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GPC VOICEMAIL. MODULAR MESSAGING 3.0. Welcome to the GPC Voicemail Modular Messaging 3.0 training presentation. This course provides an overview of the tools that are offered to the end users. GPC Voicemail Modular Messaging Aria telephone user interfaces

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gpc voicemail




Welcome to the GPC Voicemail Modular Messaging 3.0 training presentation. This course provides an overview of the tools that are offered to the end users.

GPC Voicemail Modular Messaging Aria telephone

user interfaces

GPC Voicemail Modular Messaging Web

Subscriber Options

telephone user interface upon successful completion of this module you should be able to
TELEPHONE USER INTERFACEUpon successful completion of this module, you should be able to:
  • Access your voice message system
  • Personalize your voice mailbox
  • Retrieve and send messages using your telephone interface
  • Use personal distribution lists
  • Turn on special features like Call Me, Find Me, and Notify Me to name a few
getting started

No matter what telephone interface you use, the system access number is your

key. This is the telephone number you use to dial in to your mailbox. There are a series

of numbers that are used for Pre-Conversion and for Post conversion listed below.

Information you must have before you can dial in to your mailbox includes:

  • Pre-Conversion System Access Numbers- 877-877-8761, Local 770 956 2627, or internally dial extension 2627
  • Post Conversion System Access Numbers for Subscribers - 800-298-8802 and 770-956-2798, For Non-Subscribers 800-298-8805 and 770-956-2799, and internally you can use x2798 for subscribers and x 2799 for non subscribers (and of course 5700)
  • Your 7-digit mailbox number
  • Your mailbox password
  • A list of the special features you are authorized to use
accessing the voice message system

The steps to access your voice message system are the same

for all three telephone interfaces. There are three

environments from which the voice message system is

typically accessed.

  • From your office extension
  • From a different office extension
  • From a phone outside the system
accessing the voice message system internal users only


Extension 2627

Post Conversion

Your “Message” button on your phone

Or x5700

accessing the voice message system7

From a phone outside the system



770-956-2627 local

Ext 2627 internally

Post Conversion

Subscribers 800-298-8802

Non-Subscribers 800-298-8805

Local Subscribers 770-956-2798

Local Non-Subscribers 770-956-2799

* * Note 877-877-8761 Will access the OLD Call pilot system POST conversion

  • Press [#]
  • Enter your mailbox number
  • If this is your first time, enter the default password 466272 (GO NAPA) followed by the [#]
your password

Your password is the key to the door between your voice mailbox

and the world.

  • Passwords must be numeric, they cannot be the same as the mailbox number, and may not start with zeros.
  • You will be prompted to change your password before it expires. If your password does expire, you must change it before sending or retrieving messages through the telephone interface. Entering an incorrect password multiple times will lock you out of the system, and you will need to contact voicemail support to unlock it for you.

There are five types of greetings and prompts available.

  • PERSONAL GREETING- Record Your Personal Greeting
  • OPTIONAL GREETING –For Internal Users Only “I’m on the other line”
  • NAME- First & Last Name Only (Tip: If you share the same name as someone else in the company, be sure to specify your location or title)
  • PLEASE HOLD PROMPT-For Internal Users Only “Please hold for Jane Smith”
  • EXTENDED ABSENCE GREETING- “I will be out of the office on vacation this week..”
managing messages review and replying

GPC Voicemail Modular Messaging enables you to receive both voice and fax messages in your voice mailbox.

  • Review messages and mark them with specific delivery options.
    • Urgent/ High Priority
    • Future Delivery Scheduling
    • Private or Not Private
manage messages recording a message

You can compose and send messages by dialing into your mailbox using a

telephone. You can send voice-only messages, voice and fax messages, and

fax-only messages.

