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Virtual Server Platforms Update

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Virtual Server Platforms Update. The Royal Exchange 23rd September 2011. Virtual Server Platforms Update. Introduction vSphere 5:- The Technology vSphere 5:- The L icence M odel vSphere 5:- What does it mean to me? Do I have a choice? Frontier Technology Wrap up and Q&A.

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virtual server platforms update

Virtual Server Platforms Update

The Royal Exchange

23rd September 2011

virtual server platforms update1
Virtual Server Platforms Update


vSphere 5:- The Technology

vSphere 5:- The Licence Model

vSphere 5:- What does it mean to me?

Do I have a choice?

Frontier Technology

Wrap up and Q&A

frontier technology
Frontier Technology
  • Specialists in Access, Infrastructure, Business Continuity and Data Management
  • On-Premise and Cloud Solutions
  • Key partners
    • VMware
    • Microsoft
    • Citrix
  • We use these platforms in our own datacentres
your challenges
Your Challenges

Quick introduction

Objective for today

Any infrastructure related challenges?

vsphere 5 the technology what s new
vSphere 5, the technologyWhat’s new?
  • V5 moves to ESXi model
    • ESX vs ESXi confusion
  • Storage DRS
  • vMotion, now supported over high latency links
  • vCenter Server Virtual Appliance
  • Web Client, manage vSphere from any Web browser
vsphere 5 the technology what s new1
vSphere 5, the technologyWhat’s new?

Auto Deploy, deploy and update (patch) more efficiently for ESXi based systems

VM format (v8), adds support for Windows Aero graphics and USB 3

New guests: OS X 10.6

Even bigger VMs, 32 vCPUs, 1TB RAM

Profile driven storage

vCloud Director for large private cloud deployments

vsphere 5 the licence model
vSphere 5, the licence model

Becomes vRAM centric rather than CPU cores and physical memory bound

Some concern in the market about complexity and value

VMware have done this to align themselves to a service provider model and to introduce a ‘fairer’ licence model more in proportion to resources used

how many vsphere licences do i need
How many vSphere licences do I need?

As in vSphere 4 each CPU requires a licence

vSphere 5 does not impose limits on number of cores per CPU or physical RAM per server

what is the vram pool
What is the vRAM pool?
  • These are pooled together over all vSphere licences of the same edition
  • Example 4x Enterprise
    • 4 CPUs
    • 4x 64G = 256G vRAM

Each vSphere licence includes a vRAM entitlement

how many vms can i run with my vram pool
How many VMs can I run with my vRAM pool?

As many as you like, as long as you do not exceed the total vRAM entitlement of the pool

Example, 32 VMs each configured with 4GB vRAM, but only 24 powered on = 96GB vRAM consumed from 256GB pool

how many vms can i power on a host
How many VMs can I power on a host?

Again as many as you like within the entitlement

Example: 40 VMs deployed, each with 4G vRAM, distributed unevenly over 2 nodes

what if vms move with vmotion
What if VMs move with vMotion?
  • 16 VMs on each host
  • 4 move
  • Or they can all move

Any VM can run on any host within a vRAM pool, so movement of VMs cannot cause more vRAM to be needed

what is my vram pool if i have multiple vcenter servers
What is my vRAM pool if I have multiple vCenter Servers

The vRAM pool can extend across multiple linked vCenter Servers. (Linked Mode is supported with vCenter Server Standard Edition)

can i mix vsphere editions
Can I mix vSphere editions?

Yes you can, but each edition will have its own separate vRAM pool

how do i expand my vram pool
How do I expand my vRAM pool?
  • We need some extra vRAM
  • Option One: Add another Enterprise licence = 320GB
  • Option Two: Upgrade all to Enterprise Plus licence = 384GB

Here we have 4x Enterprise = 4x64GB = 256GB

how do i licence a new host
How do I licence a new host?

Add further licences of the same edition, or

If you have more licences than CPUs assign licence to new CPUs, but you won’t get any extra vRAM entitlement

so what does that mean to me
So what does that mean to me?

