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Memex Metadata (M 2 ) for Student Portfolios PowerPoint Presentation
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Memex Metadata (M 2 ) for Student Portfolios

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Memex Metadata (M 2 ) for Student Portfolios - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Memex Metadata (M 2 ) for Student Portfolios. Memex Day Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2006 July 19, 2006 Jane Greenberg, Associate Professor and Director, SILS Metadata Research Center <MRC> School of Information and Library Science University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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memex metadata m 2 for student portfolios
Memex Metadata (M2) for Student Portfolios

Memex Day

Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2006

July 19, 2006

Jane Greenberg, Associate Professor and

Director, SILS Metadata Research Center <MRC>

School of Information and Library Science

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Show you images
  • Project goals
  • Project design and accomplishments
  • More images
  • Challenges
  • Next steps
plant characters and character states leaf shape leaf margin
Plant Characters and Character States Leaf ShapeLeaf Margin







memex metadata m 2 for student portfolios1
SILS/Metadata Research Center <MRC>

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Biology Department

Jane Greenberg, Associate Professor, SILS

John Oberlin, Associate Vice Chancellor, ITS

Peter White, Professor Biology Dept.

Deborah Barreau, Assistant Professor

Michael Shoffner, Systems Specialist, ITS

Abe Crystal, Ph.D. student, SILS

Anuj Sharma, MSIS student, SILS

Steve Seiberling, UNC Herbarium

Eva Mendez, Visiting Scholar, University Carlos III of Madrid

Alan Weakly, Biology Dept.

Memex Metadata (M2) for Student Portfolios
m 2 goals and motivating factors
M2 Goals and Motivating Factors
  • Explore student portfolio management
  • Integrate new technology and learning science knowledge
    • Reflective learning (3 minute paper, journaling…)
  • Generate and use metadata efficiently and effectively
    • Metadata/tagging/annotation supports retrieval and other functions (preservation, management, use provenance…)
    • Poor metadata
    • Context awareness
project design and accomplishments
Project Design and Accomplishments
  • Developed a working system for field testing
        • Tablet PC, w/ standard software—MSWord, OneNote, MLB, SenseCam, GPS device, Digital Camera)
        • MLB pre-populated with Course materials, Web pages, etc.
  • Pilot tested MLB and SenseCam technology
  • Developed an usability study; pending IRB approval
  • Conducted an exploratory behavioral study
        • Ethnographic study of approaches to information in biology education (Manual note-taking; reliance on class Website)
  • Developed a modular metadata scheme
        • Interoperable with CAF
        • Begin to study metadata creation and use
  • Publications and presentations
metadata development continued
Metadata Development continued…
  • Modular scheme addresses three classes: context, object types, and formats
    • Extends UNC CAF (Context Awareness Framework)
  • Base-level object type component identifies metadata for documents and events
    • Majority of element automatically generated
base component for documents and events


Generation methods

A = Automatically generated

D = Derived

H = Harvested

M = Manually generated


R = Required

O = Optional metadata

*The R/O designation only refers to manually generated metadata


Base-component for Documents and Events
usability study design
Usability Study Design
  • Participant profile questionnaire
  • Tutorial to learn the use of Tablet PC, SenseCam camera, and MLB
  • Use these technologies to perform a field task in the Coker Arboretum on the UNC campus.
  • Complete a series of tasks using MLB (e.g., create a collection, annotate images, search/answer question etc.)
        • MLB pre-populated with Course materials, Web pages, etc.
  • Build a plant log, as part of a plant identification exercise
  • Complete an interview about the uses of the tested software and technology

SenseCam Images

all Manual Shutter


SenseCam ImagesAutomatic

  • XXX
  • XXXX

Specimen label/sign


species 1
Species 1

OneNote Images

  • Low quality of SenseCam images
    • Complaints from users even when taking in to account that it is only a prototype.
  • MLB installation has been labor-intensive; still problems requiring resolution

….excitement among students involved in testing, other disciplines, and UNC’s technology advisory groups

next steps
Next Steps
  • Pilot testing
  • Usability study
  • Continue to develop evaluation methods for SenseCam use, MLB usability, and reflective learning
  • NSF Proposal: “Technology-Supported Reflection and Metacognition for Biology Education,” NSF CCLI Program
    • BioMemex
team contact information http ils unc edu mrc
Metadata, Learning approaches, etc. - Jane Greenberg,

CAF - John Oberlin,

Botany - Peter White,

PIM - Deborah Barreau,

Behavioral, learning approaches - Abe Crystal,

Technology, CAF - Michael Shoffner,

Team contact information
Publications and Presentations
  • Barreau, D., Crystal, A., Greenberg, J., Sharma, A., Conway, M., Oberlin, J., Shoffner, M., and Seiberling, S. (in press). Augmenting Memory for Student Learning: Designing a Context-Aware Capture System for Biology Education. ASIST 2006 Annual Meeting:  Information Realities: Shaping the Digital Future for All. Austin, TX, November 3-8, 2006. [Poster Paper]
  • Barreau, D., Crystal, A., Greenberg, J., and Sharma, A. (forthcoming, August 2006). Now that we're talking, what are we learning? Personal Information Management in Context Workshop, poster presentation. 29th Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference Seattle, Washington, August 10-11, 2006: Corresponding poster paper Barreau, D (2006), publication place to be announced.
  • Crystal, A. (2006). Design research for a context-aware capture system to support biology education. Abstract for DIS 2006 doctoral consortium in Proceedings of the Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS 2006), University Park, PA, June 24-28, 2006:
  • Greenberg, J., Shoffner, M., and Sharma, A., (June 9, 2006). Memex Metadata (M2): Extending Microsoft MyLifeBits with Context Metadata. TAP Talks, Freaky Fridays:
  • Greenberg, J., Oberlin, J., and Barreau, D. (forthcoming,July 2006). Memex Metadata (M2) for Personal Educational Portfolios. Microsoft Faculty Research Summit. Seattle, WA, July 19, 2006.
  • Greenberg, J., Sharma, A., Mendez, E., Oberlin, J., and Shoffner, M. (forthcoming, October 2006). Memex Metadata (M2) for Reflective Learning International. Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, Colima, Mexico, October 3-6, 2006. [10 manuscript pages]
  • Mendez, E. and Greenberg, J. (forthcoming, 2006) Metadata Ontologies for Organizing Students’ Memories and Learning: Standards and Convergence Models for Content Awareness. International Conference on Multidisciplinary Information Sciences and Technologies, InSciT2006. Merida, Spain, October 25-28, 2006: [5 manuscript pages]