative research efforts associated with storm hardening.

Standards of Construction

  • Although not waterproof, LCEC's equipment and constructed facilities are designed to be water resistant. The majority of our underground facilities (excluding conduits and cables) are at or above existing/surrounding grade. Even with these design and installation considerations, LCEC experienced some significant damage to our underground facilities as the result of flooding and storm surges. On the other hand, it has been LCEC's experience that flooding and storm surges have little effect on overhead facilities whether part of an underground or overhead system.

Standards of Construction

  • LCEC's standards for joint use provide clearances (distances) for conductors, equipment, and risers. The joint use agreements that are entered into with pole attachment parties detail the process for evaluating pole loading capacity. Additionally, the agreements define the responsibilities for pole reliability and upgrading. Currently, LCEC does not permit attachments to transmission poles.
joint use survey
Joint Use Survey
  • LCEC is in the process of doing a System Wide Joint Use Survey
    • Verify Attachments
    • Identify any Clearance Violations
    • Identify any uncompleted field work