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Westward Expansion

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Westward Expansion. “Manifest Destiny”. First coined by newspaper editor, John O’Sullivan in 1845.

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manifest destiny
“Manifest Destiny”
  • First coined by newspaper editor, John O’Sullivan in 1845.
  • ".... the right of our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federaltive development of self-government entrusted to us. It is right such as that of the tree to the space of air and the earth suitable for the full expansion of its principle and destiny of growth."
  • A myth of the West as a land of romance and adventure emerged.

People were moving to the area between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River.

Lots of fertile soil, lots of land, wide rivers, and variety of fish and game.

Increase in number of settlers led to problems with the Native Americans

treaty of greenville
Treaty of Greenville

1795 – 12 Native American nations gave up parts of what is now Ohio and Indiana in return for a yearly payment of $10,000 from the US govt.

Caused increase in number of settlers moving into the region

louisiana purchase
Louisiana Purchase

1803 – Napoleon needs money and agrees to sell LA Territory to the US for $15 million, doubling the size of the US

industrial revolution
Industrial Revolution

The American Industrial Revolution occurred between 1790 and 1860. It began in England in the 18th century and spread to the United States.

Cotton gin

National road


Steam boats


Why we were these inventions so important.

henry clay s american system
Henry Clay’s American System

The American System was a program Clay set out.

To help Northern factories, the American system called for high tariffs on imports.

High tariffs would also reduce American dependence on foreign goods.

Southerners opposed paying for roads and canals that brought no direct benefits.


To make it easier and cheaper for farmers in west and south to ship goods to city markets, they made a better transportation system.

The American System never went into effect, because Congress spent little on internal improvements, tariffs remained high.


Oregon Territory at this time was jointly owned by the U.S and Great Britain.

In 1819 the Adams-Onis Treaty gave Florida to the U.S. because Spain was becoming to weak to control it.

It also set up the Oregon Territory at the 42nd parallel in the north and 49th parallel in the south even though it was disputed upon later the 49 parallel became the national order of America today

monroe doctrine
Monroe Doctrine

A policy created by President Monroe. It warned all outside nations not to interfere with affairs in the Western Hemisphere. This includes creating new colonies or trying to conquer in dependent republics in the western hemisphere. If they did then the U.S. would see this as “dangerous to our peace and safety”. In return America would do the same.

westward expansion problems
Westward expansion problems

The Territory of Missouri has enough people to become a state in 1819

In 1818 Illinois gained its’ statehood and became the 11th free state upsetting the balance10-11

So naturally Missouri would become a slave state. Right????


Well a bill was passed that required Missouri to eventually have to free their slaves

This upset southerners why??

While arguing continued Alabama was admitted as a slave state. Making it 11-11.

But there still is a problem.


This was settled by the Missouri Compromise in 1820.

It stated that Maine would be admitted as a free state, and Missouri become a slave state. For further issues over new territory in areas west of this they drew a line 36 degree 30’ north latitude line every new state north of this line be free except Missouri and south be slave.

age of jackson
Age of Jackson

If the voting qualifications changed what does this mean for presidential candidates????????????????

They had appeal more to the common man now. More people could vote that were not wealthy.

Andrew Jackson took full advantage of this opportunity.


During his campaign of 1828 he portrayed Adams as a wealthy intellectual that did not know what the common man wanted or needed.

He portrayed him self as a person of humble origins, but was he?????

He appealed to the majority of the people and during his inauguration record numbers of people came out to see him.

Who does this remind you of??????

election of 1828 election of 2008
Election of 1828 Election of 2008
  • D 69,457,000 R 59,934,814
  • 173
  • 52.9% 45.7 %

As people begin to move west a since of individualism came about people could make some thing of them selves as they moved westward and started there new lives

Also with the voting requirement changing the common man thought that he could make a change.

indians removed
Indians Removed

Indian removal act of 1830

Displaced them from their homes in Alabama, Georgia Mississippi, Tennessee and the Carolinas and in the areas close to the Great Lakes. To Reserves modern day Oklahoma.

trail of tears
Trail of Tears
  • The Cherokee were sent off 800 miles from their land as the winter came more and more died as the journey got rough. Government official stole their money and outlaws stole their live stock. More than a quarter of there people were buried on the trip the land that they were given was very inferior to the land that they had.
  • Was this necessary ????
manifest destiny1
Manifest Destiny

the belief that the United States was destined, even divinely ordained to expand across the North American continent, from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean.