Functional Polymer Surfaces
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Functional Polymer Surfaces Kenneth J. Wynne, VCU CLSE, DMR-0207560. Polyurethane structure .

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Functional Polymer Surfaces

Kenneth J. Wynne, VCU CLSE, DMR-0207560

Polyurethane structure

A coating that "changes its spots": water makes it hydrophobic. An unusual new polyurethane coating spontaneously switches its wetting behavior in a non-intuitive way. A new polymer has been discovered that is water-loving when dry but repels water when wet. The key component is a new soft block with adjacent (dyad/triad) semifluorinated and hydantoin units in the chain. The new "contraphilic" phenomenon may prove useful for applications where intelligent switching of surface wetting is important, for example in microfluidic devices where control of fluid streams is critical.

New Soft Block

Water drop profile. Left: The drop

spreads (wets) the dry surface. Right:

Water drop on left was removed and a

fresh water drop placed on the same

spot. Now, water does not spread but

“beads up”. (Photo credit, Umit Makal)

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Functional Polymer Surfaces

Kenneth J. Wynne, VCU CLSE, DMR-0207560


Graduate students from Kyoto Univ. (Professor Chujo), the Univ. of Pisa (Professor Chiellini), and undergrads from Koc Univ. (Prof. Yilgor) have come to VCU for training and collaborative work in surface science.


Under this grant, one student has

completed the Ph.D. degree: Dr.

Janelle Uilk (Bausch & Lomb); one

post-doctoral scientist has been

trained: Professor Tomoko Fujiwara

(Boise State U.); one REU

undergraduate student was

supported: Mr. Carlos Williams.

Currently, four Ph.D. graduate

students: Mr. Umit Makal (4th year),

Ms. Pinar Kurt (3rd yr), Ms. Allison

Mullins (2nd yr and Mr. Kennard

Brunson (1st yr), are being trained

on this grant.