Family studies social sciences and humanities
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FAMILY STUDIES (Social Sciences and Humanities). Why take Family Studies?

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Family studies social sciences and humanities

FAMILY STUDIES (Social Sciences and Humanities)

Why take Family Studies?

Family Studies is an interdisciplinary subject area integrating social and physical sciences in the study of topics arising from daily life.  The curriculum is found in the Social Sciences and Humanities document which is concerned with how students view themselves, their families, their communities and society as they seek to find meaning in the world around them.   Family Studies includes the study of individual  and family development, relationships, parenting, decision making, resource management, food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, and health sciences.   Simply put, the Family Studies courses are about LIFE

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Ms. Jones, Ms. Minos, Ms. Riolo, Ms. Bettio

Rooms 310, 314, 357

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Courses offered 2013 2014
Courses Offered 2013/2014

Grade 9

Grade 10

HFN1O1—Food and Nutrition

Understand nutrition and how it can affect your health

Learn about body image and unhealthy dieting

Prepare and eat a variety of food in the food lab

Research a culture and prepare foods from it

Become a wise consumer and spend your food money wisely

HFN1OL– Food and Nutrition (ESL)

This course is same as above and

addresses the needs of ELL learners

HIF1O1— Exploring Family Studies

  • How to get along better with your family and friends

  • How to improve communication skills

  • Learn how to manage your money

  • Learn to prepare and eat healthy foods

  • Develop fashion sense and sewing skills

  • Develop study and research skills

    AND lots more!!!

    HIF1OL— Exploring Family Studies (ESL)

    This course is same as above and

    addresses the needs of ELL learners

Courses offered 2013 20141
Courses Offered 2013/2014

Grade 11

HNC3C1—Understanding Fashion

  • Sew your garments with a variety of materials

  • Learn about what your clothing says about you

  • Find out who influences fashion and how fashion trends are set

    HFC3M1—Food and Culture

  • Cook with ingredients and equipment from a variety of cultures

  • Compare food-related etiquette and eating patterns in many countries and cultures

  • Investigate how Canadian food has been influenced by other cultures

  • Experience historical, Aboriginal and religious food practices

    HPW3C1—Working with Infants and Young Children

  • Explore child development and behaviour from birth to six years

  • Create activities to meet developmental needs of children

  • Very useful for students who plan on continuing their post-secondary education in Early Childhood Education, Elementary School Teacher, Social Worker, etc.

    HRT3M1—World Religions and Belief Traditions

  • Learn about teaching and traditions of a variety of religions

  • Discover the place and function of religion in human needs

  • Field trips to a variety of religious places of worship

Courses offered 2013 20142
Courses Offered 2013/2014

Grade 12

HNB4M1—The World of Fashion

  • Explore the Canadian and global fashion industry

  • Create fashion products using sewing machines and other tools

  • Analyse social and historical influences on fashion

  • Investigate fashion career opportunities

    HFA4U1/HFA4C1—Nutrition and Health

  • Analyze your personal dietary choices

  • Prepare and eat foods that reflect the key nutrients required for healthy living

  • Learn about the essential nutrients required on a day to day basis

  • Investigate Canadian and world food security issues

    HHG4M1—Human Development Throughout the Lifespan

  • Brain Science—investigate the impact on development throughout the human lifespan

  • Learn about agents of socialization and how they impact the lives of individuals

  • Understand the fundamental theories of psychology and how it relates to development

  • Learn how attachment and bonding affect the relationships in our life

    HHS4U1—Families in Canada

  • Analyse issues facing individuals and families in Canada’s diverse society

  • Learn and apply key sociological and anthropological theories

  • Explore intimate relationships and parent-child relationships

  • Investigate the various roles we assume; as an individual, a partner, a parent, a caregiver