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Annual Coaches Meeting

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Annual Coaches Meeting. October 16, 2010. Welcome. OGLA Meeting 9:00 – 10:45 Important Dates & Deadlines US Lacrosse Rule Changes Rule of 2/Code of Conduct/Tracking Transfers League Growth – Varsity Plus League Growth – New Teams

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annual coaches meeting

Annual Coaches Meeting

October 16, 2010

  • OGLA Meeting 9:00 – 10:45
    • Important Dates & Deadlines
    • US Lacrosse Rule Changes
    • Rule of 2/Code of Conduct/Tracking Transfers
    • League Growth – Varsity Plus
    • League Growth – New Teams
    • Registration & Scholarships
    • Scheduling & Game Change Requests
    • US Lacrosse/WDNT Team
  • League Meetings 10:45 – 12:00
  • Break for Lunch 12:00 – 1:00
  • Coaching Clinic with Feffie Barnhill 1:00 – 4:00
important dates deadlines
Important Dates & Deadlines

For a full list of dates see OGLA Reference Manual

important dates deadlines1
Important Dates & Deadlines

For a full list of dates see Handout/OGLA Reference Manual

important dates deadlines2
Important Dates & Deadlines

For a full list of dates see Handout/OGLA Reference Manual

important changes to usl rules
Important Changes to USL Rules

Rule 7, Misconduct and Suspensions:

  • The head coach will be responsible for the behavior of personnel affiliated with the team, including all assistant coaches, and will receive any cards related to lack of bench decorum.
  • Anyone receiving two yellow cards in a single game must sit out of the team’s next game
  • Anyone receiving a red card must sit out the team’s next two games.
  • Once a team receives its third card of the game, the team will play shorthanded for the remainder of the game. They will lose an additional player each time another card is received
  • The Scorer must notify the umpire immediately if a team receives its third card

2011 Women’s Rule Changes

Coaches must report 2 yellow or any red cards to OGLA by 10am next morningas well as enter into Sportability

important changes to usl rules1
Important Changes to USL Rules

Other changes:

  • Hard items such as guards, casts, braces, and splints are prohibited unless padded with a closed-cell, slow-recovery foam padding no less than ½“ thick
  • Any player exhibiting signs, symptoms, or behaviors associated with a concussion must be removed immediately from the game and cannot return until she is cleared by an appropriate health-care professional
  • Pockets must be attached along the bottom rail of the head through stringing holes, and the top sidewall stringing hole cannot be more than 1 cm from the bottom of the sidewall

2011 Women’s Rule Changes

rule of 2 code of conduct
Rule of 2/Code of Conduct
  • Rule of 2
    • OGLA will continue to follow OSAA Practice Limitation Rule. This applies from August 23, 2010 – February 27, 2011:
    • “ A team may not make any attempt to gather more than 2 members of the same high school program together per day outside the defined lacrosse season to receive specialized athletic instruction from any coach associated with the high school program (paid or volunteer).”
    • Any activities cannot be mandatory, must be open to all and no Sticks
  • Code of Conduct
undue influence tracking transfers
Undue Influence & Tracking Transfers
  • Undue Influence
    • Cannot recruit players, if potential player contacts you, redirect them to OGLA
  • Tracking Transfers
  • This year OGLA will track all transfer students to help identify potential expansion
    • Transfers are allowed for a student whose school doesn’t have a team
      • She may play for the school within her home district closest to where she resides, with approval of that school’s officials
      • If student attends a private school that doesn’t have a team, she must play for the public school she would have attended
      • If a student is a senior and her family moves to a different school district, or a new team is started at her school and she is a senior she may continue to play for her current club if she desires.
  • All Transfer Request forms are due by March 1, 2011
growth varsity plus
Growth - Varsity Plus

Goal – help Varsity teams with more than enough players but not enough for separate JV team grow their program through retention and add playing opportunities.

Program Overview:

  • Varsity team and a JV team that plays 9 games
  • Less experienced varsity players played a “3rd Half” to fill out the JV team as necessary
  • Recommended for programs with 24-35 players
growth varsity plus1
Growth - Varsity Plus
  • What Worked
    • “To build the sport we need to provide playing time for all girls on each team. This provides that opportunity. There is nothing that compares to an actual game when learning the flow and movement on the field.”
    • “Everyone had lots of playing time at the appropriate level”
  • Improvements for this year
      • “…have the JV game after the varsity game so teams that need to fill with several varsity players can play the varsity game first.”

We are looking for new schools to try Varsity Plus in 2010-2011

league growth new teams
League Growth – New Teams
  • New Team Development
    • We are here to support new teams
    • We are here to support new coaches to existing teams
    • Packet for New teams/coaches on OGLA website
    • Erin can provide guidance
  • Registration
    • Team deposit due December 1st, 2010
    • Balance due February 1st, 2011
    • Register and pay via Sportability
  • Dues
    • Varsity $325
    • Junior Varsity $225
    • New JV $125 (use discount code)
    • Varsity+
      • Register as Varsity program $325
      • Register as JV program & pay $125 – (use discount code)
scholarships grants
Scholarships / Grants
  • Team grant only; no individual scholarships
  • Grants for equipment
  • Maximum grant is $300
  • Deadline is January 1st
  • Form is on OGLA website
scheduling game change requests
Scheduling/Game Change Requests


  • Each team must play each contest for which they are scheduled.
  • Double check school and district calendar before finalizing schedule
  • Think about scheduling 1-2 makeup games
  • Must have minimum of 9 field players to start a game without forfeiting the game
scheduling game change requests1
Scheduling/Game Change Requests

Acceptable cancellations:

    • 1) Unplayable Fields
      • 12:00pm or before on game day home team contacts OWLUA with a phone call
      • OWLUA is the only entity who shall determine that the game is officially postponed or cancelled.
  • Send an email to all of the following if field is unplayable:
      •; and
upcoming usl events
Upcoming USL Events
  • April 9th – Tryouts (Location TBD)
  • May 27th – 30th WDNT in Baltimore
  • March/April TBD – Nomination deadlines

All-American Honors


Academic All-American Honors

We will need selection committee members for these

league breakouts
League Breakouts
  • 10:45 – 12:00
    • Discuss Schedules
    • Identify League Rep and backup
    • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Location:
    • Gym – South, PIL, Metro
    • Rainbow Room - TRL
    • Team Room - Northwest