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Welcome to Mrs. Haefner’s 2 nd Grade Class! Room 308

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Welcome to Mrs. Haefner’s 2 nd Grade Class! Room 308 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Mrs. Haefner’s 2 nd Grade Class! Room 308. At your seat:. Math Tips for home White Emergency Card Blank paper for you to write a note to your child . Let me introduce myself: Mrs. Michelle Haefner

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Welcome to

Mrs. Haefner’s

2nd Grade Class!

Room 308

At your seat:
  • Math Tips for home
  • White Emergency Card
  • Blank paper for you to write a note to your child 
Let me introduce myself:

Mrs. Michelle Haefner

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Central Florida and my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Stetson University.

This is my 12th year at Heathrow Elementary.

I have previously taught 1st grade here at Heathrow.

I am married and we welcomed our first child in July.

I am currently on maternity leave until

Sept. 8th.

My Expectations:

Respect and Polite Manners

Best Effort

I expect my students to be respectful to me, their other teachers, their peers, and themselves.

I expect my students to remember they are at school and to speak and act accordingly, and appropriately.

I also expect my students to put forth their best effort. Starting off with writing their name on every paper. I want to see them take pride in their work.


Students will earn tickets for good behavior, extra effort, and when they’re caught doing something right.

We will have Reward Day at the end of the month. Any donations are greatly appreciated. 

knight of the week
Knight of the Week
  • The students will vote for our Knight of the Week on Monday each week.
  • He or she will bring one item in for sharing that week on Thursday and Friday.
  • On Friday, he or she will go on KNN at 7:50am.
  • You are welcome to watch your child on KNN in the front office.
graded work
Graded Work

Graded papers will be sent home on Thursdays in the BLUE folder.

If there are any papers 69% and lower, they MUST be signed, corrected and returned to school.

I need you to please sign the Green page in the clear flap of the BLUE folder. This indicates to me that you have seen and gone over your child’s work.

  • The students will glue in their weekly homework into the Planner on Monday.
  • I will try to be as clear with directions and expectations as possible.
  • HW is usually due the next day, unless otherwise stated.
  • Homework is due when the student walks in the door.
  • Students MUST READ 20 minutes DAILY .
sample of hw in the planner
Sample of HW in the Planner

This will be glued on Monday in your child’s planner each week.

Fluency folders.


We will have Snack everyday at 9:30am, right before CAMP.

Please be sure to send your child a daily snack, or even a little extra in their lunchbox. They will keep Snack in their cubbies until it’s time to eat.

Your child’s snack should be individually packed. Good examples: a granola bar, piece of fruit, pretzels, or Goldfish. (Something healthy is preferred)



There will be a Pre-test on Monday. If your child scores a 100% then they will receive enrichment spelling words for the week. They will not have to complete another spelling test on Friday. The 100% will be the score entered into the grade book. Their spelling homework assignment and in class center work will use their enrichment spelling words.

If your student scores below a 100% they will use the spelling words for the week and complete a test on those words on Friday.

dividends and helpers
Dividends and Helpers
  • I love parent involvement!
  • Please make sure you sign up to be a dividend online on Seminole County Public Schools Website. You need to sign up each year.
  • The best time to volunteer in the classroom will be Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Any work done from home or supplies sent in are also VERY much appreciated!
dismissal and transportation home
Dismissal and Transportation Home
  • I will send your child home the way they always go home, unless
    • You have written a note in the planner telling me otherwise or
    • You have called the front office and they have notified me to send your child home another way

[email protected] Email is the next best way to communicate with me if you do not want to use the planner.

  • Voice Mail: 407-320-6841
  • The planner will be my main source of communication with you. I will use the planner to send you notes and reminders.
  • Communication is Key! Please sign planner daily, so that I know you read any notes or reminders.

Thank you! 

last minute items
Last minute items
  • Please make sure you have signed the PTA information sheet in the back (some of you may have done it at Meet the Teacher).
  • Write a note for your child and put it in their desk.
  • Check out the class wish list on the whiteboard.
Find information and our weekly newsletter on our classroom website -
thank you
Thank you!
  • I look forward to working with you and your child this school year! 
  • I will be scheduling Parent/Teacher conferences for ALL of my students before the 1st Report Card to discuss your individual child’s progress, your questions, concerns and goals.
  • We are a team working toward the common goal - your child’s success in education.