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What New Habits Will Help You Succeed? PowerPoint Presentation
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What New Habits Will Help You Succeed?

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What New Habits Will Help You Succeed? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What New Habits Will Help You Succeed?. Setting Goals for doTERRA Business Success!. FOR THINGS TO CHANGE, WE MUST CHANGE. FOR THINGS TO GET BETTER, WE MUST GET BETTER ---Heidi Mills.

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what new habits will help you succeed

What New Habits Will Help You Succeed?

Setting Goals for doTERRA

Business Success!



---Heidi Mills


If you will invest a few minutes and answer the following three questions, you’ll be on your way to building your better life:

What would it take to get you up out of bed early in the morning?

What would it take to keep you up working late into the night?

How would you choose to live your life if you had plenty of time and financial resources available to you?

Because when you answer these questions you will uncover your real reason for the money—the real reason for your life. And when you do, you will also find your “Why?”

---Michael S.Clouse. The Fifth Principle


“If you don't know where you are going,you'll end up someplace else.”Baseball great, Yogi Berra


Never doubt that a

small group of thoughtful

committed people can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has - Margaret Meade –

where are you in your 4 year doterra career
Where are YOU in your 4-Year doTERRA Career?

Richard Brooks book The Four Year Career

the power of self talk
The Power of Self Talk
  • Negativity is all around us.
  • We are the sum total of the things we feed our brains.
  • The 5 people we hang out with the most creates our mental outlook which creates our results and our life.

It’s the teeny, small decisions you make on a daily basis that make you successful.

awareness is the first step
AWARENESS is the first step
  • Awareness is the beginning of change. And you can only change what you're willing to acknowledge…which is an essential reason you need to be actively involved in your own personal development program!
  • Because when you get better—in any area of your life—it does get easier.
self talk yet the second step
SELF TALK +“YET”- the second step
  • If we were to measure your internal dialog (that little voice inside your head), we would probably find that you talk to yourself in all those one-sided conversations at the astounding rate of approximately 12,000 words per hour—all day long. And sadly, most internal conversation is anything but positive.
  • So what's the best way to turn a potential self-sabotaging phrase like, "This isn't working!" into a positive one? By adding the word, "yet" to the end of all those less than encouraging thoughts.
    • "This isn't working!" becomes "This isn't working, yet!"
    • "I'm not earning enough money!" becomes "I'm not earning enough money, yet!"
    • "My business isn't growing fast enough!" becomes "My business isn't growing fast enough, yet!"
  • Therefore, the next time you catch yourself slipping into negative self-talk, try adding the word, "yet!" to the end of those less-than-positive sentences. And as you do become aware of what you're actually thinking, begin to improve the way you talk to yourself; only stating—and focusing on—what you actually want.
1 set your 90 day goal
#1 – Set YOUR 90-Day Goal

S - Specific

M - Measureable

A - Attainable

R - Realistic

T – Time-Based

rewarding compensation plan as a home based business
Rewarding Compensation Plan as a Home-Based Business
  • Pay for your oils “hobby”: $100-$500 per month2-3 hours a week
  • Part-time employment: $500 - $5,000 per month10 – 20 hours a week
  • Full-time income:$5,000 - $50,000 per month40+ hours a week

Weekly and Monthly Bonuses and Commissions

Leadership Bonus Pools

a few examples
A few examples:
  • I have 3 legs of 3000+PV each by August 30, 2012 qualifying me as Silver.
  • I enroll 7 new IPCs in June who purchase an LRP order of 150+PV monthly so my $1500 Power of 3is earned in August 2012 and each month thereafter.
  • 3 new doTERRA business builders join my team in June who immediately take action and build Silver rank teams in 90 Days, making me Platinum.

Note they are in the PRESENT TENSE

how do you get there work backward from the goal
How do You GET there?WORK BACKWARD from the Goal

“3 new doTERRA business builders join my team in June who immediately take action to build Silver rank teams in 90 Days…and I reach PLATINUM.”

3 Leaders Each Hit Silver!

Help them Build and Find THEIR Leaders Early in Month (9 Leaders)

Build & Lead Each of their 3 Teams to 3000+PV

Find the 3 New Leaders: Learn, Build





what does it take to reach any goal daily weekly monthly actions
What does it take to reach ANY goal? DAILY, WEEKLY & MONTHLY Actions

Daily = 30 minutes of study, 3 contacts, read goal aloud, talk with top leaders, track

Weekly = Attend our weekly conference call, Host or Attend a Class, track success

Monthly = Attend team monthly conference call or training, track goals






Class at library

Class at yoga studio

How many hours a week are you IN FRONT of people to share doTERRA?

Not at home.

Not on the computer.

Not making samples.

Class at my house

Class at my house

3 help your team set goals you need a team to succeed
#3 –Help Your Team Set GoalsYou Need a Team to Succeed!

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.---ZigZiglar


A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame,

a little less than his share

of the credit. - Arnold H. Glasgow -

Be the Leader Others Will Want to Follow


#4 – Follow a Proven SystemdoTERRA Pro Success System FolderBusiness building kit has everything you need to achieve the success you desire with your doTERRA business! $35.10 on sale at aromatools.com this month.Multiple copy discounts take it to $24 per folder!

  • Tools
    • Product Price List
    • Comp Plan
    • Rank Requirements & Worksheets
    • Power of Three Worksheet
    • MCM Tear Sheet
    • Choose a Kit Tear Sheet
    • IPC Agreement
  • Training
    • Overview
    • Path to Freedom
    • Care Activities
  • Tracking
    • Business Expenses
    • Mileage
    • Shipments
    • Order Pick-Up
  • Calendar
    • Success Habits
    • Year
    • Month
    • Week
    • Day
  • People
    • Names List
    • Expanded Names List
    • Helpful Scripts
    • Sample Tracking
    • Prospects
    • IPC
    • Builder
  • Classes
    • Class Planners
    • MCM Class Script
    • Teaching Guide
    • Invite List
    • Class Sign-In
  • Improve Your SELF
  • Be AWARE of your SELF TALK
  • Have a VISION….a WHY?
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Get a COACH
  • Build a True TEAM
  • Follow a Proven SYSTEM