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IEEE 802.11 TGmb July 2011 Agenda

IEEE 802.11 TGmb July 2011 Agenda. Authors:. Date: 2011-07-21. Abstract. This presentation contains the IEEE 802.11 TGmb agenda and selected motions for the July 2011 session. TGmb Agenda. Monday PM1

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IEEE 802.11 TGmb July 2011 Agenda

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  1. IEEE 802.11 TGmb July 2011 Agenda Authors: Date: 2011-07-21 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  2. Abstract This presentation contains the IEEE 802.11 TGmb agenda and selected motions for the July 2011 session. Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  3. TGmb Agenda • Monday PM1 • Chair’s Welcome, Status, Review of Objectives, Approve Agenda (794, 787, 835 Doc times), prior minutes • Editor’s report(42r4) • Interpretation Requests (if any) • TGmb Timeline & Schedule • Comment resolution • Wednesday PM1 • Comment Resolution – • Wednesday PM2 • 787, 835, Comment Resolution • Thurs AM 1 • Comment Resolution, Motions • Tuesday PM1 • Comment Resolution • Thurs PM2 • Comment Resolution • Motions • Control Response frame rate selection • Plans for Sept • AOB • Tuesday PM2 • 794, Comment Resolution Attendance reminder: https://seabass.ieee.org/imat/index for each timeslot Documents: https://mentor.ieee.org/802.11/documents Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  4. TGmb – Monday PM118 July 2011, 13:30 – 15:30 • Call Meeting to Order • Policies and Procedures, Attendance reminder • **IEEE Patent Policy http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/pat-slideset.ppt • Are there any patent claim(s)/patent application claim(s) and/or the holder of patent claim(s)/patent application claim(s) that the participant believes may be essential for the use of that standard? Minute any responses that were given, specifically the patent claim(s)/patent application claim(s) and/or the holder of the patent claim(s)/patent application claim(s) that were identified (if any) and by whom. ** Read slide deck *** Note especially items #7 & #11 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  5. Please review the documents at the following links:-  IEEE Patent Policy - http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/pat-slideset.ppt-  Patent FAQ - http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/faq.pdf-  LoA Form - http://standards.ieee.org/board/pat/loa.pdf-  Affiliation FAQ -http://standards.ieee.org/faqs/affiliationFAQ.html -  Anti-Trust FAQ - http://standards.ieee.org/resources/antitrust-guidelines.pdf-  Ethics - http://www.ieee.org/portal/cms_docs/about/CoE_poster.pdf-  IEEE 802.11 Working Group P&P -https://mentor.ieee.org/802.11/public-file/07/11-07-0360-04-0000-802-11-policies-and-procedures.doc • New 802 WG P&P: https://mentor.ieee.org/802-ec/dcn/09/ec-09-0007-02-00EC-draft-lmsc-wg-p-p.pdf • New 802 LMSC P&P:https://mentor.ieee.org/802-ec/dcn/09/ec-09-0005-02-00EC-draft-revised-lmsc-p-p-for-wg-p-p-ballot.pdf • New 802 LMSC OM:https://mentor.ieee.org/802-ec/dcn/09/ec-09-0006-02-00EC-draft-revision-of-the-lmsc-om-for-wg-p-p.pdf Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  6. Monday PM1 (continued) Attendance recording procedures See 11-09/0246r0 https://murphy.events.ieee.org/imat Must register before logging attendance Must log attendance during each 2 hour session Documentation http://mentor.ieee.org Use “TGm” for documents relating to the Revision PAR Slide 6 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  7. Monday PM1 (continued) Approval of May 2011, June-July con call minutes https://mentor.ieee.org/802.11/dcn/11/11-11-0897-01-000m-june-july-2011-telecon-minutes.doc https://mentor.ieee.org/802.11/dcn/11/11-11-0627-00-000m-minutes-of-tgmb-may-2011-palm-springs.doc Editor’s Report (Adrian Stephens) Interpretation Requests (if any) TGmb timeline & schedule Slide 7 