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AS Biology: Coursework. Issue report. A report on a biological topic Intended to bring you into contact with a ‘real life’ example of Biology in use 20% of your AS grade. The style of the report. Should demonstrate knowledge of AS Biology

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Issue report
Issue report

  • A report on a biological topic

  • Intended to bring you into contact with a ‘real life’ example of Biology in use

  • 20% of your AS grade

The style of the report
The style of the report

  • Should demonstrate knowledge of AS Biology

  • Should be written assuming that readers have knowledge of biology to at least GCSE A*-C

The report will
The report will..

  • Have a clear structure

  • Be written using technical vocabulary correctly, where appropriate

  • Incorporate visual methods of presentation

  • Acknowledge any artwork or photographs from other publications or websites

  • Demonstrate due care with the clear and correct use of English

  • Be word processed

  • Be between 1500 and 2000 words, including text attached to any diagrams, figures, graphs and data tables but not the bibliography


  • Out of 40 marks

  • See the marking criteria in the booklet

Suggested titles
Suggested titles:

  • Global amphibians in deep trouble- how can we reverse the decline in the numbers of amphibians?

  • The increasing number of deaths from antibiotic resistant bacteria is a threat to the UK and globally. What can be done to prevent pandemics of such species?

  • The prevention and treatment of obesity

  • The use of pre-natal diagnosis to prevent inherited diseases

  • The treatment of high cholesterol by statins

  • Using artificial organs to supply the need for organ replacement


  • First draft: Wednesday 10th February 2010

  • Final submission: Wednesday 31st March 2010