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National song Czech anthem PowerPoint Presentation
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National song Czech anthem

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National song Czech anthem

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  1. National song Czech anthem Where is my home? Where is my home? Water murmurs across meadows Pinewoods rustle over the rockies, Bloom of spring shines in the orchard, Paradise on Earth to see! And that is the beautiful country, The Czech land, my home! The Czech land, my home! Where is my home? Where is my home? If, in a heavenly land, you have met Tender souls in agile frames, Of clear mind, vigorous and prospering, And with a strength that frustrates all defiance, That is the glorious race of Czechs, Among Czechs (is) my home! Among Czechs, my home!

  2. Whereis my home? Fidlovačka or no angerand no fightis a theatre play by J.K.Tyl.Itwasthefirstpresented 21th December 1834 in the Stavovský Theatre. Thetheater play includes song “Whereis my home“ whichlaterbecametheCzechnational anthem.In thetheater play is a blind violinistMareswhoissingsthis song.This song wascomposed by František Skroup.

  3. Josef Kajetán Tyl He isauthorofCzechnationalsongs “Whereis my home.“ He wasCzechwritterandliteraryadviser. He studiedgrammarschoolandthen he studiedfacultyofartsbut he did not finishfaculty. He went to Hilmerovanomadic society andstarted to workedlike a literaryadviser. In 1833 foundedtogetherwith K. S. Amerlingem, F. Dittrichemandanotherpeople Kajetánský theater. The 21th Decemberwaspresented song “Whereis my home“ in theStavoskýtheater.

  4. What I think about national anthem? I thinkthateverybodyshould be proud national anthem because it's something that unite people together. I always like to hear Czech national anthem.It has got wonderful melody and text that accurately describes the Czech Republic. What other people think about it? I often watch hockey on TV and I'm always proud when I hear the national anthem.I thinkthat no other country has such a beautiful national anthem. I heard the national anthem three times in my life and I think it's quite nice.