euro africa division midyear committee meeting may 25 27 2009 lilianne doukhan ph d n.
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LITUrGY FOR UNITY: mission at home

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LITUrGY FOR UNITY: mission at home - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Euro-Africa Division Midyear Committee Meeting May 25-27, 2009 Lilianne Doukhan, Ph.D. LITUrGY FOR UNITY: mission at home. III-WORKING TOGETHER TOWARDS A LITURGY OF UNITY. Ethical Responsibility RELEVANT MUSIC. Leitourgia = service on behalf of Music not an entitlement, but a service

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ethical responsibility relevant music
Ethical ResponsibilityRELEVANT MUSIC
  • Leitourgia = service on behalf of
      • Music not an entitlement, but a service
  • Who is your congregation (constituencies)?
    • Diversity: generational, ethnic, cultural
  • Congregation owns its worship service*
    • Music FOR and BY the congregation
    • Who makes decisions?
    • Worship Commission
criteria of decision making
Criteria of decision making
  • Personal taste & preferences?
  • Traditions?
  • Customs & conventions?
  • Consider desires of the congregation?
  • Role of music for congregation?
  • Relationship between musician & congregation?
musician congregation relationship a two way street
Musician/Congregation Relationship: A Two-way Street
  • Listen and Hear* (PMC )
  • Obstacles to Communication
      • Elitism
      • Not familiar with styles* (rhythm dpl mod)
      • Tradition
      • Fear of change
communicating about music phil 1 9 10
Communicating about MusicPhil 1:9-10

This is my PRAYER* (WDC)

That your LOVE*RD may abound more and more in



So that you may be able to DISCERN what is best

And may be PURE and BLAMELESS until the day of Christ

relevant music love respect
Relevant MusicLOVE & RESPECT
  • Responds to the NEEDS (not desires) of ALL
  • Addresses people’s needs in their language
  • Enables people to respond from their heart
responsibility towards congregation
Responsibility towards Congregation
  • Edify & strengthen* 1 Co 14:12, 26
  • Transform* Rom 12:1-2;Col 3:1-2
    • Do not conform to pattern of world – itching ears – renewal of mind – hearts on things above
  • Do not divide Act 2:42-46
      • Everyone able to enter into w. experience
  • Do not judge/distress Rom 14:13
  • Stumbling block 1 Cor 10:32
      • Associations
      • Limits to principle Rom 14:16
  • Do not seek your own good 1 Cor 10:33

but the good of many

ellen white on emotionalism
Ellen White on Emotionalism

“Still others go to the opposite extreme, making religious emotions prominent… Their religion seems to be more of the nature of a stimulus rather than an abiding faith in Christ” (Ev502)

“We have no time now to spend in seeking those things that only please the senses. Close heart searching is needed” (Ev510)

“Excitement is not favorable to growth in grace” (SM35-36)

ellen white on transformation
Ellen White on Transformation

“Never bring the truth down to a low level in order to obtain converts, but seek to bring the sinful and corrupted up to the high standard of the law of God”

Evangelism, 137



“Do not allow what you consider good to be spoken of as evil” (Rom 14:16; cf. St. Augustin)


Beware of setting up your personal experience as universal rule

primary qualities of church musician
Primary Qualities of Church Musician
  • Humility*
  • Transformation of the heart* (Liv room)

“It is sometimes more difficult to discipline the singers and keep them in working order, than to improve the habits of praying and exhorting. Many want to do things after their own style; they object to consultation, and are impatient under leadership. Well-matured plans are needed in the service of God. Common sense is an excellent thing in the worship of God.” T4:71

humility ctd
Humility – ctd.

“It is the will of God that those who engage in his work shall be subject to one another. His worship must be conducted with consistency, unity and sound judgment” (T5:270)

transformation of the heart
Transformation of the Heart

Music is acceptable to God only when the heart is sanctified and made soft and holy by its facilities” (Ev 512)

I was shown that the youth must take a higher stand, and make the word of God the man of their counsel and their guide” (T1:497)

transformation key word

Music no longer privilege, but responsibility

“our music to approach as nearly as possible the harmony of the heavenly choirs” (RH 77:44, 30 Oct 1890)

musician s responsibilities
Musician’s Responsibilities
  • Theological Responsibility

Worship values

  • Ethical (communal) Responsibility

appreciate and understand: cultural/generational differences – differences in time & place –

real value of past & present things

musician s responsibilities1
Musician’s Responsibilities

3. Aesthetic (musical) Responsibility

strive for even more excellence & quality – adequate preparation – appropriate choices

4. Personal Responsibility

God’s will for us (w. principles) – transformation of heart & mind – expansion of personal preferences

factors for unity
Factors for Unity





Personal Relationship with Christ

colossians 3 16
Colossians 3:16

“Let the peaceof Christ rule in your hearts

Let the wordof Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another

And as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs”