environmental systems and societies
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Environmental Systems and Societies

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Environmental Systems and Societies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Environmental Systems and Societies. Manish Kr. Semwal GMIS, Jakarta. Portfolio 2. • Planning—Pl • Data collection and processing—DCP • Discussion, evaluation and conclusion—DEC. Title. “Freshwater Quality Monitoring at University of Indonesia”. Objective.

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environmental systems and societies

Environmental Systems and Societies

Manish Kr. Semwal

GMIS, Jakarta

portfolio 2

Portfolio 2

• Planning—Pl

• Data collection and processing—DCP

• Discussion, evaluation and conclusion—DEC

  • “Freshwater Quality Monitoring at University of Indonesia”
  • To investigate the freshwater quality of several lakes at University of Indonesia
description of activity
Description of Activity
  • 1. Freshwater Quantitative Measurement
  • Students will take the quantitative measurement of the lake, measurements such as; dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, transparency etc. These measurements will provide the basis for discussion to analyse the condition of the ecosystem
  • 2. Freshwater Invertebrate Biological Indicator
  • Students will learn how to identify several freshwater invertebrate biological indicators in the lake. These animals will be the key for students to know the water quality of the lake.
  • 3. Plankton collection
  • Students will collect samples of plankton using plankton net. These planktons with its particular characteristics will help students to determine the water quality of the lake.
  • In this activity we will investigate how much pollution has affected the condition of a named freshwater ecosystem (e.g. lake) using an ecological approach. Through this simple method of investigation it is hoped to give a hands on experience of learning for us, and the results will be useful for them and also for whom it may concern and also for further studies.
  • University of Indonesia has 5 lakes, these lakes act as a water reservoir for the town of Depok. The lakes get their waters from surrounding small rivers and drains. Consequently, these lakes are prone to water pollution. This location will provide the best condition and also experience to us to do freshwater ecosystem studies.
  • Write about Study Area.
  • Division of groups.
  • Work distribution of groups.
  • Functioning of groups.
  • Collection of data and sharing of data among groups.
  • Final outcome.
equipment instruments used
Equipment/ Instruments Used
  • Ph meter
  • Thermometer
  • Microscope
  • Data guide book for Identification of data
  • Collection bag etc.
  • Collection of data
  • Presentation of data
  • Formula used for calculation
for graph and table data logger
For graph and tableData Logger
  • http://folk.uio.no/ohammer/past/
  • http://www.ncsu.edu/labwrite/pl/pl-homepage.htm
  • http://moodle.com/hosting/
  • http://www.padowan.dk/graph/
  • http://www.binarythings.com/graphsight/
description analysis evaluation
Description / Analysis/ Evaluation
  • Of various lake
  • Mohani, Puspa and Kenagna
  • Give separate graph and table for each lake and co-relate all.
  • After evaluation write your own conclusion.
  • Use only MLA format to write bibliography.
  • You can go to www.citationmachine.net to write bibliography in MLA format.
this is your work
This is your work
  • Choice is Yours!!!!
  • Please complete this portfolio and submit by Friday 1st February 2010
thank you
Thank You
  • Manish Kr. Semwal
  • GMIS, Jakarta