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Steps to Decision Making

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Steps to Decision Making - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steps to Decision Making. #1 Ask the main question (state the problem). Think about the issue and determine what you are REALLY trying to make a decision about. Ask it in question form… The answer will come in the LAST step of this process!. #2 Gather Information.

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Steps to Decision Making

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Presentation Transcript
1 ask the main question state the problem
#1 Ask the main question(state the problem)

Think about the issue and determine what you are REALLY trying to make a decision about.

Ask it in question form…

The answer will come in the LAST step of this process!

2 gather information
#2 Gather Information

List all important facts/information about your problem!

Think of and utilize people/resources available to help you

This will help you narrow down your choices for the next step

3 list all possible s olutions
#3 List all Possible Solutions

Brainstorm ideas for how to answer your question from step #1.

Keep your information gathered in step #2 in mind

Consider your VALUES when listing options!!

(would you be able to accept doing this??)

4 list pros and cons to each possible solution
#4 List Pros AND Cons to EACH Possible Solution

Analyze EACH solution you listed in step #3


For EACH one of your solutions, make a list all


Weigh your Pros and Cons

(*Ask yourself how these pros/cons

align with your values!)

5 make your decision
#5 Make your decision

Pick the best solution from your list

of possible options

6 evaluate
#6 Evaluate

Ask yourself a series of questions to determine if

you made the right choice

Ex: Was this a good decision? If you are

Am I happy with the results? unhappy with the

Did everything work out as planned result, you will need

What do I do next? to make a new

etc, etc, etc… decision.


Your friend calls you early Saturday morning. She is crying and obviously very upset. Last night she went to a party and was drinking and having a good time. At one point she ended up going upstairs with this guy she really liked. They started off with kissing, but as time went on, things got out of control and they had sex. She tells you she kept telling him she didn’t want to. She said no, and tried to get away, but he held her down against her will. He kept telling her that she wouldn’t have gone upstairs with him unless she wanted it.

After it was over, he kissed her and said he would call her tomorrow so they could go see a movie or something. He was acting like they were a “couple” for the rest of the night at the party.


Now think of a situation in your OWNlife that you want to or need to make a decision about.Use the decision making steps to make that decision….


Your best friend was going out with someone for over a year. At the end of their relationship, things were not going very well. They were fighting all the time and seemed really unhappy with one another. You know that your friend was really being a jerk to the other person, and treating them badly most of the time and you felt bad for him/her. You actually think this person is really great.

About a month ago, your friend cheated on this person, then broke up with them, and is now dating someone else.

Now this “ex” has just asked you out.


Your two best friends have been going out for almost 6 months now. When they are together they seem inseparable. They are always telling you how happy they are and how much they love each other. You know they have been having sex for awhile now as well.

This past weekend one of your friends was out of town so you went to a party with the other one. Everyone at the party was drinking. At one point you looked over and saw your friend kissing some other person. You then saw them go upstairs with that person for about a half hour or so. Later when you tried to talk to them about it, they said they wouldn’t talk about it.