We have a few prepared scenarios

We can quickly work through two or three more if time allows

scenario one new small deployment
Scenario OneNew Small Deployment

3 hosts, with vMotion

Significant %tage rise

vRAM entitlement should be enough in most cases

scenario two new mid size deployment
Scenario TwoNew Mid-Size Deployment

5 hosts, with vMotion & DRS/DPM

Small %tage rise

vRAM entitlement should be enough in most cases

scenario three renewal of sns and upgrade to vsphere 5
Scenario ThreeRenewal of SnS and upgrade to vSphere 5

3 dual CPU hosts, Advanced Edition

Good News: You’re entitled to Enterprise Edition

Bad News: When your SnS expires you have to pay the Enterprise Renewal fee

When you upgrade to vSphere 5 you will get vRAM entitlement of 384GB

scenario four upgrade mid size standard edition deployment
Scenario FourUpgrade Mid-Size Standard Edition Deployment

3x dual socket vSphere 4 Standard hosts, 200GB vRAM used

Upgrade to vSphere 5 Standard is FOC with active SnS

6 licences = 6x32GB vRAM entitlement = 192GB vRAM, insufficient to support the workload.

Additional Standard Edition licence required, or

Upgrade to Enterprise Edition

scenario five add workloads to mid size deployment
Scenario FiveAdd Workloads to Mid-Size Deployment

3x dual socket vSphere 4 Enterprise hosts, 200GB vRAM used

Virtualise new application, Exchange 2010, 4+ roles, 32-48GB RAM per role = 192GB extra vRAM required (392GB total)

6 CPUs with 64GB entitlement = 384GB vRAM

Borderline whether enough vRAM, but likely to need additional server resources anyway

  • Red Hat
    • Background in Xen, but Citrix acquisition shifted to KVM focus
    • Many more RHEL deployments in VMware than Red Hat
  • Oracle
    • Different x86 & SPARC platforms
    • x86 is Xen based
    • Late to market
    • Oracle certification!
    • An option for Oracle database and application environments
  • Parallels
    • Good for high density deployment of specific applications,
    • More likely to be seen used by service providers
    • Can reduce overhead and OS costs
  • With each of these Niche Players you are likely to need a strong specific driver to veer from the mainstream leaders
the who cares option
The who cares option
  • Cloud based hosting service
    • Forget about
      • CapEx
      • Flexible Licensing
      • Resource planning
      • Storage
      • Fire Fighting
  • Let Frontier manage those resources
    • You focus on:
      • Line of Business Applications
      • Delivering Business Value
      • Providing High Quality User Support and Services
      • Strategic Thinking
      • Improving Businesses Bottom Line
      • Investment & Resource into New Initiatives and Projects
the who cares option1
The who cares option
  • Frontier Infrastructure
    • Two datacentres
    • Scalable CPU, RAM, I/O resources
    • Fibre Channel attached multi-tier storage platform
    • Enterprise class data management platform
      • Backup, archive, index, search, discover, report
  • Frontier Services
    • Range from:
      • Fully managed service such as business continuity
    • To:
      • Provision of OS and Storage only, you continue to manage
our other offerings
Our Other Offerings
  • Infrastructure Optimisation Service
    • Server hardware, Hypervisor, OS
    • Free resources to reduce hardware spend
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions
  • Data Management Platforms (backup, archive, replicate, report, index, search, discover)
  • Remote Working and Access Solutions
  • Server and Storage Infrastructure
  • All available in either traditional ‘On-Premise’ or innovative ‘Cloud Based’ deployment models
summary conclusions
Summary & Conclusions

Have we covered your challenges?

New licence model is not quite as bad as some people had made out

But there are viable alternatives

Frontier has experience and ....

next actions
Next Actions
  • VMware renewal and upgrades
  • Platform migration
      • To alternative vendor
      • To Frontier private cloud
  • Proof of Concept / Tests
virtual server platforms update2

Virtual Server Platforms Update

The Royal Exchange

23rd September 2011