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  8. Current TGmb Plan of Record May 2008 – Issue Call for Comment/Input July 2008 – begin process input and old Interpretation requests Acknowledge previous Task Group referrals Sept 2008 – PAR revision process started Nov 2008 – close receipt of new input Nov 2008 – WG/EC approval of PAR Revision Dec 2008 – NesCom/SASB approval PAR Revision May 2009 – First WG Letter ballot Nov 2009 – Recirc start July 2010 – Conditional Sponsor Ballot Approval from EC August 2010 – Form Sponsor Pool (45 days) – Closes Sept 14 November 2010 – Sponsor Ballot D6.0 completion January 2011 – Sponsor Recirc. Start Nov 2011 – WG/EC Final Approval Mar 2012 – RevCom/SASB Approval Slide 8 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  9. Motion 124 Approve comment resolutions in 11-10-1455-11-000m-revmb-sponsor-ballot-editor-comments on the following tabs: Editorials MEC Technical-Ensures Technical Moved: Adrian Stephens Seconded: Mike Montemurro Result: 7-0-2 Motion passes Slide 9 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  10. Straw Poll To resolve CID 13027 by incorporating the text changes in 11-11-794-01 Yes: 6 No: 6 Abstain: 6 Slide 10 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  11. Motion 125 Approve comment resolutions in 11-11-0937-01-000m-gen-adhoc-recirc-3-sponsor-ballot-comment-resolutions.xls, setting the resolution of CID 13024 to “Rejected” with a resolution of “withdrawn by the commenter” Moved: Jon Rosdahl Seconded: Michael Montemurro Result: 5-0-2 Passes Slide 11 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  12. Motion 126 Resolve CID 13027 as “Revised”, with a resolution of “Incorporate the text changes indicated in 11-11-0794-01” Moved: Matthew Fischer Seconded: Michael Montemurro Result: 3-6-2 Motion Fails Slide 12 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  13. Motion 127 Approve comment resolutions in 11-11-0936-02-000m-tgmb-mac-adhoc-comment-resolution-sb4.xls on the following tabs: MAC Motion A MAC Motion B MAC Motion C Moved: Michael Montemurro Seconded: Adrian Stephens Result: 9-0-0 Motion Passes Slide 13 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  14. Motion 128 Move to Incorporate the text changes indicated in 11-11-1050-00 , also making the same change at 953.10 Incorporate the text changes indicated in 11-11-1074-01, instructing the editor to correct any compilation errors Resolve CID 13406 as “Rejected” with a resolution of “The ballot resolution committee considered the suggestion made by the commenter. The benefit of such a description was not clear. The BRC determined that no change is warranted. We could not determine from the comment what change would satisfy the commenter. “ Moved: Michael Montemurro Seconded: Jon Rosdahl Result: 9-0-0 Motion Passes Slide 14 Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  15. Motion 129 • Having approved comment resolutions for all of the comments received from the third recirculation Sponsor Ballot on P802.11REVmb D9.0, • Instruct the editor to prepare Draft 10.0 incorporating both these resolutions and the IEEE 802.11s text and • Approve a 20 day Sponsor Recirculation Ballot asking the question “Should P802.11REVmb D10.0 be forwarded to RevCom?” • Moved: Michael Montemurro • Seconded: Adrian Stephens • Result: 10-0-0 Motion Passes Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  16. July - September Meeting Planning • Objectives • Comment Resolution • SB Recirculation • Conference Calls • Thursday July 28th at 10am Eastern (7am Pacific) – announced – will cancel • September 13th, 30 • 10am Eastern (7am Pacific), 2 hours • Ad-Hoc meeting – none • Schedule review, see https://mentor.ieee.org/802.11/dcn/11/11-11-0107-01-000s-tgs-timelines-discussion.ppt Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

  17. References Dorothy Stanley, Aruba Networks

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