winning with strategic planning presented by alasdair robertson lpc o exec board huntsville 2013 n.
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Why a Strategic Plan? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why a Strategic Plan?

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Why a Strategic Plan? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why a Strategic Plan?
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  1. Winning With Strategic PlanningPresented by Alasdair RobertsonLPC(O) Exec. BoardHuntsville 2013

  2. Why a Strategic Plan? “It’s better to be a foolwith a plan, than a genius with no plan.” - T. Boone Pickens

  3. Does Your EDA Plan Look Like This? Fundraising Membership Outreach Liberalist Election Planning Victory on Election Night

  4. A Good Plan Must Have... • Realistic but challenging goals; a finish line. • Clear and measurable objectives leading to the end goal. • A schedule for the completion of the various objectives which will lead to the finish line. • Broad acceptance by the people whose time, money, and enthusiasm is required to reach the finish line.

  5. In This Session We Will Work to Create Strategic Plans that: • Are practical and include timelines • Can be adapted to changing circumstances • Focus on two key things: • Raising the image of the Liberal Brand in every EDA • Creating the human, technical, and financial resources to exploit the improving fortunes of the Liberal Party

  6. How Does Membership Fit the Plan? • Objectives – How many members? • Timelines – By when? • Projects – How will we get the people we need? • Personnel – Who is going to do the work?

  7. How Does Outreach Fit the Plan? • Who is out there? • Who should be part of our Liberal community of interests? • How do we demonstrate that we are the right party to support? • Who will make this happen?

  8. How Does Fundraising Fit the Plan? • How much do we want? (How much would be OK, if we can’t get as much as we want?) • Who has the money we need? • How do we get them to donate it? • Who will make this happen?

  9. How Does Liberalist Fit the Plan? • What do we have now? • How do we use what’s there already? • What do we need to add, and when? • How do we make sure we are using the system to our advantage? • What training do we need?

  10. There Is Help! LPC(O) has resources which are available and which should be used. They include: • Centralized membership management • Victory Fund • Liberalist – including training and tech support • The riding work plan process • The riding awards program • Party AGMs, Executive Boards, Regional Meetings and Policy Events

  11. But Wait, There’s More! LPC(O) also offers: • Election readiness support • Training Sessions – LPC(O) will bring the workshops to you • Mailing services, faxing, voice mailboxes, and other services • Advice based on long experience & best practices • Financial Services

  12. What Does a Winning Plan Look Like?

  13. It Then Looks Like This At Election Time

  14. Why Don’t Things Happen?