Great depression impact on americans
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GREAT DEPRESSION Impact on Americans. SOL 5D. 1920’s Good Times Last Forever??. The optimism of the 1920’s concealed (hid) problems in the American economic system and attitudes about the role of government in controlling the economy.

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Great depression impact on americans

GREAT DEPRESSIONImpact on Americans


1920 s good times last forever
1920’s Good Times Last Forever??

  • The optimism of the 1920’s concealed (hid) problems in the American economic system and attitudes about the role of government in controlling the economy.

  • The Great Depression had a widespread and severe impact on American life.

Causes of the great depression
Causes of the Great Depression

  • People overspeculated (gambled) on stocks, using borrowed money that they could not repay when stock prices crashed.

Causes of the great depression1
Causes of the Great Depression

2. Federal Reserve (nations bank) failed to prevent the collapse of the banking system.

Causes of the great depression2
Causes of the Great Depression

  • High tariffs (taxes on imported goods)

    discouraged international trade.


  • These tariffs made American made products more expensive. Countries would not import, or take in, American made products. Factories overproduced manufactured goods and no one would buy them.

Causes of the great depression3
Causes of the Great Depression

4. Companies laid off workers due to overproduction.

Impact on americans
Impact on Americans

  • A large number of banks and businesses failed

Impact on americans1
Impact on Americans

  • One-fourth of workers were without jobs.

Impact on americans2
Impact on Americans

  • Large numbers of people were hungry and homeless.

Impact on americans3
Impact on Americans

  • Farmers’ incomes fell to low levels.

Franklin roosevelt to the rescue
Franklin Roosevelt to the Rescue!

  • Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal used government programs to help the nation recover from the Depression.

Major features of the new deal
Major Features of the New Deal

  • Social Security

  • Federal work programs (CCC, PWA)

  • Environmental improvement programs (TVA)

  • Farm assistance programs (AAA)

  • Increased rights for labor (NRA)

Social security1
Social Security

  • Tax on workers and employers.

  • Provided monthly pensions to retired people.

  • Federal government took responsibility for the welfare of all citizens.

  • Launched the American welfare system.

Civilian conservation corps ccc
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

  • Provided jobs for young men to plant trees and build bridges.

Public works administration pwa
Public Works Administration (PWA)

  • Built ports, schools, and aircraft carriers.

Tennessee valley authority tva
Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

  • Built dams to provide cheap electric power to seven Southern states; set up schools and health centers.

Agricultural adjustment administration aaa
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)

  • Paid farmers not to grow certain crops.

National recovery act
National Recovery Act

  • Helped set standards for production, prices, and wages.

Great depression assignment
Great Depression Assignment

  • Use your textbook.

  • Read pgs. 342-343 about the Roosevelt’s New Deal.

  • Document Based Questions #1-4. You must write the question and then your answer using complete sentences.

  • Due tomorrow…no late work accepted!!