  • You can record a message and while recording you can rewind, replay, move forward or back up, pause and delete.
  • Once you finish and approve the recording and start addressing the message, you can send to a persons 7 digit mailbox number (or 4 digit alias), a persons name or a personal distribution list.
  • As you finish addressing the message and set the message or delivery options, you can mark the message urgent, high priority, schedule it for future delivery, and mark it private or not private.
  • Then you send the message.
manage messages review and print to fax

Modular Messaging enables you to print email and fax messages that are

stored in your voice mailbox to a fax device. Once you have reviewed a

message you have a number of printing options available to you:

Print a fax or email message to

  • your default fax device if one has been set
  • an alternate fax device
  • the fax machine from which you are calling, using the current connection

For the procedures to print email and fax messages, please see the

Quick Reference Guide.

manage messages creating messages from fax

Using Modular Messaging, you can create & send a fax to another

recipient’s voice mailbox.

  • Place document in the fax machine
  • Using the handset, dial into the system from 800-298-8805 or 770-956-2799 or x2799
  • Then enter recipient’s MBX# when you hear the system connect to their MBX
  • Press Start

You can also forward a fax that was sent your mailbox

  • review your fax,
  • PRESS 6
  • Enter recipient’s MBX #

This information can be easily accessed in your Quick Reference Guide.

special features subscriber options
  • Modular Messaging Web Subscriber Options is a visual interface that you can use to change the default settings of your mailbox, for example, call and message handling. For more information about any of the topics in this guide, see the online Help at
special features subscriber options15

GPC Modular Messaging offers a number of special features that make the

system even more powerful. Each of these features is governed by rules that

you set up. The rules must be set up in one of the Subscriber Options

applications on your PC. Once that is done, you can toggle the features on and

off in your telephone user interface.

Features include:

  • Call Me-system calls you at a phone number you specify when messages of a certain status are received (formerly known as Outcall Notification)
  • Find Me-system re-directs unanswered call to a list of telephone numbers of your choice. If you do not answer at any of the numbers specified, the caller will be asked to leave a message. (For internal users only)
  • Notify Me (automatic call notification)-system calls you at your specified scheduling to notify you of your voicemail and fax messages.
personal distribution lists

A Personal Distribution List is a collection of 'addresses' that you create

and save for yourself. Any message sent to a personal distribution list

goes to all the addresses on that list.

You can add local or remote subscribers, fax machine phone numbers,

other private lists that you have created, system lists, and email addresses

to a personal distribution list.

Using a personal distribution list, you can easily send messages to a group

of people rather than to each person individually.

For procedures, see the Quick Reference Guide for your telephone

interface. However, if you have access to a web browser you can access the system using a web browser. Using the web interface makes managing Personal distribution lists much easier.

special features subscriber options17
  • Time Zone

When a large messaging system is set up across different locations, subscribers might be located in different time zones. Your system administrator assigns a default time zone. You can change these settings through Modular Messaging Subscriber Options. (Note: This is helpful if you are using the Notify Me feature to ensure the system is notifying you based on your time zone)

  • Multilingual Call Answering

Modular Messaging has a feature called Multilingual Call Answer. With Modular Messaging Subscriber Options, you can set up to three different language options for callers to your extension.

    • If you set up Multilingual Call Answer, the system prompts callers to your extension to select a language. After the caller selects a language, the system plays all subsequent prompts in the selected language.
special features subscriber options18
  • Working With Greetings

You can record and play back greetings that callers hear when dialing your mailbox. You can use the telephone, depending on your settings in Application Preference.

  • Setting Personalized Call Handling

You can change your call handling options, depending on how your administrator has set up your system.


You have successfully completed User Interfaces! Please keep the following points

in mind:

  • GPC Voicemail Modular Messaging enables you to receive voice, email, and fax messages in your voice mailbox, and to use your fax machine in new ways.
  • You can create and manage greetings and personal distribution lists from your telephone user interface.
  • You can turn special features like Call Me, Find Me, and Notify Me, etc on and off from the telephone interface, though you set these features up in Web Subscriber Options.
  • The telephone user interfaces use a large number of prompts to guide you through tasks. If you need additional help, the Quick Reference Guide for your interface is a good place to start.
  • For more detailed information, please visit the GPC Voicemail Support Web site at or call 4VM-HELP and leave a message or call 800-272-2345 to speak with someone or email us