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Utility Dilemma PowerPoint Presentation
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Utility Dilemma

Utility Dilemma

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Utility Dilemma

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  1. Utility Dilemma Emissions Standards Aging Infrastructure Electric Utilities Rising Prices NIMBY Issues Peak Load Growth Proprietary & Confidential

  2. The Smart Grid • Internet-based information technology can dramatically improve the reliability and efficiency of the electric power grid • Intelligent network of distributed demand and supply resources – technologies which store energy, produce power, or measure and control load • Utilities gain visibility and control through advanced informatics, telematics and analytics at the edge of the grid • Open architecture that easily integrates and controls new distributed technologies (i.e. renewables, PHEVs, fuel cells) • Consumers empowered with “online energy management” to reduce energy consumption and cost • Offers environmental benefits by reducing emissions and conserving fuel and land resources Proprietary & Confidential

  3. Corporate Mission GridPoint provides a Smart Grid platform that aligns the interests of electric utilities, consumers and the environment through an intelligent network of distributed resources that controls load, stores energy and produces power. Proprietary & Confidential

  4. GridPoint Energy Manager GridPoint SmartGrid Platform ELECTRIC UTILITY Operations & Control Center Billing & CRM Systems AMI Standards GridPoint Control Console TWO-WAY NETWORK Internet GridPoint Operations Center GridPoint Customer Portal Load Measurement & Control Energy Storage Integration Renewables Integration PHEV Integration Proprietary & Confidential

  5. AMI STANDARDS Portfolio of Utility Managed Assets 5% 20% 100% 50% 10% 5% GridPoint Customer Portal GridPoint Control Console GridPoint Operations Center Proprietary & Confidential

  6. GridPoint Control Console • Provides utilities with direct control over an intelligent network of distributed energy resources • On-demand or scheduled peak event management • Predict available capacity of stored energy, load control and distributed generation • Provides information before, during and after a peak management event • Can be integrated with utility operations environment • Customizable to specific utility needs Proprietary & Confidential

  7. GridPoint Customer Portal • Web-based consumer portal provides online energy management services • Provides detailed consumption and conservation data • Personal energy profile automatically optimizes energy consumption • Online services • Energy savings data • Detailed production and consumption data • Utility rate schedules • Environmental benefits • Password protected Proprietary & Confidential

  8. Reshaping the Load Duration Curve Proprietary & Confidential

  9. Environmental Benefits • Eliminate Need to Build New Peaking Power Plants • Reduce Emissions and Pollutants • related to generating electricity from peaking power plants • Conserve Environmental Resources • reduce the need for fuel and land resources required for centralized generation • Fuel Mass Adoption of • “Distributed” Renewable Energy • transform residential and light commercial renewable energy systems into a utility asset • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles • reduce emissions caused by traditional motor vehicles • Enable Consumers to Reduce Carbon Footprint • reduce energy consumption through online energy management • easily adopt renewable energy from a trusted source, their utility Proprietary & Confidential

  10. New Legislation Supports Smart Grid • U.S. House & Senate • passed energy bills this summer to support smart grid, e.g., creating new “Grid Modernization Commission” to facilitate its creation, addressing critical issue of interoperability, providing federal matching funds for smart grid projects, and promoting new regional demonstration projects. • U.S. Conference of Mayors • passed resolution in July endorsing smart grid concepts, emerging technologies and policies, and calling for digital automation of entire electric power supply system. • GridWise Alliance • goal to move U.S. electric grid into the information age, has been working on Capitol Hill and with state and local groups to promote these changes. Members include utilities Duke Energy and Austin Energy, high-tech giants IBM and Cisco, and clean tech companies like GridPoint and Ice Energy. Proprietary & Confidential

  11. Industry Perspectives on GridPoint • AlwaysOn GoingGreen Top 100 Private Companies – Sept. 2007 • AlwaysOn GoingGreen Top 100 Private Companies recognized GridPoint as the number 1 company. The list identifies the most promising entrepreneurial opportunities and investments in the clean tech industry.  Companies had to be peer-nominated, with AlwaysOn receiving more than 500 nominations from venture investors, investment bankers and other industry experts. • Frost & Sullivan – Green Excellence Award – Sept. 2007 • GridPoint presents a set of value propositions nested together into the same product platform for both consumers and utilities. While the consumer would benefit from renewable energy integration, backup power and a bill reduction, the utilities in turn will benefit from a virtual peaking power plant. Deploying such a system on a community-wide basis will increase power availability both on demand reduction as well as stored energy. • Esther Dyson, author and technology visionary as quoted in The Clean Tech Revolution – June 2007 • “GridPoint does for the utility grid what the Internet did for the telephone infrastructure. It allows it to grow smarter and to scale easily by putting intelligence at the edges, instead of attempting to impose centralized control.” • Gartner – “Cool Vendors in Energy and Utilities 2007” – April 2007 • Gartner expects a significant percentage of new generation capacities to be introduced by end users in the form of distributed energy resources, mostly using alternative and cleaner energy sources (such as solar and wind). GridPoint’s solution can help integrate consumers in an intelligent, self-healing grid. Proprietary & Confidential