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The Castle Model

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The Castle Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Castle Model. By Angela Loertscher . Robin Nielsen. Dario Toribio. The Castle Model. Special collections and archives resemble castles in the following ways…. The moat. The drawbridge. The portcullis. The barbican or outer wall. The killing field. The inner wall.

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Presentation Transcript

The Castle Model

By Angela Loertscher 

Robin Nielsen

Dario Toribio


The Castle Model

Special collections and archives resemble castles

in the following ways…


The information need comes to Jimmy as the result of a research assignment given by Dr. Hudson.

Here Jimmy, you are to write a research paper on the Madonna and baby using primary source material…


Awesome teacher! You just gave me an information need that would take up my entire spring break to fill! Oh gosh I love you!


Dear teacher, there is nothing on the web about this topic, which could only mean one thing, it doesn’t even exist, you’ve made it all up!


*Sigh* There’s a place very few mortals know about… it is called the library! Inside this place there is an even more secret place called Special Collections and Archives, aka SCA’s for short!


Your mission, if choose to accept it… Access the Special Collections and Archives to do some adequate research.


First Obstacle: Uncertainty. Many have drowned in the moat of uncertainty, unsure how to express or address their information needs.


Second Obstacle: Repository Selection.  Knowing what kind of material is available at SCAs and deciding SCA access will help bridge knowledge gaps.


Third Obstacle: Admittance.  Anyone who fails to comply with all of the rules and practices of the SCA (including following the hours of operation and the material recording and reproduction rules) will be denied access.



Fourth Obstacle: Search Strategy.  Knowing how to search and accesses records of materials.  Being granted access or assistance in searching records. 


Next comes Selection.  Selecting the appropriate materials in the collection to fill the information need.



Holly cow! You must be the “courteous” librarian that will help me register, right?


I know, I have to put up a strong front. We store rare and unique items many of which are invaluable! In order to access the SCA’s everyone must register. The articles kept here don’t circulate, meaning they never leave the library. However, you are welcome to come and study them here, under close supervision I must add.


Before we are able to retrieve an item you need to narrow down your search. Here, you can use our catalogue to help you decide which articles are most relevant to your research.


The catalogue user must now determine the level of relevance for the items retrieved by the database. When Jimmy looked up Madonna and baby, he was presented with two possibly relevant options.


Once the user has determined the item they need the curator will retrieve it and allow the user to conduct the search, under the supervision of a curator.



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