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My Green School

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My Green School. Akhmad kanzul Fikri Rini Budiarti Rina Noviani Saiful Anwar Prof. Dipak Tatpuje. Contact information of the designers of the PBL and teachers to be involved during implementation.

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my green school

My Green School

Akhmad kanzul Fikri

Rini Budiarti

Rina Noviani

Saiful Anwar

Prof. Dipak Tatpuje

PBL Topic and Main Expected Learning Objectives1.1 Table 1: Designed PBL Topic and the Main Type of Expected Students’ Outputs
main learning objectives
Main learning objectives
  • To make students love and care their enviroments especially on the plantation
  • To build up students’ mentality on entrepreuniral spirit.
  • To build up students’ learning project among them so that they can learn, share and give the idea each other.
  • Students are more discipline and responsible to their works.
  • To create a green area in the school and homeAt the end of the project, the participating students are expected to
inter disciplinary learning objectives
Inter-disciplinary learning objectives
  • Discussion
  • Character building (honesty, discipline, creativity, responsible, etc)
  • Critical thinking
  • Good communication
subject specific learning objectives
Subject-specific learning objectives
  • Biology : (1) students can measure the growth of the plants and use the fertilizer appropriately, (2) students able to classify kinds of plants and regocnize their characteristics
  • Pyhsics: students can measure the weather temperature and humidity that affect the plants.
  • Economics: students can sell their products as well as to assess the benefit.
  • Bahasa Indonesia: students can use Bahasa in their daily utterance appropriately.
brief pbl description
Brief PBL Description
  • “My green school-entrepreneurship” is the program that is designed to empower students in project-based learning and to build up their characteristics that is productive and care their environment through working together across many schools.
  • This project can be applied in many schools that have an enough area, even very narrow land , to plant some vegetables and fruits. From the time of planting until harvest, some character building processes can be enganged by students such as cooperation, responsibility, independency, honesty, creativity and so on. After harvest, they can sell the products to the community. This activity is also a learning process as to how to convince others, explain the product, etc.
participating students
Participating Students

Grades of targeted students: seven, eight and nine grade students

  • School A: SMP Al-Azhar 9 Bekasi, West java

(400 studenst)

  • School B: SMP ITMA Al-Aqobah, Jombang, East Java (250 students)
  • School C: SMP Islam Athirah, South Sulawesi

(400 students)

planned tele collaborative activities
Planned Tele-collaborative activities
  • Students from three different school make a social media via Group on Facebook and Blog to exchange the information and project’s development.
  • Questionnaire
  • Interview
  • worksheet
  • Checklist
  • Report and presentation

Timely submission: Able to upload inputs and survey at precise date.

  • On time = 10 points
  • Late = - 10 points

The more points the groups able to achieve the better.

  • Groups with good teamwork = 20 points
  • Groups with mediocre teamwork = 10 points
  • Groups with poor teamwork = 5 points.