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Christian Masso 10 th Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Christian Masso 10 th Grade

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Christian Masso 10 th Grade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modern Day Potters : Dorothee Wenz. Christian Masso 10 th Grade. Introduction.

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Christian Masso10th Grade

  • DorotheeWenz is a unique and wonderful German potter which loves the art of pottery. She is well educated, with a diploma from Johannes-Gutenburg University and has a many collections all over Germany. She also participates in fairs and exhibitions all over the world and has received many awards. She makes her pottery with great colors and with perfect symmetry and are very unique.
  • DorotheeWenz was born on Marburg, Hesse, Germany in 1968. There she studied and found her interest in the art of pottery. In 1990-1993, she went to Mainz to study on the Johannes-Gutenberg University to study art education. From 1993-1995 she stayed two more years in that university to study fine arts. On July 1995 she received her diploma and became an independent artist. She has attended to many exhibitions throughout her life since 1993. From 1993-1994 she has attended to 31 exhibitions.
  • She has had 7 single exhibitions which are:
  • 1997 -KurhausHindelang (Allgäu), Germany1998 -Lokschuppen, Frankenberg, Germany-GalerieRosenhauer,Göttingen, Germany1999 -Deutsche Bank, Neustadta.d.Weinstraße, Germany2005 -ZiegeleimuseumMainz, Germany2007-CAG Contemporary Art Gallery, LarenNetherlands- Japanese Garden, Kaiserslautern
  • She has also attended to four fair which are:
  • -Ambiente/Tendence, Frankfurt: 1996, 1999, 2006-Art and Artists Live, Pirmasens/Mainz: 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 -Grassi-Fair, Leipzig: 1999-Mind&Matter, Luxemburg: 2007
  • Her four awards received for her wonderfl art are:
  • 1996FörderpreisKeramikOffenburg1997CerConcompetition, Australia , 3. Price1999Grassipreisder Carl u. AnnelieseGoerdelerFoundation
  • Her collections are:
  • Düsseldorf, Hetjens-Museum, GermanyKeramion, Frechen, GermanyKeramiksammlungOffenburg, Germany
  • This clay sculpture is a combination of pinch pot technique with great creativity, symmetry, and design. It is 56 centimeters high.
  • This clay sculpture was created in 2006. It is in the shape of a women. It was perfect symmetry and great craftsmanship. It is very creative and has an interesting glaze color.
  • Created in 2006, this pot named Flasche is a vase pot. It is not very symmetrical, but that was all Dorothy’s idea. She wanted to make an eccentrically pot with creative colors. The designs in the pot are amazing. It is 66 centimeters high.
  • This pot is also a vase and it is an amazing piece of work because something like this must me very difficult to do. Its shape is very unique as well as it’s colors. It was created in 1996 and was one of Dorothy’s first pots as an independent artist.
gef objekt
  • This amazing vase was created in 1996. It has four joined part and is very eccentric. It’s wonderful glaze grabs attention easily and it makes you want to stay looking at it even though it’s so simple.
  • Dorothy Wenz started liking pottery since she was little and decided to do it for the rest of her life. Her major influence and her teacher was Professor Volker Ellwanger. He was her professor at Johannes-Gutenburg University. She had a close relationship with him and learned a lot from him.
other information
Other Information
  • Dorothee doesn’t only make ceramic pottery, but she also makes other type of sculptures with porcelain, bronze, paper-mache, and plastics. These are some of her other works:

I will create this vase as a pinch pot vase with unique designs and interesting colors. It will be about 20 centimeters tall. I got the extravagant and unusual designs from Dorothee’s designs.


This pot I will make it with three slab pots joined together to from a duck. I got influenced from Dorothee’s ideas making humans.


Video you can see about Dorothy working: