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The Five Percent Solution Thambi Thomas

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The Five Percent Solution Thambi Thomas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Five Percent Solution Thambi Thomas. Making the Vision viable again. Two of Many Challenges Facing Adventist Education. Decreasing Enrollment and the Disappearing Dollar. What is needed is a “rebirth” of Adventist education . . .

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the five percent solution thambi thomas

The Five Percent SolutionThambi Thomas

Making the Vision viable again

two of many challenges facing adventist education
Two of Many Challenges Facing Adventist Education

Decreasing Enrollment and the

Disappearing Dollar

What is needed is a “rebirth” of Adventist education . . .

We must initiate a “renaissance” in Adventist education . . .

And there is a third “R” in play . . .“Recession”

nad survey of adventists in north america
NAD Survey of Adventists in North America
  • 40% - incomes less than $25,000 a year
  • 30% - lower middle class
  • 25% - fall into the middle
  • 8% - household incomes of $50,000 to $99,999
  • 7% of members with annual income of $100,000 or more;
nad survey continued
NAD Survey(continued)
  • There is a constricting pool of potential students in the Adventist community;
  • The median age for Seventh-day Adventists in North America is 51
  • Adventists are over-represented among those 55 years of age and older;
  • There has been significant growth among minority groups.
two questions
Two Questions
  • Who is our “market”? If the market is made up of Adventist children who should be in our schools, can this “market” afford Adventist education?
  • How can we fund Adventist education in a “sustainable” way that can help administrators focus on the essentials of administering a quality school?
proposal to make the vision viable again
Proposal to Make the Vision Viable Again
  • Step One:Fund Adventist Education with additional tithe funds
  • Step Two: Change School Board Structure
  • Step Three: Create a Distinct Adventist Identity
    • Essential 1: A clear Adventist identity
    • Essential 2: Promote the Adventist perspective
    • Essential 3: Restructured, affordable tuition
    • Essential 4: A non-Adventist student surcharge
supporting adventist education with tithe reversion funds
Supporting Adventist Education with Tithe Reversion Funds

The Pacific Union Conference distributed $4,137,080 in North American Division reversion funds in 2009 to local conferences for education and an additional $2,640,689 in tithe reversion funds from North American Division for evangelism. This proposal is suggesting that the addition of another 30 percent of “tithe reversion funds” received by local conferences for evangelism be earmarked for education. This would have provided an additional $792,207 to education.

This amount combined with the percentage of tithes from churches (slide 11) would have made $8.91 million dollars available in support of Adventist education in the 7 LCOE of the PUC.

re structuring the school board
Re-structuring the School Board

A school with 10 constituent churches would have at least 20 school board members not including the school principal and the school assistant business manager. An academy with 30 constituent churches would have over 60 school board members. Most school boards are poorly attended, and almost never have full attendance.

Under this new proposal for a more effective board, the Conference K-12 Board of Education will appoint a 6-7 member school board for each school that is representative of the school/church community, and through the superintendents train school board members.

creating a distinct adventist identity
Creating a Distinct AdventistIdentity

Essential 1: School clearly identified as an Adventist school

Essential 2: Adventist perspective is actively promoted

Essential 3: Restructured, affordable tuition

Essential 4: Non-Adventist student surcharge

adventist education
Adventist Education

Embarked On

a Journey to Excellence, preparing the children and youth of the adventist church for the Kingdom!