i m sechenov moscow medical academy founded in 1758 n.
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I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Founded in 1758 PowerPoint Presentation
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I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Founded in 1758

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I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Founded in 1758 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Founded in 1758 . The I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy (MMA) offers open space for education and innovations. MMA is a major research and clinical center for training, certification and postgraduate education of the medical personnel and pharmacists.

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I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Founded in 1758

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    1. I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy Founded in 1758

    2. The I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy (MMA) offers open space for education and innovations. MMA is a major research and clinical center for training, certification and postgraduate education of the medical personnel and pharmacists. MMA holds the 1st place in the list of national Medical Institutes according to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.

    3. MMA provides multi-level education on 5 specialties in accordance with higher professional education programmes as well as continuous postgraduate education MMA is a training facility for more than 9000 students 1500 students are admitted each year Over 1000 specialists graduate each year 1700 international students from 85 countries study in MMA

    4. Structure of the Academy • 13 faculties:Medical, Military Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Dental, Faculty of Higher Nursing Training, International Students’ Faculty, Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Education of Doctors, Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Education of Pharmacists, Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Education for Preventive Medicine, Health Care Management Faculty and Faculty for advanced training of teachers of medical educational institutions • 193 departments and educational courses • Collaboration with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University in engineer specialization “biotechnicaland medical appliance systems”

    5. Structure Over 60 specialized and administrative departments Library of Fundamental Sciences Museum of History of Medicine Clinical and Scientific Research Centers 5 Scientific Research Institutions Continuous Medical Education Center Central Scientific Medical Library 250 educational facilities for practical study Educational web site

    6. Teaching staff The teaching staff comprises 2000 specialists, including: 1059 Doctors of Philosophy, 822 Doctors of Medical Sciences 111 members of the Russian Academy of Science, Russian Academy of Medical Science and Russian Academy of Education 99 national awards laureates, 60 Honored Science Workers, 22 Honored Higher Education Workers Over 140 specialists are members of international scientific societies and associations

    7. Training of medical researchers and teachers Postgraduate training programmes for medical researchers and teachers: PhD program Institution of doctoral candidacy 69 research specialties inthe PhD program, 16 research specialties for doctoral students 495 PhD students, 126 candidates 33 doctoral degrees and 170 PhD degrees were obtained in 2009

    8. Training for medical researchers and teachers Work with young teachers: • The Faculty for advanced training of teachers of medical educational institutions of higher learning • Implementations of innovative educational technologies • International training courses for young scientists and teachers

    9. International Collaboration MMA establishes wide international relationships all over the world: Member of the International University Association Wide cooperation with WHO and WFME MMA has 21 partnership agreements with the world’s leading universities of Germany, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, France and USA International collaboration for scientific research and grant assignment World’s leading universities collaborates with MMA: Philipps-University (Marburg), Christian-Albrecht University (Kiel), Ludwig-Maximilian University (Munich),Medical High School of Hannover, University in Oslo (Norway), University in Novy Sad (Serbia), University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and many others

    10. International Collaboration • Every year MMA delegates abroadmore than 300 staff members and invitesmore than 100 foreign specialists • High rating in annual UNESCO competitions of Institutes confirm highinternational authority of MMA

    11. Postgraduate teachers training The Faculty For Advanced Training Of Teachers Of Medical Educational Institutions Of Higher Learning Over 500 teachers have followed the courses since 2003 Departments involved in postgraduate training — Department of Pedadogy, Public Health Law, Clinical Research Theory and Organization, Rehabilitation Medicine and other 58 departments of MMA Course duration is 1080 h (2 years), full-time and external learning is available Certificate: diploma of“High School Teacher”

    12. Education Quality Control • Management quality system and service was established in MMA and confirmed by receiving international certificate (ISO 9001:2000) • Periodic re-certification • Management quality department was created

    13. Top-priority Directions and Achievements in MMA Complex research programof MMA 2007 – 2009 “Working out modern technologiesfor post-graduate medical and pharmaceutical specialists training based on biomedical studies”

    14. Top-priority Directions and Achievements in MMA • Strategic aim: correspondence of high education system and labour market modern demands, creation stable development mechanisms of high medical education, integration into the European education environment

    15. Top-priority Directions and Achievements in MMA • Development of educational technologies of medical and pharmaceutical graduate and postgraduate education • New knowledge in obstetrics, gynecologyand pediatrics, cardiology, angiologyand rheumatology, neurology, psychiatryand narcology, dentistry, gastroenterologyand hepatology, otorhinolaryngologyand ophthalmology, immunology, infectious diseases and parasitology, nephrologyand urology, rehabilitation, anasthesiology , dermato-venerology, trauma, oncology, pulmonology, endocrinology. Development of technologies and preventive measures, diagnostics and treatment of diseases, and patients rehabilitation

    16. Top-priority Directions and Achievements in MMA • Molecular medicine • Theoretical bases of biomedical studies • Definition of health carehygienic problems • Definitionof scientific medical problems of health care • Definitionof scientific bases for new pharmaceuticals creation, production and logistics

    17. Achievements of MMA • MMA was a winner in Russian National competition of Institutes, that realized innovative educational programmes • In 2009 Russian Federation governmental premia in education were awarded to members of Russian academy of sciences PokrovskijV.I., corresponding membersBrikoN.I. andPakS.G., docentDanilkin B.К. for interdisciplinarytextbook «Infection diseases and epidemiology»

    18. Achievements of MMA In 2009 г. • 118 monographs, 32 textbooks, 11 methodological recommendations were written • 3260 scientific works were established • 20 patents were obtained • Clinical managements – 55 • Study guides – 229 • Reference books – 33 • Practice guidelines – 44 • 2780articles were established • Thesis defend: 33 doctoral, 150 PhD

    19. Open education Public educational resources Remote learning

    20. «Open education» in MMA Electronic technologies and teaching appliances – computers, web-services, multimedia, specialized software. Testing control for quality of education – test programs. Flexibility of education – an opportunity to study in a convinient place and at convenient time. Modularity – an opportunity to form individual academic curriculum from the set of independent educational courses. Parallelism – an opportunity to combine study with professional activity. The new role of a teacher – coordinator and tutor of an individual study. The new role of a student – the neccesity of diligence, self-organization, high motivation, skills in independent work. International approach in study

    21. Public resources Public educational resources available in Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy website: MMA Central Scientific Medical Library (including books and periodicals catalogue) — http://www.scsml.rssi.ru/ MMA Student’s Library — http://www.mma.ru/lib Remote learning system designed for academy entrants, students and certified specialists —

    22. Distance Learning CASE-technologies: traditional and electronic educational materials and web-resources Digital libraries for 36 specialties and postgraduate training are available

    23. Distance Learning Teachers were provided with textbooks of methodology developed specifically for remote learning The system for remote learning of certified medical specialists was introduced. Remote learning on-line and off-line technologies were developed and implemented as well as interactive web- and CASE-technologies. CD and DVD are used to facilitate the process of study. Local (computer classrooms) and global (Internet) networks are used. E-mail Video conferencing

    24. Telemedicine «Virtual Operating Room» was set up in I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy in 2007: Digital operating room Digital pathomorphologist workplace Digital laboratory

    25. «Virtual Operating Room» Aimed to facilitate the process of education and increase the quality of study by using information technologies. «Virtual Operating Room» is a part of an innovative programme of MMA in the National Educational Project.

    26. Thank you for your attention!