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Probability. Created by Dallas Duffey Spring 2001. What is…. likelihood. PROBABILITY. odds. chance. possibility. Probability is represented as the following ratio:. P. # of favorable outcomes. P + R. # of unfavorable outcomes. }. Total # of outcomes. # of favorable outcomes.

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    1. Probability Created by Dallas Duffey Spring 2001

    2. What is….. likelihood PROBABILITY odds chance possibility

    3. Probability is represented as the following ratio: P # of favorable outcomes P +R # of unfavorable outcomes } Total # of outcomes # of favorable outcomes

    4. Compound Event Two or more simple events. Examples:Simple Event: Flipping a Coin Compound Event: Flipping a Coin, then Rolling a die. Simple Event: Choosing a shirt to wear Compound Event: Choosing a shirt to wear and then choosing pants to wear Can you think of some examples?

    5. Probability Trees Used to Organize Information Helps us to determine the Probability of different events, both simple and compound Let’s look at an example of a probability tree. This probability tree represents all the possible outcomes when a coin is flipped three times. LETS TAKE A LOOK…

    6. 1st outcome 2nd outcome Nth outcome heads heads tails heads heads tails tails heads heads tails tails heads tails tails

    7. From this tree diagram find: • The total # of outcomes • The probability of getting 3 heads. • The probability of getting 2 tails. • The probability of getting tails then heads then heads. Draw a tree diagram representing all the possible outfits that Can be created from a red shirt, blue shirt, and a black shirt. Black pants, blue pants, khakis. And Black or tan shoes.