Concluding sentences
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Concluding Sentences. How to pick concluding sentences. Concluding Sentence. Remember concluding sentences summarize the paragraph. They simply restate the topic sentence in a different way.

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Concluding sentences

Concluding Sentences

How to pick concluding sentences

Concluding sentence
Concluding Sentence

  • Remember concluding sentences summarize the paragraph.

  • They simply restate the topic sentence in a different way.

  • Don’t forget to look at the topic sentence when trying to choose concluding sentences because they have to be related.

Concluding sentences

Choose the best concluding sentence.

The disappearance of Amelia Earhart, one of the first female pilots, has been a mystery for nearly seventy years. Some people believe that she crashed in the Pacific Ocean while trying to fly all the way around the world. Others believe that she was captured by Japan in the years just before World War II. Some people still spend a lot of time and money trying to discover and prove just what did happen to Earhart. ______________

  • Earhart disappeared with her navigator Fred Noonan.

  • Researchers use satellite pictures of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Despite the attempts to find the truth, the mystery goes on.

  • Earhart sent several messages to a U.S. Coast Guard ship.

Concluding sentences

Onomatopoeia is a sound device used in all types of writing. This device is the use of words, such as buzz, band, and whirl, that sound like what they represent. By using onomatopoeia, a poet or story writer can use sound words to show meaning and mood, and to make ideas come alive for the reader. The repetition of sound words can also create a lively rhythm. __________

Which sentence best fills the blank in the paragraph?

  • Using too many onomatopoetic words can ruin a poem.

  • Another sound device used in writing is alliteration.

  • Onomatopoeia is very will suited to poetry.

  • So consider using onomatopoeia in your own writing.

Concluding sentences

Choose the best possible concluding sentence for the following paragraph.

You should be cautious when including MSG (monosodium glutamate) in your diet. MSG is used to add flavor to foods, and it looks a lot like salt or sugar. Some scientists say that MSG can damage the human nervous system, as is shown in certain laboratory tests with rats. Others say that laboratory tests only show damage to rats because the rats were given very high levels of MSG.___________

  • Don’t ever use MSG again.

  • So be thoughtful and use MSG in moderation.

  • Ignore all warnings until you know about MSG for sure.

  • All food labels should show whether MSG is included in packaged food.

Concluding sentences

Scouting allows children to have fun. It also lets them improve their social, academic, leadership, and physical skills. Scouts can take part in community service. They have the chance to camp, hike, and take field trips.

Which of the following would be an appropriate concluding sentence for the paragraph above?

  • Scouting allows children to have fun while teaching them various life skills.

  • Girl scouts sell cookies to raise money for individual troops.

  • Scouting is done outside of school.

  • A boy scout can advance and eventually become an Eagle Scout.

Concluding sentences

White water rafting is an adventurous challenge. Fighting through the rapids is as tough as any other sport. Rafters have to be in good shape and have good balance. Communication is another trait that whitewater rafters must possess. Nothing is more satisfying than conquering a tough, fast river.

Which of the following would be the best concluding sentence for the paragraph?

  • Whitewater rafting can be dangerous.

  • Be careful not fall out of the raft.

  • You have to be an adult to go on a rafting trip.

  • It takes many skills to be a whitewater rafter.

Concluding sentences

Read the paragraph below. Choose an appropriate concluding sentence.

Suzie enjoys playing at the farm. She rides the tractor while sitting in John’s lap. She runs through the fields of corn and takes cool drinks from the creek. Suzie also takes long lazy naps in the warm sun.

  • Suzie is tired from working on the farm

  • It is very pleasant being a dog on a farm.

  • Working on a farm can be hard work.

  • Suzie is a lazy farm dog.