Grotowski in my eyes about his theory and train
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Grotowski in My Eyes – about his Theory and Train. 9716049 Shrek Hu. Who is Grotowski ? Shape-shifter, shaman, trickster, artist, adept, director, leader, Grotowski . by Richard Schechner 1997: 459. Theory Process.

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Grotowski in my eyes about his theory and train

Grotowski in My Eyes – about his Theory and Train

9716049 Shrek Hu

Who is Grotowski ?

Shape-shifter, shaman, trickster, artist, adept, director, leader, Grotowski.

by Richard Schechner 1997: 459

The background of grotowski 1933 1999
The Background of Grotowski(1933~1999)

being born in Polish’s small town named Rzeszow

suffered from World War II in his childhood

went to Polish Theatre School learning performing arts from 1951 to 1955 and then went to Moscow studying Directs

During the time, he had a chance in touch with two Russia directors: VsevolodMeyerhold and Stanislavsky, respectively. These two men’s theory had a great influence on Grotowski’s early stages.

At 1956, Grotowski went back to Polish and started to direct in 1958.

Poster for kordian design waldemar krygier
Poster for Kordian(Design: WaldemarKrygier)

Kordian s photos
Kordian’s photos

Scenic arrangement.

The action takes place in a mental hospital, the spectators being treated as patients.

Grotowski s stage theory
Grotowski’s spectators. stage theory

Poster for spectators.

The Constant Prince

Scenic arrangement for the constant prince
Scenic arrangement for spectators.The Constant Prince

The constant prince
The Constant Prince spectators.

The constant prince1
The constant prince spectators.

Poster for spectators.

Apocalypsis Cum Figuris

Apocalypsis spectators.

The Simpleton


“In such an approach the director’s vision overrides the playwright’s, and the original script becomes material to be shaped.”

Akropolis spectators.

Esau (RyszardCieslak) sings the praises of the freedom of a hunter’s life.

“Because of the actor’s central role in performance, spectators.Grotowski devoted much of his attention to actor training.”Seeing his training ways makes me think of a movie “V for vendetta.” In that film, V tortures heroine Ivy in both spiritual and physical, wanting to remove her fear. Eventually Ivy successfully reaches the state with no fear and thrusts herself out to fight the evil government.

About training

About training
About training spectators.

About training1
About training spectators.

About training2
About training spectators.

About training focus on hand motions
About training – focus on hand motions spectators.

About training for voice
About training - for voice spectators.

Jerzy spectators.Grotowski



Jerzy spectators.Grotowski


Jean-Louis Barrault

R eference
R spectators.eference

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