together we can make a difference n.
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Together we can make a difference

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Together we can make a difference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Together we can make a difference. Mobilzing European citizens for global development Bruxelles, 30./31. January 2014 Workshop Enabling environment for CIs. One World Network NRW – who we are …. …a network of networks … committed to DEAR … some of our objectives :

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Together we can make a difference

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together we can make a difference

Togetherwecanmake a difference

Mobilzing European citizensfor global development

Bruxelles, 30./31. January 2014

Workshop Enablingenvironmentfor CIs

one world network nrw who we are
One World Network NRW – whoweare…

…a networkofnetworks

…committedto DEAR


  • Contributetosocial, economicalandecologicaljustice, also on a global scale, andto global solidarity
  • Encourageandsupportvoluntarycommittmentforone-worldissues
  • EnhanceOne-World-Politics as an importanttaskforpoliticiansandcivilsociety

… togetherwecanmake a difference

what are we talking about

CIVICUS´ working definition of civil society:

“the arena, outside of the family, the state, and the market,

which is created by individual and collective actions,

organisations and institutions to advance shared interests.”

what are we talking about1

What does actually enable, support and foster this work?

civicus key aspects of the enabling environment
CIVICUS: key aspects of the enablingenvironment
  • CSOs’ legitimacy, transparency and accountability
  • Building connections, coalitions and solidarity
  • The legal and regulatory environment
  • Political environment
  • Public attitudesandperception
  • Corruption
  • Communications andtechnology

H. Resources

civil society contributes to a vivid democracy therefore it needs
Civil society contributes to a vivid democracy!Therefore it needs…
  • Autonomy
  • Right to initiative
  • Global Learning (DEAR)
  • Partnership on eye-level
  • Human Rights as the relevant point of reference
the rationale behind it the subsidiarity principle
The rationale behindit:The Subsidiarity Principle


is an organising principle of decentralisation, stating that a matter ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest, or least centralised authority capable of addressing that matter effectively.


some threats
Some Threats
  • CIVICUS´ criteria not realised
  • State takes over – „socialisation“ of civil society
  • Dialogue between civil society and government does not work out
  • Burocracy hampers CI´s activities
  • …others
the particular case of dear
The particularcaseof DEAR

Development Education and Awareness Raising

  • Is at the core of global transformation
  • Nevertheless often marignalized- within NCDOs- within CI platforms- within politics
  • Fosters …- citizens´ engagement for global justice,- new development paradigms
  • Needs structural support!
promotors program for dear in nrw germany
Promotors´ Program for DEAR in NRW/Germany
  • Structuralsupportfor DEAR
  • Fundedbythegovernmentsof 9 Bundesländer andthe BMZ
  • Theycooperateclosely in thesefields:- Global Learning- Fair Trade andProcurement- Migration, Diaspora, Development- Climateand Development‘- Civil Society andParticipation- International Cooperation

The example NRW:

  • 15 regional promotorsfosterengagementfor global development, networkandrealise DEAR-projects
  • 12 specialistsforthetopicsabovegivesupport
some conclusions
  • Coming from very different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives it is important to find a common language
  • Enabling environment for small CSOs: they can benefit very much from structural support
  • Education can make a change
  • Global Solidarity is needed also with regard to an enabling environment for civil society
questions for the discussion
  • What´s the biggest problem in your context?
  • What do you consider the greatest challenges with regard to an enabling environment for CIs?
  • Implementation – how to put the principles into practice effectively?
thank you

Thank you!


One World network NRW e.V.

Kasernenstrasse 6, D-40213 Düsseldorf (Int. Cooperation)