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National Curriculum

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National Curriculum. By: Eric Knight, Andy Skunberg Alex Langner, Jason Aberson. National Curriculum Essential Questions. How does a national curriculum effect test scores? Culturally would a national curriculum work for the United States?

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National Curriculum

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national curriculum

National Curriculum

By: Eric Knight, Andy Skunberg

Alex Langner, Jason Aberson

national curriculum essential questions
National Curriculum Essential Questions
  • How does a national curriculum effect test scores?
  • Culturally would a national curriculum work for the United States?
  • Other than test scores, how do other countries assess their curriculum?
  • Is the United States to diverse to have a national curriculum?
what is national curriculum
What is National Curriculum?
  • The National Curriculum is a framework used by all maintained schools to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent.
what is national curriculum1
What is National Curriculum?
  • It sets out:
  • the subjects taught
  • the knowledge, skills and understanding required in each subject
  • standards or attainment targets in each subject - teachers can use these to measure your child's progress and plan the next steps in their learning
  • how your child's progress is assessed and reported
what is national curriculum2
What is National Curriculum?
  • Within the framework of the National Curriculum, schools are free to plan and organize teaching and learning in the way that best meets the needs of their pupils (in the UK)
  • Many schools use the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) Schemes of Work to plan their curriculum. These help to translate the National Curriculum’s objectives into teaching and learning activities.
countries with national curriculum
Countries with National Curriculum
  • England (first to introduce the Curriculum 1988)
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • Jordan
  • Singapore
  • China
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Hungary
countries with national curriculum1
Countries with National Curriculum
  • Italy,
  • Japan,
  • Korea,
  • the Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Most states in the U.S. follow common guidelines for a core curriculum, although there is no national curriculum as such.
advantages of a national curriculum
Advantages of a National Curriculum
  • Establishes a Unified Educational Front
    • Gets all states on the same page
  • Allow state by state comparison
    • All standards would be the same
  • Certification for teaching standards
    • State qualifications be the same across the board
  • Could see where strengths/weakness areas are
    • Certain disciplines in certain areas of the country
advantages of a national curriculum1
Advantages of a National Curriculum
  • Post-Secondary Consistency
    • A way to assess outside of the ACT, SAT, Etc.
    • Other than Standardized tests
  • Regulations could be the same
    • Special Ed
    • Pacing of Students
  • Students who move interstate benefit
    • Broken homes allow student to not be left behind with a move
disadvantages of a national curriculum
Disadvantages of a National Curriculum
  • Disagreement between lawmakers
    • Who decides what is important/ what is not important
  • Other aspects of education need to become uniform
    • Starting date, days of school, salaries
  • Availability of educators
    • Some need more training to cover topics wanted to cover in certain areas
    • Not available in rural areas
  • Inclusion of other types of schools
    • Private, charter, home schooled.
disadvantages of a national curriculum1
Disadvantages of a National Curriculum
  • Hidden Curriculums differ
    • State by state things in between curriculum lines differ
  • Federal Government power
    • Allows the feds not the state where their funding should go
    • Too much power to people that are not involved with the area
  • Different Cultures make up United States
    • Different cultures value different aspects of education
why doesn t every country have a national curriculum
Why doesn’t every Country have a National Curriculum
  • Questions about learning targets and which are most important
  • Decision on what is most important to least important
  • Size of US is a factor because of the control that local authorities feel they need
  • A fear of breaking educational practice traditions
  • England began in 1988
  • Countries have changed in recent years
would a national curriculum work in the u s
Would a National Curriculum Work in the U.S.
  • America has a long tradition of local control of schools
  • Would Americans wonder if it would be educationally enhancing?
  • Would experiences of students in the schools be enriched?
  • Would we better serve students that are “at risk”?
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