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VS. THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION…for Kids. BY: Djackens Celestin. Pg 1.

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Pg 1

Once upon a time, in the land of the free America, there once were a group of people called “Colonists”. Some of the colonists were mean and some of them were nice. These groups of people were being ruled by a meanie king named “King George III”. Now, he was the boss of the colonists. He made them pay, pay and pay in any ways he could. This rule that he came up with called “Stamp act”. See, this boss was so bossy that he made the colonists buy a stamp for every piece of papers they used. The colonists were mad at him because they were running out of money.


Evil Taxes muhahaha ‘-’

Pg 2

Turned by the colonists into this

The very next day, they came up with another mean tax that was called “Townshend Acts”. That “Townshend Acts” was a very meanie tax. That tax made the colonists pay for glasses, lead, paints, papers and tea. King George 111 came up with another meanie tax law that was called the “Quartering Act”. This act make the colonists obey to provide troops with quarters or housing. The colonists felt sad and mad about that. When the messengers of the king came around to spread meanie words that the king sent, the colonists became very mad. The colonist take them put some very hot glue on them and put some feathers on them. That action called “Tar & feather”. When they do that to the messengers


The very next day, there was a group of people that were called “The British Army”. Their captain’s name was “Preston”. On the afternoon, something happened between the Colonists and the British. That thing created confusion between them. The British and the Colonists, no one knows who shot at each other first. People kept on trying to see who shot at each other first, but they couldn’t know. Many people thought that Captain Preston was the one who told the army to shoot. That made Preston angry that he decided to go on trial just to tell the judges that he is innocent. Once he was trying to do that, an angry Colonist came alone and told the judges something to think about. His name was “Paul Revere”. Paul was so angry at the British that he called the war “Boston Massacre”. He called it that just to give people an idea of how the British attacked first.

Pg 3


The next day, a group of people that were called the “Indians” were throwing tea in a sea. Many people were happy towards that because there were taxes on tea made by the British. The British were so mean that they had control over everything. The colonists finds that very mean that they became very mean at them. So, the colonists created a group that were called “The Boston Tea Party”. When the British heard about “The Boston Tea Party”, they wanted to show the colonist how mad they became that they created another law that was called “Intolerable Act”. That law was very harsh on the colonist. Just because of that law, the colonists sent many letters to the king hoping that he take away that law. They were begging them to that a lot. The meanie king didn’t do that, so a very angry colonist name “Benjamin Franklin” sent a letter to the king saying there will be big problems between them if he doesn’t take away that harsh law.

Pg 4


In the very next day on 1775, a very big war happened between the British and the Colonists. In the war, the Colonists had a nickname “Militia” and the British had a nickname “red coats”. The British always dressed as red to show love to their group. After the fight, no one knew who fired first. Many people are trying to figure out who shot first but they couldn’t find out. Some of the people in the “Militia” and in the “Red coats” were being interviewed. Even that, people couldn’t find out who fired first. The only thing that was similar to what they explained happened was that this big fight happened in very good place called “Lexington, MA”. A place where smoke from their gun fires filled the air. A man named “John Barker” who was a “Colony” while being interviewed said “They fired two shots on us”.

Pg 5


The very next day, a magical guy named Thomas Pain from God appeared into the lives of the colonists and the British. He had a very good idea of how the colonists don’t have to be connected to be to “Great Britain” to be happy. he said a lot of good things to show his point. He called all of these ideas “Common Sense”. They were common sense like “well, duh everything he said made sense”. He said something like “we bragged about Britain protecting us, but Britain only protect themselves. Britain is a bad leader for us to take orders from them”. He also said something that was very interesting. He said “It is wrong for an Island to govern a continent but it’s right for a continent to govern an Island. America needs it’s own government to be independent”. A long the way though, there was a guy who completely disagree with Thomas Pain. The name of that guy was “Charles Inglis”. Charles Inglis was the opposite of Thomas Pain’s idea because he worried about the consequences of war and losing help from England. That didn’t stop Thomas Pain from having his idea though. He still stick with his idea and when he died, many people knew about it.

Pg 6


In the very next day, a guy named “Thomas Jefferson” came and he changed everything. The rich men were very healthy and the poor weren’t rich. The poor were many slaves. There was a saying that says “All men are created equal”. Thomas Jefferson was who came up with that quote. He gathered all of his people and all of them were wearing wigs. Long time ago, white men who wore wigs means that they’re rich. Many other men who were in that room, liked Jefferson a lot.

Pg 7


The British were so mean that no one liked them. The British had problems with the French before. They fought with the French and they won. The Americans were another group of people that didn’t like the British too. They were going to beat the British on their own, but they talked to the French about that. When they told the French that, the French was so happy about it. Just for the fight, the British and the American became “allies”. This means that they became friend with the American. Thinking back of the fight that they lost against the British, they couldn’t wait to get their revenge on them. A very brave hero guy named “George Washington” leads the French/American to fight with the British. They went in a place of the British called “Yorktown” where they attacked the British by surprise. The British weren’t expecting that attack at all, so they surrender (gave up). When the British gave up, it was all over. The Americans won their independence and the French gained respect. So young man, if it wasn’t for that surprise attack by George Washington then we would have ruled by the British. Thank you so much Washington. THE END

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about the author
About the Author

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My name is Djackens Celestin, and I currently live in Jamaica Plain. I am currently 15 years old in 9th grade. Another book that I wrote called “Did the European & Native Americans in the “New world” share a healthy relationship? After these books, I feel like I can write more books for everyone. So, I’m planning on writing another book in my history class and I’ll probably name it “The American History”. I am very interesting in school; I hope to finish college and get my master degree. I enjoy playing football and basketball. When I’m done with school works, I spend my time exercising or relax. I am a big fan of the “New England Patriots”. Well, that’s pretty much it about me. Look for my other book please.