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Athletic Tickets

Athletic Tickets. Alumni Club Leadership Training – September 9, 2011. Football Tickets. UK Alumni Association has access to order blocks of tickets for most home and away games Tickets are sold in blocks to clubs based on the club’s request and availability

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Athletic Tickets

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  1. Athletic Tickets Alumni Club Leadership Training – September 9, 2011

  2. Football Tickets • UK Alumni Association has access to order blocks of tickets for most home and away games • Tickets are sold in blocks to clubs based on the club’s request and availability • Football ticket request form will be provided to all club presidents in the spring REFER TO FORM

  3. Basketball Tickets • UK Alumni Association has an allotted block of lower arena tickets to all home games. • Tickets are sold in blocks to clubs based on the club’s activity from the previous fiscal year and membership. • Basketball ticket request form provided to all club presidents in late summer (contingent on the release of the schedule). • No away game tickets available. REFER TO FORM

  4. Ticket Distribution System • Please note the responsibilities of the following parties in the ticket distribution system: • Local Club • UK Alumni Association • Members

  5. Responsibilities of Local Clubs • Request tickets through UK Alumni Association by specified date and select a volunteer to manage the ticket distribution. • Submit request for ticket offer to be sent to club members. Ticket offers will be sent via e-mail. • Approve ticket e-mail once prepared by UK Alumni Association. • Decide how many tickets from the club allotment are going to be held for raffles, giveaways and officers.

  6. Responsibilities of Local Clubs, cont. • Receive ticket requests from club members and fill orders based on random drawing. (Exceptions: clubs with century scholarship funds, priority points system). • Use the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided by the member to either mail tickets to the member or return the check if they were not selected. • Record the section, row, and seat number for each recipient. • Send payment for club tickets to UK Alumni Association.

  7. Responsibilities of UKAA • Inform local club of ticket allocation process and deadlines. • Assign allocation and send to Club Development Committee for approval. (recommendation made as a result of 2008 Club Ad-Hoc Committee) • Inform local club of their total ticket allocation after all requests have been received. • Prepare and send ticket offer notice to members in the local club area offering the opportunity to request tickets through the local club. • Inform clubs of amount owed to UK Alumni Association for ticket allotment. • Verify membership of each local club officer/board member to ensure the club’s eligibility to receive tickets.

  8. Responsibilities of Members • Send ticket request along with payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope to the designated club volunteer.

  9. Ticket Allocation • Based on membership and activities recorded on club event log. (Determined by the Club Ranking Process approved by the 2010-11 Club Development Committee). • Other factors – number of prime games, number of weekend games.

  10. Compliance • The UK Athletics Department has stressed the importance of keeping track of the volunteers that hold each specific allotted ticket. • Instances of tickets sold on E-bay (or similar sources) or scalped WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This can result in the Alumni Association losing those seats for the remainder of the season. • Clubs who participate in anything incompliant with ticket policy may lose their ticket privileges permanently.

  11. Ticket Scalping Notice • TICKET SCALPING NOTICE: If sufficient evidence is received by the UK Athletics Association that tickets assigned to you were sold for greater than the face value of the ticket, even if criminal charges are not filed against you, the UK Alumni Association, your local club, and you as an individual may permanently lose the privilege to purchase those and other tickets in future years. If any tickets assigned to you have been posted on any Internet ticket broker site or sold without your approval please contact those individuals.

  12. Things to Note • Tickets are a MEMBER benefit. • Notices will only be e-mailed to members. • UK Alumni Association strives to distribute tickets in as fair of a manner as possible – please keep in mind that your club is one of 60+ clubs and that our ticket number is limited.

  13. Things to Note, cont. • A $3 processing fee is charged by UK Alumni Association to cover processing costs. • There is an online request form available at www.ukalumni.net/tickets for individual members to request tickets (mainly to service our members who live outside a club area or in a club area not requesting club tickets) • Clubs must have participated in activities in the previous fiscal year to be eligible. • Deadlines MATTER!


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