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UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA. IMPLEMENTING GUIDANCE FOR THE REPORTS ON USE OF FUNDS PURSUANT TO THE AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT OF 2009 Contract & Grants. Topics. First Time Reports - Overview Quarterly Reporting During Term of Project Pass Through Responsibilities Lessons Learned

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university of georgia



Contract & Grants

  • First Time Reports - Overview
  • Quarterly Reporting During Term of Project
  • Pass Through Responsibilities
  • Lessons Learned
  • Procedures for Consistency
  • Final Reports
quarterly reports
Quarterly Reports
  • Department will provide data for technical fields – including job impact, sub contract and vendor info, by completing ARRA Grant Reporting Worksheet
  • Contracts & Grants (C&G) will complete financial fields and upload templates to (
prime recipient responsibilities
Prime Recipient Responsibilities
  • Implement and follow appropriate data collection and reporting procedures to ensure that Section 1512 responsibilities are met in a timely and effective manner
  • Conduct data quality reviews to prevent material omissions and/or significant reporting errors
  • Address any corrections in a timely and effective manner
pi department responsibilities
PI/Department Responsibilities
  • Maintain close contact with all subrecipients, and any vendors who receive a single payment exceeding $25,000
  • Collect as much information regarding job impact data as soon as possible
  • Keep supporting documentation in case reports are questioned by awarding agency
  • Complete ARRA Grant Reporting Worksheet by quarterly deadline, typically 5 days after quarter ends
c g responsibilities
C&G Responsibilities
  • Create and maintain control sheet for reports due
  • Review department provided data, and obtain clarification if necessary
  • Complete financial fields
  • Register with and upload templates to
  • Follow-up on any items noted during review period
data quality
Data Quality
  • Accurate, Complete and Timely Reporting
  • Must avoid material omissions and significant reporting errors
  • Public should be fully informed
  • Public should not be misled or confused
due dates
Due Dates
  • Technical Data due to C&G by the 5th day after quarter end close
  • C&G will upload prior to deadline – typically 10 days after quarter end
  • Calendar Quarters: March, June, September and December
  • Dates may have to be adjusted depending upon performance and Recovery Board guidance
  • My award date is prior to 12/31/2009, but my budget period begins after 12/31/2009. Do I have a report due?
  • Yes, a zero report will be required.
  • My total award is less than $25,000. Is a report due?
  • No, if we are the prime. If we are a sub, we have to comply with individual contract terms.
quarterly reporting during term of project
Quarterly Reporting During Term of Project
  • Reports are cumulative, except job data (current quarter only)
  • Review comments from agency and adjust as necessary
  • Make certain you incorporate any previous agency comments for data that remains constant
  • Use C&G FTE Calculation Worksheet for consistency (second tab on ARRA Grant Reporting Worksheet)
pass through responsibilities
Pass Through Responsibilities
  • If we receive pass-through ARRA funds, we must comply with the reporting terms in the contract.
  • Currently, most require us to forward our reports to the prime
  • Approximatley 25% delegate the authority to us for uploading to as a subrecipient
  • Information requested is the same, but in different formats
timing of sub reporting
Timing of Sub Reporting
  • When UGA is the prime – report sub activity in the quarter invoices are paid
  • When UGA is the sub – Prime determines timing. Most contracts require monthly reporting, as contracts were issued before and Recovery Board guidance was finalized.
late awards
Late Awards
  • For the quarter ending 9/30/2009, several awards were discovered on the readiness tools, as accounts had yet to be created. Only two were due to delays within UGA. Most were awarded by the agency in the last few days of September. Reports were required for these late awards.
procedures for consistency
Procedures for Consistency
  • Naming convention for ARRA Worksheet:

ARRA_4 digit quarter_account number

Ex: ARRA_0610_1021RU033001

  • NIH e-mail to Jane Magrino
  • NSF e-mail to JoyHirsch
  • All Others e-mail to Sims Little
  • Where do I report job impact data for a subrecipient, or vendor who received a single payment in excess of $25,000?
  • Job impact data for subs and vendors has to be combined with the prime data. The sum is reported on the prime tab – see row 32 on Federal reporting template. Agencies are backing down from the inclusion of vendor job impact data. Example: Shared Instrumentation awards are excluded from having to report job impact for vendors.
  • What is the difference between and
  • is an inbound solution for data collection. Award recipients and agencies provide the data mandated by ARRA. is a public site. Data from rolls into as early as the due date of our quarterly reports. Coverage maps and standard reports will be available on
  • Can I view without a User ID and Password?
  • Yes. You can view messages regarding due dates; download templates, data models, OMB webinars, and other reference material; and the FAQ’s.
  • What if I receive a “mailbox full” message when I send my ARRA Grant Reporting Worksheet to C&G?
  • Alternate mailboxes:
final reporting
Final Reporting
  • Recipients are no longer required to submit reports when:
    • The award period has ended, and
    • All Recovery funds are received (draw-down, reimbursement or invoice); or
    • The award has been terminated or cancelled
contracts grants

Contracts & Grants

Contact Information:

Tammy Ebert, Associate Director

706 227 5390