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Travel by Rail

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Travel by Rail
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Travel by Rail

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  1. Travel by Rail

  2. Travel by Rail Learning Objectives :- • Overview of the history of rail travel • List the different types of eurailpasses • Describe Amtrak service • Understand the travellers’ motivations

  3. Evolution of the Rail industry • Taken 150 years to evolve, is by far the safest and most economical form of transport • Evolved from steam engines to diesel engines

  4. Evolution of the Rail industry • Diesel engine offered more efficiency and longer lasting and used cheaper fuel • Diesel engines replaced steam engines on ships and trains

  5. Domestic Passenger Trains • USA and England are pioneers in domestic passenger trains • In USA – Amtrak domestic passenger train operator

  6. Decline of North American Passenger Rail Service • Amtrak used to operate over 416,000 km of railroad track in 1916 • Presently, operating over 38,616 km in forty-four states

  7. Decline of North American Passenger Rail Service • Long distance travelling has been replaced by automobile and airplane • In the early 1900s, thousand of passenger trains linked almost all US cities

  8. Passenger Rail Travel 4 major categories of rail travel :- • Transportation rail • High-speed trains • Specialty trains • Local rail

  9. Why people travel by rail? • Save time • Experience the environment • Travel in comfort • Meet people • Save money • “Travel back in time” • Feeling of safety

  10. Scenic Train • Pacific Sunliner from San Diego to Los Angeles • American Orient Express uses vintage cars on its routes through North America • Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Seattle, on-board tastings of wines from California, Oregon and Washington

  11. Scenic Train • The Eastern & Oriental Express is the ultimate centre piece of a visit to the Far East travelling in style and experiencing the many and mystical wonders of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. • Involving a balance of Eastern culture and cuisine and Western comforts on board the train with superb service, combined with the adventure of a journey through the heart of Asia, provide a unique travel experience.

  12. E&O Express • Highlights • This spectacular journey takes from the elegance of Singapore on board the Eastern & Oriental Express, through the heart of South East Asia to Bangkok, before continuing on to Chiang Mai through magnificent scenery.Prices • Jan 2005 - Dec 2005Pullman CompartmentSIN$3620 State CompartmentSIN$5300Presidential SuiteSIN$7050 • Prices are per person based on sharing accommodation and include: All table d'hôte meals on board, complimentary tea and coffee in your comportment, and sightseeing tours as described, three nights at the Peninsular Hotel in Bangkok in a standard room are included for guests booking a State Compartment.

  13. E&O Express • Timetable •  Arrive  Depart WednesdaySingapore (Keppel Road station)-11:00ThursdayButterworth (for Penang)08:3011:30FridayRiver Kwai BridgeGuided Tour of River Kwai08:4511:15Bangkok (Hualampong station)

  14. E&O Express • Transfer to chosen hotel for a three night stay14:45-Saturday/SundayAt leisure and overnight in Bangkok--MondayBangkok (Hualampong station)-10:30AyutthayaGuided tour and river cruise13:2516:30TuesdayChiang Mai09:15-

  15. Reservations • Internet • Computer Reservations System (CRS) • Toll-Free number • Travel Agencies • Railway Station counter

  16. Nostalgic trains • Popular named trains, restored and re-created e.g. Orient Express, E&O Express • Operate on scenic routes using restored equipment with deluxe amenities and offering top-flight service • Provide more than transportation; they also provide experience

  17. Rail Passes Definition of Eurailpass :- • Pass for unlimited first-class rail travel on the trains of seventeen western European countries, for example, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden etc.

  18. Rail Passes • Introduced in 1959 by a consortium of railroads • Promote extensive network of trains that Europe had developed after World War II

  19. Rail Passes • Must be purchased in advance • Must give their passport number which is put on the passes • Passes are validated and stamped with the first use in Europe and last date of permitted travel

  20. Rail Passes Other examples :- • Eurail selectpass :- unlimited first-class travel within any three adjoining eurail countries • Youthpasses :- second-class travel for people younger than 26

  21. Rail Passes • Determine how long the traveler plans to be in Europe • Putting together an itinerary of countries • Flexibility and length of the trip

  22. Rail Passes • Number of people in the group • Age-related discounts e.g. Adult, youth and senior citizens

  23. Future of Rail Travel • Building new routes and developing new equipment • European and Japanese railroads outclassed air travel in comfort and convenience

  24. Summary • Travelers understand the evolution of the rail industry from the steam to diesel modes of rail transportation • Travelers will also have a good insight of the different types of luxury rail trains