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simplifyMD System Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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simplifyMD System Overview

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simplifyMD System Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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simplifyMD System Overview
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  1. simplifyMD System Overview

  2. Login Enter your User Name and password Login and work under your User Name Electronic systems record : Charts viewed Messages sent, received and signed Documents and document actions All Activity by date, time, and per User Name. Change Passwords per Administrator recommendation and policies.

  3. Home Screen Tasks-Messages for the logged in User H-high priority M- Medium L-Low P-Personal S-signature N-Notification Set Practice Standards for Message Priorities Patient Finder –Search for Patients User Name-Log Out and Short Cuts Help

  4. System Tabs Schedule Tab displays a view of the schedule Task Center Tab brings you to your messages both incoming and outgoing. Filing Center Tab brings you to your incoming faxes, scans, and anything that enters the simplifyMD drop box Patient Finder Tab is where you will search the system for patients Tools Tab displays practice reporting, template management, and faxing status. Add Patient Tab is used to create new patient charts.

  5. Schedule Bar Schedule bar action buttons Create a New appointment Print the schedule Preview schedule Create a new message. Schedule filters allow you to see the schedule based on location, provider, appointment type, and date range The grey bar allows the user to sort

  6. Searching For and Adding Patients Patient Finder-Enter and search by: first or last name birth date phone number patient i.d. number Add Patient tab is used to create new patient charts Information that must be added to create a chart is in yellow fields with red exclamation points If you’re Practice Management System has been interfaced with sMD, add and edit all Patients and appointments in the Practice Management System. Otherwise, any changes made to Patient Demographics will be overwritten .

  7. Check In Print Forms Add a patient to the Schedule Search patient Select the Physician Choose the Location, appointment type, date and time. Add Appointment Reason and Save Check-In- Check-Out and Save Print Forms Choose Care Units With an Interface-All Appointments are added and New Patients and existing Patient information is edited in the Practice Management System.

  8. Chart Navigation Face Sheet The Face Sheet is the front of the chart and a snapshot of patient information and a demographic and clinical summary of the Patient Health Record. To edit patient information in widgets, select the edit button and update the patient's information. To use your webcam simply select the edit button, this action will engage the Webcam to add the patients photo. Merge Tags-Display Widget Entries on a Template or Form

  9. Patient Chart Continued Messages Patient Messages Timeline gives you a quick view of all documents over time. Simple Chart is a smaller version of the patients chart. Assembly Tab is a document by document listing of the patient chart documents. Use the assembly tab for selecting documents in the chart to be faxed or printed. Archive tab allows you to break up documents and send them to various tabs at one time, while assigning a display name/filename and adjusting the date of a document. Recycle Bin contains duplicates or misfiled documents in the Patient Chart. Documents are never deleted in the Digital Chart Room.

  10. Document Tabs Patient Document Tabs Second Row of Tabs Tabs have a document icon if they have a new document filed in them, they are bold if they have documents in them and grayed outif the tabs are empty. If there are too many tabs to fit on the screen, a drop box appears to select the remaining tabs. Drawer Dropdown-Notes Drawer, Patient Education Drawer

  11. Filing Center The Filing Center is the Entrance to your Digital Chart Room. Think of the Filing Center as the front door of your Digital Chart Room. This is where all documents are directed to the patients charts by scanning them in or by way of Fax. Filing Center Functions Default and Custom Scan Filing Center Filters View the Contents of the Filing Center Filing Center Sorts View the Contents Sorting

  12. Filing Center Simple Print

  13. Messaging Interoffice Message- Created on the Home Screen, Task Center, and Patient Finder screens Patient Message- written in the patient’s chart. A document may be attached to the message. Requires Resolution- When selected keeps a message in your Message Center and allows you to resolve and remove from your Task Center. Note to Chart- a message written in the patient’s chart.

  14. Messaging Sending a Message with a Document Attached Messages requiring a physicians signature are created by selecting Request Signature Physician documents that require a signature are indicated by “S” in the Task Bar.

  15. Workflow Sessions Front Office Check In Check Out Back Office/Middle Office Clinical Triage Patient Physician Workflow Documenting the Encounter

  16. Log Out Log Out If you are stepping away from your workstation, secure protected Patient Health Information by Logging Out. Log Out don’t X out.

  17. Backing Up Your Data Digitally • Label each drive • Backup 1 & Backup 2 • Backup A & Backup B • Database server back up • nightly at 1:00 A.M. local time. • Swap out and plug in each day • 2 backup USB hard drives (pictured bottom left). • 1 is connected to server via a USB Cable (pictured bottom right) and a power outlet via a UPS unit • Swap out the drives everyday • same time • store the one not connected to the server offsite or in a locked fireproof safe.

  18. Technical Support 678-578-6187 Monday through Friday from 8:30am-8:00ampm. (ET)