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Caterpillar Quality Manual

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Caterpillar Quality Manual - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Caterpillar Quality Manual . Presented by: Kristen Hammel & Rashmita Tripathy. INTRODUCTION.

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Caterpillar Quality Manual

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caterpillar quality manual

CaterpillarQuality Manual

Presented by:

Kristen Hammel & Rashmita Tripathy

  • Caterpillar is a big multinational corporation based in the United States. Its products and components are manufactured in 50 U.S based facilities and in over 60 other locations which span 23 countries worldwide. Its headquarters, core research and development activities are in Peoria, IL. The products, services and technologies of Caterpillar fall into three principal lines of business: Machinery, Engines and Financial Products
introduction contd
  • Caterpillar is the world’s largest manufacturer of:

Construction and mining equipment,

Diesel and natural gas engines, and

Industrial gas turbines.

Additionally, it also manufactures a wide range of:

Heavy equipment, mainly engineering vehicles, including the Caterpillar D9 bulldozer.

  • Thus, Caterpillar is recognized as a global leader and is geared towards customers with an emphasis on total quality management.
organizational chart


Total Quality Management Council


Senior Manager of Design Senior Manager of Marketing Senior Manager of Finance

Manager of Production and Quality Coordinator or Consultant

Human Resources

Employees Customers

vision statement
  • Our vision is to become the undisputed, global community leader in the development of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines equipments. We aim to achieve this by offering the maximum value to our shareholders and ensuring the highest customer satisfaction by helping them increase profitability and by offering more valuable services and support programs. We will also strive for continuous growth and innovation and will always be the first choice of employees, customers and all our stakeholders. We wish to accomplish this vision by improving our operating performance, having sustained growth, and maintaining the highest level of technology and quality throughout our organization.
  • “We choose this vision statement to let our customers and shareholders know that we are committed to offering quality services and products and quality management is a must within our business”.
mission statement
  • As a global leader, Caterpillar will provide the best products and services in construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, and industrial gas turbines for helping people in construction and transportation. Caterpillar will be successful by continuously improving the quality and performance of its products according to the expectations of the customer, so that both customers and shareholders can get maximum value from their transaction. Additionally, employees will get the appropriate reward for their responsibilities and thus remain motivated. Our focus on superior customer service, sustained growth and our ability to take advantage of strategic opportunities will enable us to maximize profitability. We will try to be socially responsible and conduct our business so as to protect our environment.
  • When developing the mission statement, we considered the organization's products, services, markets, values, and concern for public image, and made sure to include all of the above in the mission statement.
  • Also to let our customer’s know that we will provide the best quality.
quality policy statement
  • We at Caterpillar are committed to offering products of the highest quality and the most advanced technology to our customer’s worldwide. We strongly believe high quality is achieved by listening to the “voice of the customer” and by continuously innovating so as to deliver superior products and services. We aim to have all of our employees committed to “Total Quality Management”. For us, quality is of paramount importance to our corporate strategy because it ensures the most loyal customers.
  • We wrote our quality policy statement to allow the public to understand what our values are, and to let customers and stakeholders know that our values guide us as we strive to meet our mission and achieve our vision.
departmental guidelines
  • We have chosen three departments of Caterpillar:

(1)Marketing & Sales

(2) Production & Quality

(3) Human Resources Department

standard operation procedure production and quality departments
STANDARD OPERATION PROCEDURE Production and Quality Departments
  • Objective – Create a production plan.
  • Scope - Multiple departments like the forecasting department, the marketing department, the production department, R&D, human resources and the plant managers.
  • Responsibilities - Forecasting analysts, marketing analysts, production managers, human resource personnel and plant managers and the Quality Council.
  • Procedures: 6 steps - Forecasting and Marketing Planning, Inventory Management, Manpower Determination, Production Planning, Quality Incorporation, and Implementation
standard operation procedure marketing and sales department
STANDARD OPERATION PROCEDUREMarketing and Sales Department
  • Objective - help firm manage its market development process.
  • Scope: sales personnel in all the various departments.
  • Responsibilities: Management team for a specific market supported by marketing analysts and researchers, financial and supply chain/logistics managers.
  • Procedures: scout various markets, consult sales personnel in existing market and product segments, consult marketing analysts and researchers, investigate and gather sufficient data about the markets, analysis of this data by analysts, select markets based on attractiveness and risk.
standard operation procedure human resource department
  • Objective: Help the HR department in the hiring and recruiting of qualified employees.
  • Scope: limited strictly to the HR department.
  • Responsibilities: handling employee benefits questions or recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff.
  • Procedures: Contact applicant’s previous employers and personal references by telephone, check LEADS and the records of the Illinois Secretary of State to determine history of prior arrests/convictions, maintain all written contacts and retain the results of the background investigation with the candidate’s application form.
rashmita kristen
Rashmita & Kristen
  • Our meeting place “Panera”
  • We would usually meet on Sunday afternoons
  • We worked well as a team
  • We both listened to each other’s ideas and built off of each other.
  • Learned about different cultures and learned to work through language and cultural differences.