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Not Your Typical House

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Not Your Typical House

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  1. Not Your Typical House Using Slabs to Create Three-Dimensional Form

  2. The Voglreiter Auto Residence is both! Designed by German architect Markus Voglreiter. Salzburg, Austria Markus Voglreiter There’s no place like home. For centuries the idea of home has been a source of inspiration for artists. The basic definition of ‘house’ is that of a builidng in which people live. But a house can be so much more than merely a shelter. It can be a reflection of yourself, created from your own imagination.

  3. Not one to blend into the background, this incredible house design by Los Angeles-based architecture firm Johnston Marklee makes a striking addition to its surroundings. The irregular-shaped hill house features a contemporary silhouette with a minimalist white facade punctuated by lots of windows – a wonderful contrast to its lush, leafy backdrop of Pacific Palisades, California. This 3,300-sq.-ft. slope house features modern interiors, sun-soaked through the home’s numerous windows and skylights. Perched on a hillside with picture windows facing the horizon, the open-concept plan maximizes the incredible views, from Rustic and Sullivan Canyons to Santa Monica Bay.

  4. This outdoor studio by Amsterdam-based architects DHL Architecture makes an inspiring – and inspired! – workplace with a playful side. Indeed, this futuristic finish gives the pavilion a funhouse appeal. Wondering about the views? You may not get a conventional view of what surrounds the home, but this building’s irregular shape centers around a private interior courtyard, visible and accessible through transparent walls. DHL Architecture

  5. Longaberger Basket Headquarters - Newark, Ohio

  6. Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal) •

  7. Between Lexington and Buena Vista, a building that almost looks like a coffee pot sits on a the right side of a curving grade. The two-story corrugated metal structure qualifies as coffee-related by virtue of its roundness and the attached spout and handle. • At the time of our visit it was the James River Basin Canoe Livery, renting canoes for vacationing and weekend paddlers. • [Update - August 2007 - Closed for over a year, reported to be difficult to stop along the highway for a photo, but the coffee elements are still there.] • Building Shaped Like a Coffee Pot:Address: 1870 East Midland Trail, Lexington, VA Directions: Between Buena Vista and Lexington. West of Lexington on US 60 about a mile east of I-81 exit 188.

  8. Teapot Dome Gas Station Zillah, Washington This pot, though smaller than most, always looks good in calendar photos and postcards. It's off I-82 about 15 miles southeast of Yakima. It may have been the oldest operating gas station in the US before it stopped operating in 2003. The 15-ft. building was created in 1922 by Jack Ainsworth as a political statement memorializing the Harding Teapot Dome scandal. Not really a coffee pot, but we had no plans to do a page on teapots. So there you have it. Teapot Dome Gas Station:Address: 14691 Yakima Valley Hwy., Zillah, WA Directions: I-82 South from Yakima to Exit 54. Cross over the freeway heading west. On SW side of frontage road. (move downtown planned) Phone: 509-829-5055

  9. Assignment: Objectives:Students will create a dwelling (house) based on a man-made object using either a soft slab construction method or leather hard slab construction method. Students will enhance their form through the use of texture with stamps, carving, engobes or designs applied post firing with glaze or under glaze. Sculpture must be 6 to 12 inches tall and have actual or implied texture applied to the form. Plan/Sketch Due 9-21-11 (It is recommended that students bring in their object of inspiration to have to reference while working)  Demos – 9/22/11 Teacher will demo using templates and soft slab contstruction using an armature Three Dimensional Plan (miniature) due 9-23-11 Building Process Complete by 10-5-11 Critique 10-5-11