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CD molecules. & Disease. 制作团队:. 资料:冯华 樊慧慧 崔晓霈 李金枝 何平 鲁建华 张泽立 整理:冯华 翻译:崔晓霈 李金枝 樊慧慧 制作:鲁建华 何平 2000 级七年制一班. CD molecules & disease. Concept

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Cd molecules

CD molecules

& Disease


资料:冯华 樊慧慧 崔晓霈 李金枝 何平 鲁建华 张泽立


翻译:崔晓霈 李金枝 樊慧慧

制作:鲁建华 何平


Cd molecules disease
CD molecules & disease

  • Concept

    CD molecules,which are also called leukocyte differentiation antigen,are the surface markers appear or disappear on leukocytes (also include platelet,blood vessel endothelial cell etc) during the process of differentiation and activation.

Cd molecules disease1
CD molecules & disease

According to monoclonal antibody identification method,the same differentiated antigen that can be recognized by monoclonal antibody coming from different labs are called CD (cluster of differentiation)

Cd molecules disease2
CD molecules & disease

  • Structure

    Most CD molecules are transmembrane protein or glycoprotein,including extramembrancous,transmembranous and intracellular areas.

Cd molecules disease3
CD molecules & disease

  • Classifications

    CD molecules are numbered according to the time of discovery.So far,they have been named from CD1 to CD166.

Cd molecules disease4
CD molecules & disease

All of them are classified approximately into 9 groups:

T cell, B cell, activating cell, myeloid cell, NK/non-lineage cell, platelet, endoepithelial cell, adhesion molecule and cytokine receptor .

Cd molecules disease5
CD molecules & disease

  • Function

    1. CD molecules take part in the recognition between immune cells and Ag or other immune cells.They also participate the activation,proliferation differentiation and immune function.

Cd molecules disease6
CD molecules & disease

2.Regulate the differentiation and migration of hemopoietic cells.

3.Participate inflammation.

4.Cell migration.

eg.cancer matastasis

Cd molecules disease7
CD molecules & disease

  • Cdmolecules and disease

    1.CD molecules’normal functions:

    1)CD molecules related to activation of T cell ,TCR/CD3 Complex,CD4 Co- receptor,CD8,CD2,CD58,CD28- Co- stimulators

Cd molecules disease8
CD molecules & disease

2).CD molecules related to inflammatory reactions.

Firstly:CDb2I and CDb2E mediate neutrophiles to roll and combine,the monoclonal Ab that until-selection can inhibit the reaction dramatically

When passing through endothelium, CD4/CD18 interacts with its ligand,playing an important role.

Cd molecules disease9
CD molecules & disease

3).CD associated with blood cloting :

eg: GP16

Cd molecules disease10
CD molecules & disease


1)EB: LFA-3 lacking

2)Paroxys nocturnal hemoglosinvia(周期 夜现性血尿 )

CD6+ CD28+ T cell MHC

CD8+ CD28- inhibit antibody

Cd molecules disease11
CD molecules & disease

3)Disease associated with intracellular signals transmission of CD,CD3,CD45,CD115,CD125,CD117,CD130,their signals’abnormal transduction cause hyperplastic disease,what’s more,they are intimately involved in tumor,papillomas,psoriasis,etc.

Cd molecules disease12
CD molecules & disease

4)CD and tumors

(1) CD44 and cancer (tumor) metastasis

eg: * melanomatous cells express CD44

*The inflammayion products and some cytokines promotes local vessels endothelial cells to express more CAMs,which are helpful to the adhesion of tumor cells

Cd molecules disease13
CD molecules & disease

(2)Stimulation of CD40 can inhibit the reproduction of tumor cells directly,promote apoptosis and Fasgene expression

(3)The interaction between LFA-I and ICAM-1 mediate the contant between NK cells and tumor cells.

Cd molecules disease14
CD molecules & disease

ICAM-2 Mutations Affecting LFA-1 Binding

Cd molecules disease15
CD molecules & disease

5)CD and HIV.

HIV enters the T cell by combining with CD4 molecules on T cells.In the blood of the person infected by HIV-I,CD4 cell appears positive.The CD4+ cells’obvious decrease is associated with the disease deterioration.

Cd molecules disease16
CD molecules & disease

  • HIV infecting normal human’s tissues

Cd molecules disease17
CD molecules & disease

6)CD and GSS (Granulomatous slack skin肉芽肿性皮肤松弛症)

Mainly CD4+ CD8- T cells and CD45RO+ T cells antigen loss in different measures.

CD4+/CD45RO+ T cells, CD3, CD5 and CD7 (marker of T cells) loss.

Cd molecules disease18
CD molecules & disease

7)CD and CO poisoning

*CO poisoning damage the endothelial cells

*The activation of platelets increase and CD116, CD18 are highly expressed.

*Thrombus in cerebral microarterial vessels is induced to form.

Cd molecules disease19
CD molecules & disease

8)CD and diabetes -I

Immune tolerance deficiency of insular specific T cells is due to blockage of ICAM-I/CFA-1 and loss CD8+ T cells at the beginning of immune response,which lead to insular antigen tolerance deficiency.

Cd molecules disease20
CD molecules & disease


*Increasing of activators of platelet-CD62P,CD61,and CD41,especially CD62P,are closely related to the disease such as coronary heart disease,cerebral infarction,hypertension,etc.

Cd molecules disease21
CD molecules & disease

*Associated with endometriosis.(子宫内膜异位)

eg:Periodical change of CD45+ cell group become abnormal.

*The disease such as asthma,rhinitis,etc are possibly associated with actiration of CD8+ and CD127+ cells

Cd molecules disease22
CD molecules & disease

Anusual expression of CAM and SLE

*SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus系统性红斑狼疮)

*CD11a and CD18 expression decline agree with CD4+ T cell while increase with CD8+ T cell.

*Expression of CD54 on CD20+ cells increase

Cd molecules disease23
CD molecules & disease

  • CD molecules and clinical treatment

    1.CD34 and Aplastic anemia (再生障碍性贫血)

    CD34 is expressed in most acute lympholeukemia (急性淋巴细胞性白血病)

    Detection of CD34 is helpful to the study of Aplastic anemia

Cd molecules disease24
CD molecules & disease

2.CD34 as marks of T cells

MACS is used to select and separate CD34+ T cells from peripheral blood

Reduced T cell-load is good for autoimmune disease

Cd molecules disease25
CD molecules & disease

3.Application of anti-CD40 McAb

anti-CD40 McAb can significantly inhibit the development of Osseous rheumatism(类风湿性关节炎)

Cd molecules disease26
CD molecules & disease

4.Application of anti-CD3- Ab

anti-CD3-Ab is now widely used to cure enograft rejection and is efficient

bispecific anti-CD3-/HSV Ab for treatment of the immunodeficient newborn infected by HSV

Cd molecules disease27
CD molecules & disease

5.Anti-CD3 McAb

1)anti-CD3McAb in mice can reverse enograft rejection


*anti-CD3 McAb can bind with CD3 molecules on T cells

Cd molecules disease28
CD molecules & disease

*The interaction interfere with the transduction of activating signals which results in cytokine releasing

*The proliferation and functions of T cells be blocked

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