Espon seminar lillehammer may 10 11 2004
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ESPON Seminar Lillehammer May 10/11, 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ESPON Seminar Lillehammer May 10/11, 2004. Spatial Planning in GMES. G - Global M - Monitoring for E - Environment and S - Security. What is GMES ?. A European initiative with different dimensions!

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Presentation Transcript
Espon seminar lillehammer may 10 11 2004

ESPON Seminar LillehammerMay 10/11, 2004

Spatial Planning



G - Global

M - Monitoring for

E - Environment and

S - Security

What is gmes
What is GMES ?

A European initiative with different dimensions!

  • the user ‘s dimension - the need for independent information for EU environmental and security policies

  • the strategic dimension - the necessity for Europe to play a leading role in information and Earth observation technology

  • Overall goal - Establish by 2008 a European Capacity for Global Monitoring of Environment and Security

  • key drivers of GMES

    • The European Commission – DG Research / DG InfSo / DG JRC / DG Environment / DG Regio / DG Agri / DG ?

    • The European Space Agency ESA

ESPON Seminar

Initial list of gmes priority themes
Initial List of GMES Priority Themes

  • European Regional Monitoring

    • Land Cover Change in Europe

    • Environmental Stress in Europe

    • Water Management (world-wide)

  • Global Monitoring

    • Global Vegetation Monitoring

    • Global Ocean Monitoring

    • Global Atmosphere Monitoring

  • Security related Aspects

    • Support to Regional Development Aid

    • Systems for Risk Management

    • Systems for Crisis Management and Humanitarian Aid

  • Horizontal Support Action

    • Information Management Tools and Contributionsto the Development of a European Spatial DataInfrastructure

ESPON Seminar

Gmes landscape present and future

Integrated projects /SSA’s / STREP’sgeoland

Operational Programme



European Space Agency

GMES landscape: present and future

Program initiators

Projects / Programme

DG Research

Support: DG-Env

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

GSE projects related to land use/land cover

  • SAGE

  • GUS

  • CoastWatch

ESPON Seminar

Geo land thematic scope

geoland addresses the pre-operational delivery of Information Services necessary for the implementation of European directives & international conventions

Policies / Directives / Conventions

European and Global Monitoring



Natura 2000

Wetland Directive

Water Framework


Soil Protection Initiat.

Sustainable Developm.

Fight against Poverty

Global Change


Global Environment


  • Core Service Centres

    • Generic Land Cover

    • Bio-geophysical Parameters

  • Observatory Networks

    • Nature Protection

    • Water & Soil

    • Spatial Planning

    • Global Land Cover & Forest Change

    • Food Security & Crop Monitoring

    • Natural Carbon Flux


Integrate existing monitoring and reporting solutions into comprehensive services networks

geoland- Thematic Scope

ESPON Seminar

General approach

Starts from user requirements!

Active involvement of users

Follows European Standards in terms of

Nomenclature (e.g. CORINE LC)

Formats (OpenGIS)

Technical standards (INSPIRE)

Quality Assurance (ISO)

Based on sound experience the partners in LU/LC applications, especially for

Agricultural land use and irrigation


Urban mapping

Processing chains designed for efficient production of LU/LC products, in terms of quality, affordabilty, and highest possible degree of automation

General Approach

ESPON Seminar

Espon seminar lillehammer may 10 11 2004

geoland – Observatory Spatial Planning

  • Lead: GeoVille (total budget:> 2 Mill €)

  • Strong link with core service “Land cover” led by Infoterra

  • Partners:

    • University of Leeds (UK)

    • JRC

    • Hugin (D)

    • Austrian Research Centres (A)

  • Extended user group:

    • DG Regio



    • ETC-TE

    • Federal Environment Agency (A)

    • Austrian Institute of Spatial Planning (A)

    • State Governments of Vorarlberg & Upper Austria (A)

ESPON Seminar

Espon seminar lillehammer may 10 11 2004

Objectives and goals

Introducing innovative EO based services and products into the domain of spatial planning

Products in the urban-urban and urban-rural relations domain

Products in the agricultural-environmental domain

Tools & models to build scenarios

Becoming the reference for EO spatial planning applications at European, national & regional level

geoland – Observatory Spatial Planning

ESPON Seminar

Espon seminar lillehammer may 10 11 2004

Summary of the geoland Services for Spatial Planning

EO based applications for spatial planning to provide operational, homogenous and localised geo-information services for Europe

Fulfilling the requirements of


sustainability, and


Thereby helping

to understand the diversity of the European territory (polycentrism, etc.)

to mitigate urban-rural disparities for a balanced territorial development

to ensure sustainable use of soil as a non-renewable resource

to evaluate spatial planning programmes on different levels

to assess territorial impacts of infrastructure investments

geoland– Observatory Spatial Planning

ESPON Seminar


Dr. Franz JaskollaInfoterra GmbHFriedrichshafen / GermanyT. +49-7545-8-9965E.

Dr. Christian Hoffmann

Geoville GesmbH

Innsbruck / Austria

T. +43-512-5620-211



ESPON Seminar