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DOE Buys Bio for Energy Security PowerPoint Presentation
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DOE Buys Bio for Energy Security

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DOE Buys Bio for Energy Security - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DOE Buys Bio for Energy Security. Overview. What and Why “Buying Bio”? What Biobased Products Displace Petroleum? Which Products Has USDA Proposed? What Is the Legal Driver? What Are the Benefits and Incentives? What Can DOE Sites Do? Some Early DOE Adopters and Explorers

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DOE Buys Bio for Energy Security

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  • What and Why “Buying Bio”?
  • What Biobased Products Displace Petroleum?
  • Which Products Has USDA Proposed?
  • What Is the Legal Driver?
  • What Are the Benefits and Incentives?
  • What Can DOE Sites Do?
  • Some Early DOE Adopters and Explorers
  • What Can Vendors and Manufacturers Do?
  • Websites and Contacts

What Is “Buying Bio”?

  • DOE launched an initiative in FY2004 to “Buy Bio
  • “Buy Bio” is the purchase of commercial or industrial products that use biological products or renewable domestic agricultural or forestry materials.

Why Is DOE Buying Bio?

  • Be an early adopter of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act Section 9002
  • Support DOE mission of energy security
    • By substituting domestically produced biobased products for those produced from petroleum
    • By co-producing valuable biobased products along with biobased fuel to make biorefineries economical

Focus is on biobased products that displace petroleum.


Which Products Has USDA Proposed as of July 2005?

  • Hydraulic fluids for mobile equip – 24%
  • Lubricants, penetrating – 71%
  • Diesel fuel additives – 93%
  • Urethane roof coating – 62%
  • Water tank coating – 62%
  • Bedding, bed linens, towels – 18%

What Is the Legal Driver?

Farm Security & Rural Investment Act Sect. 9002

  • USDA designates which products are to be purchased with biobased content.
  • Federal agencies are to purchase the designated products with biobased content.
  • The program will be similar to that for recycled products, allowing justified exceptions of the CAP (cost, availability, performance)

What Is the Legal Driver?

Farm Security & Rural Investment Act Sect. 9002 (Cont)

  • Reporting will be required 1 year after a product has been designated.
  • Should there be a conflict between a recycled content and a biobased content product, the recycled product takes precedence.
what are the benefits
What Are the Benefits?

Energy Security

  • Reduce reliance on finite and imported commodity, oil
  • Increase economics of biorefineries


  • Establish healthier environment for staff
  • Reduce hazardous materials on site
  • Reduce atmospheric carbon that causes global climate change


  • Reduce disposal and cleanup costs
  • Improve economics of U.S. agricultural production
  • Stimulate economic development in rural areas
what are the incentives
What Are the Incentives?
  • Buy Bio Initiative earns DOE sites recognition as early adopters.
  • Where applicable, offers positive input to Performance Evaluation of contractors
  • Opportunity to receive DOE Buy Bio Award
  • Opportunity to be nominated for White House Closing the Circle Award if the Buy Bio activity is part of a robust Green Purchasing Program
what can doe sites do
What Can DOE Sites Do?
  • Integrate into Environmental Mgt. Systems
  • Train staff
  • Evaluate potential for transitioning your big $$$$ purchases to biobased counterparts
    • Credit card purchases?
    • Service contracts?
    • Electronic catalogs?
    • Statements of work/Requests for proposal?
  • Conduct pilot projects
some doe early adopters
Some DOE Early Adopters

BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LAB transitioned to biobased hydraulic fluid in their

  • Motor pool hydraulic lift system (FY98)
  • Three large lawn mowers (FY01)
  • Garbage trucks (FY02)


  • Former cost of spills $2500-$3500 per spill
  • Present cost of spills less than $1000 per spill.
some doe early adopters1
Some DOE Early Adopters


  • Biobased hydraulic fluid in garage lifts (FY99)
  • Biobased absorbent (FY02)


  • $78,000/year avoided waste

disposal costs

  • Oil sponge can be cleaned

and reused

some doe early adopters2
Some DOE Early Adopters


    • FY01 switched to biobased general cleaner


  • Helps protect custodians, environment, & saves time
    • Reduces cleaning products from 33 to 7
    • Reduces chemical inventory
    • Waste handling, shipping, disposal costs
  • Lowers purchasing costs, saving ca. $1500/container of product/year x no./year
some doe early adopters3
Some DOE Early Adopters


  • FY96 Transitioned to biobased hydraulic fluid in garbage truck
  • FY02 Transitioned to ethanol in fleet


  • Argonne National Lab
  • Fermi National Lab
  • National Renewable Energy Lab
  • Oak Ridge National Lab
  • Savannah River Site
fy2004 explorers
FY2004 Explorers


  • Issued RFP and installed elevators with biobased hydraulic fluid


  • Testing biodiesel in bus fleet


  • Exploring biobased insulation
fy2004 explorers1
FY2004 Explorers

Pacific Northwest National Lab

  • Evaluated all big $$$ products for possible transition to biobased counterpart
  • Tested biobased detergent for parts washers and biobased floor care products
  • Explored biodiesel for grounds equipment
what can vendors manufacturers do to speed the purchase of biobased products
What Can Vendors & Manufacturers Do To Speed the Purchase of Biobased Products?
  • Think like a customer
  • Give customers succinct information in electronic, handout, and display form showing
    • Product meets all ASTM, LEED, etc. standards; Federal requirements; state waste regs
    • Track record of product and references
    • All environmental attributes of the product
  • Proactively nurture the purchase through all the hoops
  • Department of Energy – Buy Bio

  • Department of Energy - Biomass
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Office of Federal Environmental Executive
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

contacts for
Contacts For
  • DOE Environmentally Preferable Purchasing, including Biobased and Recycled Content Products – Don Lentzen

Tel. (202) 586-7428 –

  • DOE Procurement – Richard Langston

Tel (202) 287-1339 -

  • Help DOE with Pilot Projects - Sandra Cannon

Tel. (509) 529-1535 –