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Hello!. You need: -composition book -something to write with (pen/pencil) -BAE Journal (8/25/14):

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You need:

-composition book

-something to write with (pen/pencil)


Journal (8/25/14):

Amish experts believe that the Amish people are being exploited by producers of Amish Mafia because the Amish faith permits it’s believers to turn the other cheek in the face of conflict and controversy.

Defend, challenge, or qualify:

Reality television should be held libel for incorrectly portraying reality.

When you leave you will:-know Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle. -have practiced the SOAPSTone strategy.


  • Journal: Responsibility & Reality TV

  • What we talk about when we talk about argument:

    • Situation

    • Structure

    • Style

  • Notes: The Rhetorical Situation

  • Practice: Strayed’s BAE introduction & SOAPSTone

  • Homework: Summer assignments will not be accepted after September 2nd.

  • Hello!

    You need:

    -composition book

    -something to write with (pen/pencil)

    Journal (8/25/14):

    Choose one of the following questions:

    --What is the relationship between man and nature?

    --How does our environment prompt us to change?

    Please write the question at the top of your page and write no less than 3 sentences explaining your answer.

    When you leave you will:-have used annotation strategies to indicate examples of transcendentalism.


    • Journal: Unit 1 Essential Questions

    • Unit 1 Packet: How Transcendental Are You?

      • What is a transcendentalist?

      • What is the relationship between a transcendentalist and nature?

      • What is the relationship between a person who is NOT transcendental and nature?

    • Practice annotation strategies: “Self-Reliance”

      • Find evidence to prove whether Emerson is a transcendentalist.

    • Learning Log: Is Emerson a transcendentalist? Use at least ONE quote to support your answer.